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The Northern Territory news Tue 6 Jan 2015



The Northern Territory news Tue 6 Jan 2015

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. . - ~ ~ ~ r, TUESDAY JANUARY 6 2015 OPINl~N 13 + S~akJJ.p:,Are you pro~ecfing yourself from .mosquitoe,s?" ;.. , . NO They don't worri m~ . . NO We're not put" ting on anything. We didn't think they did -anygood. NO Not here in Darwin, but when I go . to Mandorah. absolutely, There's not as many here. YES There is rain and wind blowing the mosquitoes away. It's lovely. YES I'm allergic to them. I get big welts. -1 cover up before it's getting dark and put on repellent. DAMON TREWIN, ROSEBERY MARGARET WALSH, STUART PARK. PETER ANTAL, CBD PHILLIP BABUI. TIWI ISLANDS JE;ANIE PEARSON, CBD ~ ; GallipOli ballOt affair no.t fair THE way the Galltpoli 2015 IJ1emorial ceremony at Anzac Cove has ben handled is disgracefl.. The Department of Veterans' Affairs took it upon itself to prevent peopl\:! from attending the ceremony, and instead decided to hold a ballot. . Thatmant people who had little interest in Gallipoli had the chance to attend, maillly, I suspect, to boast on Facebook or TWitter. The ballot was drawn, and winners had ntil February 2015 to book travel and accommodatio.n. Now it appears a large number of winners don't wantto atteii.d (on, -does T\,lrkey share a border with Syria? I think I'll pass on tb.at orie) gnd the people who were "on. stand'Qy" "" have two week to organise travel Md accorr@.odation to Turkey if they getthe call-up. My grandfather. fought at Gallipoli,, so my father, my son and I would: have loved to attend, but it would be impossible to make arrangements in the time . remaining, . if our number were drawn.~ ' I'm sure there will be plenty of \:!mpzy seats on April 25 .(or maybe some politicians Will suddenly need a "stl,ldy tour" to Turkey?). _ The wnole -affair is reminiscent of the debacle that occu.tred on tbe penins1,11;i. ir\ 1915. . Perhaps some of the descendants of the British High C:orpmap.d n(jw ~ork for Veterans' Affairs? . Crankshaft; Wartguri 9 online comments wWw.ntnews.com.au ON CAFE MOBILE BAN At uni! need phone to ring ., mother to tell me w~y to get to bus. If I .close down phone, I miss her. And I neecHo have copy of tne internet. Will they - provide free copy of internet here, Atjhis place? No? Dulali of Darwin ~ H<1ve been on and off with Cornucopia over the years, but wholeheartedly support it with Aziz at the helm. Happy to be able-to enjoy this view with yum111y brunch and good ser vice <!gain. No issue with the charity donation on Sunday as an inc"entive to get away from the screen and be present with whoever I'm with/reaa a book solo. But saddened by tKe , "witch Munt" style comments (especially on facebook) when a local business is trying . scimething new. Roll with it, or don't but why be toxic? Kateofcify Ab?OILltely love it. I HATE mqoiles. They use them driving, walking and even while Will definitely be visiting next time I am in Darwin. Good on you Cornucopia. - JH of Rotorua having a ?hft. Expert of Expert Acadamy . I think this- is a great idea. Our life has been controlled by gadgets and we are losing the ~bility to connect to REAL i;ieopl~. Well cione Cornucopia!! :-) Fung of Karama There are plenty of other cafes that prbvide free wifi arid harassment free service; I think I'll take my money there .. Jessie of Pai'ap The zombie state c~n ecc;:ur with those reading newspapers. It's no different ... we see ill'lages of people staring a.t . phones on trains & baCfk in the "olden days" t]latsame;image txt the editor 0428NTNEWS (686 397) :/ ON EVERYTHING Average 11 cyclones in a year In Top Enc!? NT nas seen 2 or 3 in 11 years. We seem more llkeJy to get the opinions of 11 senior forecasters in 1 wet. Chap. Achills Ju?t back in Darwin after. Christmas break and already I see p'otholes forming all over the place after only a few rains. How long until they get fixed this year, I wonder? NT marine ecosystems are . at a pe~ect balance and iffv ~X~!Bin"B~~t,, thriving. DO NOT kill the apex predator. Brad L II NSW set to introduce container buybac;:k legislation. Hmm, this should b~ interest ing. Pete Great, repeats of NCIS: New Orleans already. Yippee. thanks, Channel 10. SilkAir. ifyou'regoirigto lose my luggage b~tween Si[lgapore and Darwin. at least make sure Darwin airport has some- . one on the groundwho instils Re: banning mobiles in cafe. What a great idea. If you don't actually want to talk to the person you are eating with, why bother going out to dinner with them in the first place? confidence that it might one day be found. Low expectations, Moil In Sydney over Xmas. Petrol $1.06 to $i'.13.fancYthat? ii Re: quad bike ridinghoons. It's good to see people out and about in this weather. Better - Steph. Moil they ride past than be Bored and break in to your house. How long does it r~a!ly take to fide past? Go and see where they go and what they do. You might even' have a good time. LET THEM RIDE IN PEACE. Told off2 tradies in a ute - pa~ked in a disabled spot .. . could be taken with people staring into newspapers. Mark of Melbourne I wonder if you still get charged if you hadt6 call an ambulance. NT Bloke ON VIGILANTE PENSIONERS It's perfectly fine to defend yourself and your home, just don't go swinging golf clubs with the aim to actually kill or severely hurt.someone. I understand kids have got to Passenger jumped out, ripped his shirt off and chased me out of the car park whilst roaring and beating his waxed c.hest. Reported to cops but not interested. Anon Why are VW cars such plain bland vanilla boring designs? What is wrong with this town these days? Been here more than 10 years and I remember the days when you could leave your wallet or phone in a taxi and you'd get 'em back. Now you can't even leave a back learn their lesson but you don't want to actually kill someone because they were stupid, yoyng and weren't mature enough to understand their actions completely. probably not of Darwin Join Neighbourhood Watch, Do it properly and share tile shifts with others! @Tiwi of Palmerston These guys might as well have put a sign outside saying, "Corrie and harass us". Denni$ pack with Christmas presents from your .brother in one on Christmas Day and get it back! Arjyone keeping figures on people killed by sharks, crocs or trees in OZ? It seems to me if u want millions of dollars. just live in the USA and sue for everything . . . King Roman. admit it. You're only disappointed at Interstellar because it doesn't have your moonship. phoenix. Jon, Mal~ +