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SUNDAY JANUARY 25 2015 OUTDOORS 45 V1 - NTNE01Z01MA Shady Camp is barra heaven Adrian Koenen of the popular Woolianna on the Daly tourist park caught this magnificent 114cm barramundi downstream of the park. Adrian fishes the Daly often and has caught many fish over the magic metre THE Territorys investment in Shady Camp as a recreational barramundi fishery paid off last weekend. Many big barra were caught on the building tides at Sampan Creek mouth. This was the first January the area has been fished since the annual fishing closure was lifted this year. Commercial nets have been banned from Chambers and Finke Bays, downstream of Shady Camp, to ensure the area retains its status as a trophy barra fishery. The trophy barra were really on the bite on the incoming tide last Sunday, although fish were caught from Friday through to Monday at various times. To see metre barra being caught in numbers so early in the wet season in any Top End river is great news. No longer will there be a mad rush at Shady Camp on February 1 to chase these fish. There has been a break in the rain, and windy conditions late last week slowed things right down. Though neap and building tides are favoured at the mouths of Sampan and Tommycut Creeks, Tackle World Coolalingas champion fisho Shane Compain reckons the good fishing at Shady Camp can be had almost throughout the tidal range if the weather is calm enough. I fished the big tides there last year and it works but you have to have calm weather or it gets too dirty, he said. We went there last Monday and fished Sampan, the weather was beautiful, and there was enough water to launch at low tide, although that will change without more rain. We did the normal speed trolling at the mouth and got nine fish, my crewman Tynan Bartolo got one fish over a metre. That was on the outgoing tide. We were picking up medium-sized fish here and there and there were lots of threadies about, we got two salmon over a metre. We fished through the day and from about 4pm to 6pm the fish really turned on during the incoming tide. There were about 15 boats at the mouth and everyone was hooking fish, they werent all meteries but everyone was scoring. The day before that it apparently happened from 2pm to 4pm with the earlier incoming tide. We havent got the gill nets taking the fish any more at Shady Camp so there is now more big fish out there, even though there is more recreational fishing pressure. We saw all the big barra being handled well and released. And we saw barra on the sounder through the day. They moved around a lot. We found fish on the wide flats and then before they fired up we found them in another area. They were sitting at midwater when they fired up, I reckon if barra are on the sounder at 1m to 3m in depth they are usually feeding. They were taking a mixture of lures, they seemed to like the bright colours. The Reidys B52s and Stra das did well for us. The rain dropped away during the week and it has been blowing. We hit the South Alligator River last Friday and got a dozen barra. It will be interesting to see how the South fishes on the spring tides as there is plenty of water up top. After the westerly kicked back in harbour reports went quiet. Once it calms down it will be back on again. Fishing and Outdoor Worlds Alex Patsalides said last Sunday was a great day for Shady Camp. There were heaps of meteries caught on those building tides, he said. Even junior fishos scored meteries. It went off a bit on the Monday but we didnt hear many reports on the Tuesday and Wednesday but the best days were from Friday through to Sunday. We have barra guides going down the Daly River now, but there is a lot of water there. The South Alligator has produced mixed reports. We have had little rain for a week or so and the culverts have gone down quite a bit. And it has been too windy for the bluewater. It is still that in-between time Shady Camp barrage was dead when I went there last Sunday even though it was fishing well at the mouth. The water was pretty clean out the front of Sampan, which makes for good fishing. One crew left Sampan on the outgoing tide and went to Tommycut Creek mouth on the Sunday, they went back and found out they missed most of the action thats fishing! Tommycut did not produce the great fishing like Sampan. Katherine Rod and Rifles Warren de With said all the rivers were looking good. The weather will play a part this weekend because it has been blowing strongly, he said. The weather will decide if people are going to catch fish. The new all-year access at Shady Camp gives fishos a chance to fish the windows in the weather, which is great. People are saying they have never caught so many meteries than last weekend. The conditions arent even that good. We are now reaping the reward of the commercial closures. The threadies are in big numbers and have been for two years. Its not a catch-fish-all-day situation. You have to work your tides and be patient, but its exciting when it goes off. We just need more rain now. The Katherine River is back to 2m, from 10m. The Daly is just starting to steady now and will start dropping this weekend, there is a lot of water going downstream. It has been fishing at times but once it drops it will fire. It is only early days and there is not a lot of baitfish in the rivers yet. It will get better as the wet season progresses. The Victoria River has also been up high, which is good. My bet this weekend would be the Roper. The Roper is dropping but you cant access Tomato Island ramp now, so people have to launch from Roper Bar. Craigs Fishing Warehouses Craig Grosvenor said it was blowing hard and the wind would probably slow this weekends fishing down. This will upset people because everyone is planning to go, because of the Shady Camp reports, he said. There have been some good reports from the Daly already. The barra are not that far down, Ive seen fish caught from Charlies Creek. Shady Camp went well but was quiet on the bigger tides. A mate went up the Adelaide River said Beatrice Creek was pumping lots of freshwater. THIS WEEKS TIDES Sun 25 Jan Low 3:31 am 1.55 m HigH 9:15 am 7.01 m Low 3:25 pm 1.51 m HigH 9:43 pm 7.49 m mon 26 Jan Low 4:17 am 1.65 m HigH 10:05 am 6.63 m Low 4:03 pm 2.17 m HigH 10:16 pm 7.03 m Tue 27 Jan Low 5:06 am 1.89 m HigH 11:00 am 6.16 m Low 4:43 pm 2.90 m HigH 10:52 pm 6.48 m wed 28 Jan Low 6:01 am 2.19 m HigH 12:03 pm 5.69 m Low 5:39 pm 3.57 m HigH 11:36 pm 5.90 m THu 29 Jan Low 7:10 am 2.45 m HigH 1:29 pm 5.41 m Low 7:13 pm 4.04 m Fri 30 Jan HigH 12:49 am 5.39 m Low 8:36 am 2.52 m HigH 3:19 pm 5.56 m Low 9:14 pm 4.08 m SaT 31 Jan HigH 2:41 am 5.22 m Low 9:59 am 2.34 m HigH 4:39 pm 6.02 m Low 10:53 pm 3.73 m Copyright. National Tidal Centre, Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology. 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