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ALC 15 year strategic plan 2012-2027



ALC 15 year strategic plan 2012-2027


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ALC 15 year Strategic Plan Executive Summary 7 THE FUTURE OF ALYANGULA In a post mining future a normalised Alyangula could remain a hub for businesses, services, tourism, holiday accommodation and Anindilyakwa people with high-end healthcare needs. The ALC is looking at ways to better link Alyangula to the Groote archipelagos other three communities in areas such with service delivery, business and health care. One potential value of Alyangula, given its relative sophistication of services compared to other communities, is the potential to provide enhanced services for Anindilyakwa high need aged and MJD patients. A financial analysis needs to consider appropriate facilities to be developed within Alyangula versus current Anindilyakwa communities to achieve cost efficiencies. GOAL C: DEVELOP A LIVING CULTURAL ECONOMY Youth have disengaged with the education system and mainstream life particularly in the community of Angurugu. Addressing this requires a comprehensive hands on approach to the education curriculum, as previously outlined. With the support of the ALC, both Australian and Territory Governments are applying a regime of warnings and fines combined with stopping Centrelink payments to parents who do not send their children to school. In consultations with the ALC, communities said they want to see a broad based investment in developing a range of culturally-based enterprises where youth and elders will positively engage in protecting, maintaining and promoting their culture to the wider world. The Anindilyakwa Ambaka Murri-yada Yirrilangwa Youth strategy 2012-2016 was created as a way forward to engage local youth and to provide opportunities for youth to develop into culturally strong and well rounded members of their community and who are able to operate in two worlds. Extensive consultation with youth has determined that in particular they see the strength of their culture being combined with education and job creation as the essential missing ingredient in engaging youth with the education system. This strategic plan supports the implementation of the Youth Strategy. The ALC is proposing to establish Multimedia and Cultural Enterprise Centres (Centres) in Angurugu, Umbakumba, Milyakburra and within the Dugong Beach Resort precinct at Alyangula. The Centres will be utilised by all community members particularly youth and elders to positively engage in activities that are culture-based while also utilising modern technology to archive, share and create cultural content using various mediums. The design of the Centres will be informed through further consultation with Traditional Owners. The Centres will be equipped with safe keeping places including clan songs, stories, artefacts, videos and photographs, genealogy archiving facilities, language centres, visual arts, media recording and editing facilities including music recording studios and photographic display areas.