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ALC 15 year strategic plan 2012-2027



ALC 15 year strategic plan 2012-2027


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ALC 15 year Strategic Plan 7. Goal C: Develop a Living Cultural Economy 92 ACTIONS: 97. Progress plans to continue using Dugong Beach Resort as a commercial venture but also utilise it as the central base for ALC/GEBIE administration and as a Cultural Centre hub. Establish Cultural Centres in the three communities of Milyakburra, Umbakumba and Angurugu. 98. Negotiate with GEMCO for ongoing accommodation contracts at Dugong Beach Resort over the mine life. 99. Develop a comprehensive tourism strategy to sustain high occupancy at the Dugong Beach Resort. 100. Establish the Cultural Centre buildings and deploy ALC and GEBIE staff into new offices. 101. Develop partnerships and programs for early childhood development, schooling and training and begin operation of the Cultural Centres. 102. Conduct a professional marketing review and plan to determine Groote Eylandts competitive advantage and sustainable wealth generators. 103. Execute a tourism strategy, leveraging the developments of the culture-based economic strategy. 7.3 ENHANCE THE USE OF TECHNOLOGY Access to new technology and opportunities to utilise and keep up-to-date with technology is a necessary requirement of living confidently in both worlds. New technology can enhance learning, facilitate interaction and communication between communities as well as support those with disabilities. Adoption of new technology can also enhance the development of sustainable economies and industry in the Groote archipelago. There are opportunities to enhance the adoption of technology in ways that can enrich peoples lives. The ALC is developing a partnership with the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) in this area and is exploring other partnerships with innovative technology companies. A crucial aspect of enhancing the adoption and use of technology in the Groote archipelago is in pursuing mobile connectivity for the townships of Umbakumba and Milyakburra. ESTABLISH CONNECTIVITY IN ALL COMMUNITIES Mobile coverage has been raised as a priority need for the townships of Umbakumba and Milyakburra by the community and in a number of agency/community representative forums. The limited mobile and internet services in these townships have broad implications for education, public health, community safety, economic and community development.