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ALC 15 year strategic plan 2012-2027



ALC 15 year strategic plan 2012-2027


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ALC 15 year Strategic Plan 8. Goal D: Strengthen Community Capacity 109 ACTIONS: 132. Develop the Anindilyakwa Leadership Program and secure funding to deliver a pilot program. 133. Monitor, evaluate the pilot program and implement improvements to the program. 134. Implement the Anindilyakwa Leadership Program. 8.5 IMPROVE GOVERNANCE Organisations on Groote archipelago are consistently working towards adopting sound governance practices which are required to satisfy statutory requirements and which also satisfy cultural governance rules within which these organisation and their employees and stakeholders exist. There is a middle ground where organisational governance must meet cultural governance to create a system of governance that enables organisations and community to work together. The concept of working in two worlds is often used to capture this idea and is an everyday challenge faced by Anindilyakwa people who have taken up mainstream employment. The difficulties of balancing the requirements of both worlds becomes more so challenging when one takes up leadership and decision-making roles within organisations, boards and committees, particularly when decision making has implications on the greater community. Improving the rules and procedures by which organisations operate and embedding good governance practices that also allow Anindilyakwa people to operate effectively in both worlds in a necessary requirement of taking greater control of the things that impact on their lives. ENCOURAGE CLANS TO INVEST RENT AND ROYALTIES INCOME Rent and royalties monies are distributed to the 14 Anindilyakwa clans every six months. The ALC, at the request of its people, will encourage and support clans to invest their money into enterprise development. The ALC will investigate introducing initiatives to encourage this, i.e. providing additional support etc. An example of this happening effectively is that of LAC which in 2012 built a business centre in Milyakburra. The clan received $1.5 million in rent money, distributed $300,000 and spent the remaining $1.2 million on the centre, which includes accommodation and conference facilities. The ALC contributed $130,000 to the project.