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SUNDAY JANUARY 25 2015 REVIEW 37 V1 - NTNE01Z01MA VERDICT: POWERFUL STORY Good versus evil in crosshairs AMERICAN SNIPER 132 minutes (MA15+) Director: Clint Eastwood (Million Dollar Baby) Starring: radley Cooper, Sienna Miller, Luke Grimes, Jake McDorman Reviewer: Leigh Paatsch * * * Kyle Gallner (left) and Bradley Cooper appear in a scene from American Sniper. The film is based on the autobiography by Chris Kyle VERDICT: CHARMING AUSSIE FLICK Lovely kids tale takes wing and flies Ed Oxenbould in Paper Planes PAPER PLANES 96 minutes (MA15+) Director: Robert Connolly (Balibo) Starring: Ed Oxenbould, Sam Worthington, Terry Norris, Deborah Mailman, David Wenham Reviewer: Leigh Paatsch * * * NO real surprise that this electrifying war drama is the work of director Clint Eastwood. Courtesy of a decorated career before and behind the camera, Eastwood is a man who knows all too well how to pit good against evil. With much gunplay thrown in for good measure. This is the true story of Chris Kyle (Bradley Cooper), the Navy SEAL who is ranked as the most effective wartime sniper in US military history. During four tours to Iraq last decade, Kyle sent an estimated 160 enemy militiamen to their deaths. While the movie is in no way a wanton celebration of killing in the line of the duty, there is a proudly patriotic streak to Eastwoods approach that some may find worryingly simplistic. In Eastwoods eyes, Chris Kyle is a man for whom reflex had to trump reflection every time. American Sniper makes a compelling case that this is the only way a trained assassin can live with what he has done in the past. And will do again in the future. With such a straightforward point to prove, American Sniper is content to merely poke a pinhole in the psyche of Kyle. His true personality aside from a gregarious nature that drew his fellow soldiers to him remains equally elusive. However, Kyle (whose bestselling autobiography is the main source for the screenplay) was in essence a simple man who saw the world primarily in shoot-or-be-shot terms. On this level, Eastwoods film powerfully communicates these terms to the viewer, particularly once he isolates Kyles equivalent on the other side: a chillingly skilled Iraqi marksman who can terminate a target from a kilometre away. Each time Kyle returns to Iraq, his fearsome reputation grows. But so too does his frustration at never getting a clear shot at his nemesis, who is rumoured to film his kills and sell them on DVD across the Arab region. Strip away the modern military fatigues of American Sniper, and youll find the heart of an old-fashioned western beating very strongly indeed. There is going to be a showdown. The streets are empty. The law has no say in what is going to happen. Both participants in this duel to the death will be blasting away at one another according to beliefs each are prepared to die for. This isnt the wild, wild west of yesteryear. It is the maddening, saddening Middle East of today. NOT since Red Dog has there been an Australian film aimed squarely at children that is truly worth the look-see. Though Paper Planes wont quite prove to be the same hit commodity as that clever coloured canine, it is still a lovely affair sure to make many a young friend this summer. Ed Oxenbould stars as Dylan, a 12-year-old kid from the bush with a talent for producing paper planes that fly faster and further. As luck would have it, the national paper plane championships are about to happen, and Dylan more than deserves a shot at the title. However, both the distracted state of his depressed dad Jack (Sam Worthington) and a dire lack of funds may stop Dylans dream from ever getting off the ground. Therefore Dylan must fly a solo mission if he is to make it to the big smoke to pit his selfengineered slimline crafts against the best in the country. Did someone say garage sale? Yep, that should just about do the trick. A little cun ning community fundraising from Grandpa (a scene-stealing Terry Norris) will almost certainly make up the shortfall. The most charming aspect of Paper Planes is its intent to represent modern rural life in Australia without resorting to any of the usual wildlife-andwacky-character cliches. Though Dylan doesnt have the opportunities other children take for granted largely as a result of his fathers anguished state since the death of his wife he does have a determination and resourcefulness that many his age could learn from. Overall, there is a modest, natural maturity to the film as a whole that is markedly rare for the genre. The lead performance of young Ed Oxenbould is to be applauded, and a strong support cast includes warm contributions from David Wenham and Deborah Mailman. 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