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ALC 15 year strategic plan 2012-2027



ALC 15 year strategic plan 2012-2027


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ALC 15 year Strategic Plan 6. Goal B: Best Practice Service Delivery 63 lifted for all transfers (car, wheelchair, toilet, bed etc), showered, fed, toileted, dressed and have their shopping, banking, laundry, cleaning and other personal matters done for them. Being a carer is also emotionally hard because often the carer is related and may have the disease themselves. PREVALENCE AND NATURE OF MJD ON GROOTE EYLANDT Modeling conducted by the MJD Foundation in conjunction with Associate Professor John MacMillan (Genetics Health Queensland) from 2010 to 2012 provides an accurate picture of the rates of MJD in the NT Indigenous population and has enabled some basic projection figures to be calculated. The current (symptomatic and at risk) figures have been confirmed through direct family contact in these remote townships. The projected figures have been determined using a validated Huntingtons Disease projection method, the Conneally model. While worldwide the prevalence of MJD is 0.63/100,000, the projected figures for the next generation in these townships are up to 5,455/100,000 (5.4%). These are by far the highest rates of MJD anywhere in the world. Table 4: ConneallyPM, Am J Hum Genet 36:506-526, 1984. At risk individuals are direct descendants of those with the disease who have at least a 50% chance of having the disease and are living today. (*) Note, this table is current as of May 2012. Location Symptomatic At risk alive today /100, 000 current and 1st generation Groote Eylandt (*) 24 130 909-5455 Yirrkala 11 110 TBC Galiwinku (Elcho Island) 21 115 807-4902 Ngukurr 10 94 TBC Central Australia 5 20 TBC Oenpelli 3 8 TBC Totals 69 517