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The Northern Territory news Fri 28 Nov 2014

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FRIDAY NOVEMBER 28 2014 OPINION 47 V1 - NTNE01Z01MA YES But the hard part is catching them. If people abandon puppies in the bush, how do you find the people who did it? SAM PING-NAM, PARAP YES More should be done to try and catch these people. Im an animal lover. I dont know what goes through the minds of people who are cruel to animals. JAHLA CARTER-HOFFMAN, ANULA YES How can you justify animal cruelty? Animals need nurturing too. Every living thing has a right to a good life. BILL BAWAB, PARAP YES Some people treat animals like shit, and they should pay. They shouldnt be getting a slap on the wrist. TORI HAMPTON, WOODROFFE Speak Up: Should animal cruelty laws be toughened? YES Nobody has the right to hurt animals. Its a low act. The dogs abandoned in Leanyer thats a disgrace. STEVE HULSE, DARWIN CITY LETTER OF THE DAY We can make CLP pay dearly WE are all under a dark cloud as a result of the CLP selling (make that giving away) our TIO to an international company. We will all pay dearly as a result of this action. Territorians have every right to be angry at this undemocratic and arrogant move by a Government that does not pay any attention to the wishes and aspirations of Territorians, who let them know they did not wish the sale to proceed. However every cloud has a silver lining and there is an opportunity to make this Government pay dearly at the next election. As far as I can ascertain, only one member of the present Government will qualify for a generous pension should they lose their seat. Even Giles will not qualify. If they all lose their seats, Territorians will save well over a million dollars each year as a result of not having to pay their pensions. That surely would be karma. I would also suggest that in the interim they forgo the right to place the title Honourable in front of their names. By their despicable actions and attitude towards Territorians they have demonstrated they are dishonourable and should forgo the right to use the term. Maintain the rage and get rid of them in 2016. Liam, Gunn A storm brews off the coast of Fannie Bay as the wet season finally arrives Picture: ELISE DERWIN ON HOSPITAL DEATHS Well the NT keeps voting in govts that strip the budget of Health and this is what you get? Maybe the NT should demand more from its politicians. Blubloodedbeast Try being my cuz, bleeding from the bowel and finally flown to Adelaide for operation. But no one informed Adelaide. Wait a month and hope or jump the train and come home. You guess what the answer was. EX-RAAF The tip of the iceberg. Time and again serious events are covered up by the health department especially out bush. Stop the cover ups. Maybe staff would stop leaving. RAN ON CAUGHT ON CAMERA There are a lot worse than this. Where can we send the videos so police can act? GTM Nothing unusual here as there is no enforcement out and about unless it is an easy target such as speed cameras. Recently I have witnessed 2 vehicles go through a red light in front of a police vehicle and no action was taken for either. I have had the comment made to me how a person would much rather be booked for speeding by a camera because if he was stopped he would be over the 0.05 limit. Mick ON PARKING FINES Parking infringements are a cash cow for these councils and they are terrified of reduced revenue from them. If everyone used their brains and parked/drove strictly in adherence with the rules then council would get sweet bugger all money out of the motorist. So, why give up your money by breaking the rules? Olive Oyle And you wonder why no one shops in the CBD. Herb Good on them. If you break the rule you pay. Simple. Up to the council to put that revenue to good use. Reality bites ON TIO SALE Hey it wasnt sold ... it was simply that the ownership was transferred ... much like Ill be doing to my home as I can no longer afford to live here since the CLP have been busy lowering the cost of living. Im assuming that when I transfer the ownership of my home I avoid stamp duty its not like I sold it or anything. Giles, I hate that you think we believe your drivel. Groovyguru If Alice Springs floods before the next election the CLP will enter electoral oblivion! How about building us a flood levy CLP from your TIO sale proceeds? Peter If everyone used their brains and parked/drove strictly in adherence with the rules then council would get sweet bugger all money out of the motorist. SEE BELOW ON TIO SALE Can NT News print names of those MLAs and which electorates they currently represent, who supported this sale, and reprint them the day before the next election?! Disappointed, Casuarina A long time ago a man fought tooth and nail for the people to run the governments. His name was Cromwell. All, it seems, in vain. For in todays society the people, opinions and majority mean naught. BB, Nightcliff We wont get a red cent out of TIO if Giles keeps running full page ads. This is propaganda not information. How can TIO be a burden (27/11) when it gave ten million dollars to the government last year from a sixty million profit? Trevor How about we transfer ownership of the NT back to Labor and sell off the CLP? TIO banking & insurance made a measly net profit of $18.3m this year (its on the website), so NT Govt has clearly done the best thing for taxpayers by selling for $284m. Well done, I say. Roger How much more of the Territory will Giles sell off?! Would he be able to get away with this in NSW? Territory born and bred Hurry up & build the hospital so Giles can sell it. ON OTHER THINGS Hey Shell servo Palmy: wheres the chook? Havent seen it for 2 weeks. Eds note: We regret to inform you Koogoe Drumstick sadly died of natural causes recently, as reported in the Sunday Territorian on November 9. I neva met Phillip Hughes, but the tragic news of this terrible accident has me crying. Condolences 2 his family n my feelings 4 bowler. GTE MAN Aldi please come to Darwin. Dom, Wagaman To the kind gentleman from Casey Haulage, thanks for lift after my car broke down on Wishart, have a lovely Xmas and may good things come 2 u. Crime Stoppers fraud arrest was photographed & even made the TV news, yet the fine dodging, female middle aged govt manager is being protected. Why? A political candidate? Felix, Brinkin Just renewed rego at MVR. It printed a receipt & blank rego sticker which was thrown in bin. How does that save money? Cynical, Brinkin Powr out 4 an hour and it was the first wet season storm! 3rd world stuf! Tiwi Kiwi If this woman convicted but for some reason not named has so many speeding fines, why has she got a licence or a job? Ron, Howard Springs PICK OF THE PICS