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ALC 15 year strategic plan 2012-2027



ALC 15 year strategic plan 2012-2027


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ALC 15 year Strategic Plan 6. Goal B: Develop Best Practice Service Delivery 84 ALYANGULA POST MINING In a post mining future, Alyangula could remain a hub for businesses, services, tourism, holiday accommodation and Anindilyakwa people with high-end healthcare needs. The ALC is looking at ways to better link Alyangula to the Groote archipelagos other three communities in areas such with service delivery, business and health care. The town should encourage entrepreneurs looking to establish small businesses that service the island. This would ensure fewer turnovers of residents, a more stable population and more community pride. One potential value of Alyangula, given its relative sophistication of services compared to other communities, is the potential to provide enhanced services for Anindilyakwa high need aged and MJD patients. This is a sensitive subject as Anindilyakwa people prefer to live close to other clan members and close to their traditional country. A financial analysis needs to be conducted to consider appropriate facilities to be developed within Alyangula versus current Anindilyakwa communities. The majority of the current port in Alyangula could be dismantled and the area regenerated. Some of the structure would be retained for the current barge facility and for use as a harbour for boutique tourist boats that could be linked to the GEBIE-owned Dugong Beach Resort. A major new jetty is planned for the town beach picnic area (Old Boat Ramp) which will be invaluable in laying the ground for developing fishing tourism. The next steps forward will be to hold detailed mine closure planning meetings with GEMCO. These meetings will discuss what assets should be made available to the ALC into the future and how to ensure these are well maintained and ready for future use. The township is under a Special Purpose Lease until 2065, which restricts many activities, such as buying and selling houses. This could be replaced with an Office of Township Leasing (OTL) lease in the long term that would see it becoming a conventional town that receives municipal funding for essential services and in which property can be bought, leased and sold.