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Darwin Harbour in good health



Darwin Harbour in good health


Westra Van Holthe, Willem

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Supplement to the 2014 Darwin Harbour Region Report Card. Citation: Fortune, J (2015). Supplement to the 2014 Darwin Harbour Region Report Card. Report No. 01/2015D. Aquatic Health Unit, Department of Land Resource Management. Palmerston, NT. Website: www.lrm.nt.gov.au/water/aquatic Disclaimer: The information contained in this report comprises general statements based on scientific research and monitoring. The reader is advised that some information may be unavailable, incomplete or unable to be applied in areas outside the Darwin Harbour region. Information may be superseded by future scientific studies, new technology and/or industry practices. 2015 Department of Land Resource Management (DLRM). Copyright protects this publication. It may be reproduced for study, research or training purposes subject to the inclusion of an acknowledgment of the source and no commercial use or sale. Annual publication ISSN 1838-4625 (Print) ISSN 1838-4633 (Online) Report No. 01/2015D Cover: Aquatic Health Unit (DLRM) technician water sampling, Marine Ecosystems (DLRM) technician retrieving BRUVS unit, PowerWater staff in lab and CDU researcher Dr Niels Munksgaard sampling sediments in Rapid Creek. Acknowledgements I thank the many people who contributed photographs. Data in this report were obtained from projects funded by the Northern Territory Government, PowerWater Corporation, and the Aquaculture industry. Also thanks to the Larrakia Nation Sea Ranger group who assisted with monitoring effort. Symbols are courtesy of the Integration and Application Network (ian.umces.edu/symbols/), University of Maryland Centre for Environmental Science, USA. Several conceptual symbols were adapted from base diagrams from the Integration and Application Network.