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The Northern Territory news Mon 17 Nov 2014

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MONDAY NOVEMBER 17 2014 OPINION 31 V1 - NTNE01Z01MA NO I grew up in the UK, so no. Ive been here five years and I left my car windows down and caught a guy with his head through the window. Thats it. TOM CLARKE, BEES CREEK NO Ive only ever been a victim of stupidity, not crime. I dont go to Mitchell St though. NERIDA SILVA, ANULA NO Its like everywhere else. I was broken in to once and they took bugger all. It was a nuisance. They mustve been looking for something specific. CLAUDE CELLIGOI, MILLNER NO Its rarely an issue. Its all blown out of proportion. Politics and votes. REBECCA LOWE, STUART PARK Speak Up: Are crime rates in Darwin too high? NO Ive been here two years, and Ive never felt the need to feel on guard like in other parts of the country. Ive also lived in Sydney and South Australia. GABRIELLE CLEARY, STUART PARK LETTER OF THE DAY Whats the use of democracy? IT appears the CLP Government, headed by Chief Minister Mr Giles, is determined to sell TIO, an asset belonging to the people of the Northern Territory. There is plenty of opposition, and the government does not have popular support. As well as the obvious questions as to whether this is a good idea from the point of view of cost to the community, whether the Northern Territory will be well served by the new owner/s of the asset, and what damage will be done to the Territory in terms of people leaving due to financial pressures, it also raises the question of what is the meaning of our democracy. This is not just a philosophic musing. The facts are: The CLP government was elected after stating they would not sell the TIO. The electors of the Northern Territory had the right to vote on these assurances, and they did. There must be some doubt whether the CLP would have been elected if they had been truthful. The usual recourse for an electorate who feels they have been poorly served by their elected government is via the ballot box, so the untruthful government is removed and the opposition given the chance to do better. Unfortunately, in this case, that will not resolve the issue, as once the TIO is sold it cannot be regained. Vin Victory, Leanyer Dave Williams, 26, puts others to shame with his ranger mullet to raise funds for the U.G.L.Y bartenders Leukaemia Foundation fundraiser at Palmerston Tavern Picture: HELEN ORR ON TIO SALE Sell TIO at your peril - Territorians. TIO is the only thing standing between you and sky high insurance premiums. If you now pay $2000 p.a. as a premium for home and contents insurance, be prepared to pay a minimum of $4000 p.a. once TIO is sold. Currently, TIO is able to set a benchmark premium which other insurance companies must adhere to if they want to operate in the NT. Sell TIO and all bets will be off. Additionally, repor ted frontrunners in the bidding war lead the charge for massive premiums in Queensland. Sell TIO in haste; spend $500m in a few weeks and regret the sale for decades. Former Territorian TIO has to reinsure to stay alive who holds the current reinsurance? It would appear that the people on the high ground are subsidising the people in the surge zones and flood plains a situation that cant continue as one of the other insurance companies will pick off the good risks. Preacher of Howard Springs I bank & have my insurance with TIO, but will change institutions if the sale goes through. Trish of Darwin They should be worried! Bet ter update your CVs CLP pollies. Stevo of Malak No sale. Its not yours to sell, and if you want to even think about selling TiO, ask the owners; i.e. hold a referendum. No Sale of TIO The arrogance of the Giles government is obviously drawing inspiration from the Abbott led federal government. Send a message to your local member you disagree with the sale of TIO. Adam Giles, despite your claims, you do not have a mandate to sell TIO and your arrogance in pushing ahead with this sale will be felt at the earliest opportunity. The likes of Kezia Purick, Willem Westra van Holthe and other sitting ministers should all be worried about their positions if they do not stand up and voice their objections to this greedy grab for cash, and start to support the voices of their electorates. Trailerpark trash of Rural How about stop wasting money advertising how great an idea selling TIO is and asking us what we would like done with the money. Your not listening to us asking govt not to sell it, so why waste money asking us what to do with the money, when youll ignore it anyway. Gecko of Nightcliff The arrogance of the Giles government is obviously drawing inspiration from the Abbott led federal government. Send a message to your local member SEE BELOW ON TIO SALE C.M. Giles, you are the living proof that the C.L.P. Stands for cheat, lie, and prosper. U do not have a mandate to sell T.I.O. And u know it. Cactus Think ahead CLP leaders. Sell TIO and youre history! Wont worry Mr Giles, as hell just head back south. Shay H/Springs I hope CLP sell TIO, it will guarantee their demise at the next election! raise the cost of living yet again! Im sick of all this belt tightening crap! Seems more like pocket filling to me, at the tax payers expense! Darwin is abundant with money an work opportunities! Why are we being hit so hard? Wouldnt need to sell TIO if NT government had negotiated a better deal with INPEX. Warren of Rosebery Giles u idiot. TIO has been providing the Govt with a really tidy profit for at least the past 3 years. Use your brain & think past Christmas. I suggest u start packing your bags. Terri from Tiwi Nt gov will have no say how tio is ran after its sale. Nor any control on any rise in costs. Paul of bakewell Wicked Wicking I was in stitches reading Wickings Week Sat 15 Nov. Didnt get past Giles/TIO bit for fear of giving me a hernia. Shane Nouwens Coconut Grove Big mistake if u sell tio adam, will be dole q for you and your team. Spike Leanyer My suggestion to NT government over TIO sale, is to use the money to finance a territory owned insurance company. The Virginian My advice 2 CLP is 2 listen 2 d pleas of Territorians and stop Giles from selling TiO or lose d next elections. ON HALAL CERTIFICATION This brouhaha about Halal is sure sign of xenophobia and worse than that, Islamophobia, all that stuff you hear about:our diggers blood on your hands is utter b...t, if wed applied the same attitude to Germany and Japan where would all our Toyotas and VWs come from Moshe Pleshet Alice Springs Call me crazy, call me a Mufti. But I wont be drinking any more Pauls ISIL Coffee!!!! Brett Palmerston. We have had Muslims in this country for over 150 years. We have been exporting food to Muslim countries for over 50 years. Why is it that it is now so important to be Halal certified? Maybe im wrong. But the haka is a war cry. For the kiwi to aim the haka at aussies is nothing more than total disrespect to the ANZACs who fought and died for BOTH countries. Together we stand. Ban the tongue dance! Its sport, not war! Aussie, neighbour of the Maori. PICK OF THE PICS