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ALC 15 year strategic plan 2012-2027



ALC 15 year strategic plan 2012-2027


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ALC 15 year Strategic Plan 12. Background Information 144 impact on the island as this commercial fishermen and their operations are based elsewhere. HEALTH & COMMUNITY SERVICES There are major health clinics at Alyangula and Angurugu. HOUSING According to the 2006 Census there were a total of 497 private dwellings across the region, with 436 of these occupied. These dwellings are primarily located in: Alyangula: 304 dwellings, of which 42 are dwellings with Indigenous occupants; Angurugu: 100 dwellings with Indigenous occupants; Milyakbara (Bickerton Island) and outstations: 69 dwellings with Indigenous occupants; Umbakumba and outstations: 51 dwellings with Indigenous occupants. Note that not all households are individual dwellings, but includes caravans, sheds, boats and other improvised dwellings. All Indigenous-occupied dwellings are rented. 12.4 MAIN COMMUNITIES ANGURUGU COMMUNITY Population: app. 1385 Location: On the banks of the Angurugu River on Grootes mid-west coast. There are seven homeland centers (or outstations) associated with Angurugu: - Ananja, Bartalumba, Emerald River, Leske Pools, Little Paradise, Malkala and Yenbakwa. While the dominant language is Anindilyakwa, most residents of the community speak English as a second language. UMBAKUMBA Population: app. 562 Location: 65 kilometers from Alyangula by road. It can be reached by barge into Port Langdon on the Eylandts east coast or, at times, by an unsealed airstrip. Clans living at Umbakumba include Bara, Barabara, Jaragba, Maminyamanja, Wurrawilya, and Yantarranga. MILYAKBURRA Population: app. 158 permanent residents. Location: Central eastern part of Bickerton Island; east of the mainland, between Groote Eylandt and Blue Mud Bay, and west of Groote Eylandt.