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Association of the Northern, Kimberley and Arnhem Aboriginal Artists

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volume 14 issue 1, August 2014

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Association of the Northern, Kimberley and Arnhem Aboriginal Artists



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Above: (L-R) Richard Evans, Barangaroo Delivery Authority; Dr Mathew Trinca, Director National Museum of Australia; Lily Roy, ANKAAA Director, Milingimbi Art and Culture; Alan Murray, Metropolitan Land Council, Sydney; Aden Ridgeway, Cox Inall Ridgeway; Jonathon Saunders, ANKAAA All photos: ANKAAA Barangaroo National Centre for Indigenous Art and Culture Barangaroo is a 22-hectare site on the traditional lands of the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation. It is the site of a proposed new National Indigenous Cultural Centre. ANKAAA Board member Lily Roy (Arnhem Land), ANKAAA CEO Christina Davidson, and Resource and Development Officer Jonathon Saunders joined Indigenous leaders from around the Northern Territory for a consultation about the proposed centre in Sydney at Frogs Hollow Centre for the Arts in May, hosted by ANKAAA. The discussion was convened by Aden Ridgeway of Cox Inall and Ridgeway. Lily Roy, Christina Davidson and ANKAAA Chairman Djambawa Marawili AM also attended a national consultation in Sydney earlier this year. It is important that Indigenous Cultural Centres like Barangaroo educate, preserve and showcase Indigenous Art and Culture. In April, 25 arts workers, artists and Art Centre managers from across the four ANKAAA regions attended a two day training program held once again at CDUs School of Indigenous Knowledges and Public Policy. Adam Griffiths and Marina Aberu Silva from CompNet led the sessions along with Anna McLeod, Axis Arts and ANKAAAs Jonathon Saunders and David Mackenzie. The training covered a comprehensive two-day schedule in all areas of SAM, the online artwork management system. Feedback has been positive. Kanethia Griffiths, gallery assistant from Waringarri Arts in Kununurra enjoyed meeting new people form different Art Centres and learning a whole new level of working on SAM. SAM Stories Art Money, database training, Darwin News Top: Day one of SAM training at CDU Right top: A PowerPoint presentation by Adam Griffiths Right middle: Two ANKAAA AWEP participants, Stanley Taylor (foreground), Mowanjum Artists, with Jimmy Mungatopi (background), Jilamara Arts and Craft Right below: Pauletta Kerinauia, Jilamara Arts and Craft and Bernadette Mungatopi, Munupi Art with Jonathon Saunders, ANKAAA ANKAAA Board of Directors Working Together for Sustainability in the Indigenous Arts Industry The ANKAAA Board of Directors invited the three main government funding agencies who give operational funding to ANKAAA and many Art Centres, to the first 2014 face to face board meeting in Darwin on March 13th, to talk about the importance of sustainable funding for Art Centres and the Indigenous arts industry. Senior representatives of the Australia Council for the Arts, the Ministry for the Arts and Arts NT were formally welcomed by the ANKAAA Board of Directors with a ceremonial song and clap sticks. Board members introduced themselves using their own language and story, skin group and clan and spoke for the four ANKAAA regions the Kimberley, Arnhem Land, Tiwi Islands and Katherine/Darwin. In the morning, the ANKAAA Board talked about ANKAAAs vision for the future, for the grandchildren and for support for artists in community Art Centres. In the afternoon, the Board met with each funding body separately to discuss more detailed issues about ANKAAA funding and to make clear the importance of sustainable and reliable funding to Art Centres. The value gained from operational and core program funding as a government investment generating substantial additional project funding and sales income was discussed. Key funders were thanked for their essential support in this area over a number of years. Ideas for working together, to create efficiencies, reduce red tape and plan realistic pathways for sustainability for ANKAAA and the northern Indigenous arts industry were discussed. Including the importance of working together to allow effective integration of diverse non-government funding. The ANKAAA Board invites and looks forward to continued joint discussion about maintaining and growing the strong northern Indigenous arts industry. Top: Group Shot of ANKAAA Board of Directors, staff and key operational funders, 13th March, Frog Hollow Centre for the Arts, Darwin Above: The ANKAAA Board of Directors sing in representatives of ANKAAAs key operational and core program funders to their meeting in Darwin on 13th March - to bring them into our minds and into our bodies and into our souls Above: ANKAAA Board in discussion with key funders. Funders centre from left: Ministry for the Arts Lyn Allen (Assistant Secretary, Creative Industries, Canberra) and Libby Lawler (Assistant Director, IVAIS Central Management, Darwin); The Australia Council, Lydia Miller (Executive Director, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Arts Division) and Mark Stapleton (Director ATSIA), Sydney; Arts NT, Angela Hill (Director), Darwin All photos: ANKAAA 22 Arts BackBone goveRnance Volume 14: Issue 1, August 2014 Volume 14: Issue 1, August 2014 ankaaa pRoJecTS Arts BackBone 23