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ALC 15 year strategic plan 2012-2027



ALC 15 year strategic plan 2012-2027


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ALC 15 year Strategic Plan Executive Summary 15 addressed and objectives for their community. The prominent role of the ALC, and its involvement in all stages of planning and implementation, has been a significant factor in ensuring efforts are aligned to the will of the Anindilyakwa people. Commonwealth and territory ministerial, and senior-level department support for the work under the RPA has been vital in making progress. The report also highlights pressing governance issues, one of which is the need to give some clarity about the duration of the RPA to support effective long term planning. A PROPOSED RPA STAGE 3 The ALC recommends that the Strategic Plan forms the framework for a new iteration of the RPA. An RPA Stage Three should be entered as a five-year action plan towards achieving the full 15 year ALC Strategic Plan. The ALC supports the findings of the RPA Evaluation and envisages that the recommendations of the report would be addressed in the development of Stage 3 of the RPA. This document specifically proposes an RPA Stage 3 yet to be negotiated with all stakeholders. It is hoped that this may be agreed to in the first half of 2013. Within the ALC Strategic Plan, a draft RPA Stage Three spanning years 2013-2018 is outlined in a detailed list of actions, consistent with the Vision Statements and the subsequent goals endorsed by the ALC Executive Board. The following course of action is proposed: Presentation of key features of the full ALC Strategic Plan to the RPA Committee (Oct 2012) Form an Executive Committee to negotiate a RPA Stage 3 committing to specific actions consistent with elements of the first five years of the Plan Formalise that agreement with both Australian and NT Governments by mid 2013 AUSTRALIAN AND NORTHERN TERRITORY GOVERNMENT PARTNERSHIPS The recent RPA collaborations have occurred through strong endorsement and collaboration with both Australian and NT Labour Governments. Both the Federal Minister for Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs (Jenny Macklin) and the NT Chief Minister (Paul Henderson) were signatories to these agreements and have been instrumental in applying a rigorous on-going whole of government support to the roll-out of the agreements. Territory elections were held in August 2012 which resulted in a change of government from Labour to Country Liberal Party (CLP). All previous RPAs and collaborations (IPA, Mining Moratorium, Blue Mud Bay negotiations) have been conducted between the ALC and Federal/NT labor governments. There is no doubt that during the era of these Labor Governments, huge progress has been made through high level political support and collaboration, and diligently supported by both Commonwealth and NT public service CEOs and staff.