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FRIDAY OCTOBER 10 2014 SPORT 29 V1 - NTNE01Z01MA W inning the Bathurst 1000 isnt easy. Winning twice is much harder. But its an achievement not beyond Fords defending champion Mark Winterbottom on Sunday, insists fierce Holden rival and V8 Supercars series leader Jamie Whincup. Dont discount Frosty, he said. That would be very stupid if someone did. It would be very uneducated. The pair were separated by a mere 0.47 seconds after a gruelling six-hour battle in last years Great Race. A well-timed final pitstop helped secure Winterbottom his first win after a decade of attempts and denied favourite Whincup back-to-back triumphs. The victory also broke Ford Performance Racings Bathurst duck and put the factory-backed team back in contention for the 2013 championship. But Whincup prevailed, charging to a record-equalling fifth V8 Supercars title. Fast forward 12 months and the script has hardly changed. Whincup has been reinstalled as the frontrunner, with Winterbottom unfavoured by many pundits to win the endurance classic. While knowing we can do it makes it easier, winning it again will be just as hard, said the FPR driver, who is third on the overall championship standings. The challenge is mammoth and we certainly dont underestimate it. That said, I think Ill enjoy it a lot more this year and approach it more at ease now I know we have what it takes to succeed. Winterbottom spent several rounds atop the drivers standings earlier this season, bringing him closer than ever before to a maiden V8 title. But only once in his past 13 starts has he featured on the podium, relinquishing his lead to Whincup, who has claimed seven race victories in that time. The Red Bull Racing pilot flexed his muscle again at last months traditional Bathurst warmup race at Sandown, leading a procession of four Holdens to the chequered flag. Holden Racing Teams James Courtney and Garth Tander finished second and third respectively, with Whincups teammmate Craig Lowndes a close fourth. And the quartet again loom large for the 161-lap epic. I hope hes my main threat, Whincup said of Lowndes. Theres no doubting the King of the Mountain will be. Lowndes will share his Commodore with Steven Richards Winterbottoms winning co-driver from last year. Between them, they boast eight Bathurst titles. Theyre going to be seriously quick, but then theres another 10 guys who can all win, Whincup said. Among them is Scott McLaughlin. The Kiwi young gun will debut Volvos S60 around the world-renowned circuit and some reckon he could claim the Swedish manufacturers first Bathurst win in a V8. Though not team boss Garry Rogers, it seems. Those Red Bull cars, they struggled a bit earlier in the year, but theyve got their act back AERODYNAMICS: The science of managing airflow over, under and around a car plays a major role in V8 Supercar design and tuning. Areas of high and low pressure are carefully managed to maximise downforce (to help the tyres grip the track) while minimising drag (to maximise speed). AIR PRESSURE: Mechanics can adjust a cars handling by raising or lowering air pressure in the tyres. Flex in the sidewall acts like another spring in the suspension. Increasing the air pressure makes the overall spring rate stiffer, while lowering the pressure will make it softer. ANTI-ROLL BAR: A mech anical linkage, one each for the front and rear suspensions, that helps transfer more weight to the inside tyres in the corners and helps keep all four tyres gripping the track. APEX: The geometric inside centre point of a corner. In racing, a driver will often use a late apex, turning into the corner a little later than normal in order to straighten out the last part of the corner. BLISTER: Excessive heat can create blisters on the tyre surface that contacts the track. BRAKE FADE: Brakes transform motion into heat. The heat in the cast-iron rotors of a V8 Supercar can reach 900C. When the fluid in the brake system exceeds its boiling point due to hard use, bubbles can form in the brake lines and calipers. If these bubbles are squeezed smaller by pressure from the brake pedal, the pedal tends to go soft and may even go to the floorboard without the brakes working properly. CAMBER: Each tyre can be tilted inward or outward depending on the track. The usual idea is to tilt the top of the tyre inward (negative camber) so that under cornering loads the entire surface of the tread is being used to the maximum. CAUTION OR SAFETY-CAR PERIOD: When the track is unsafe because of an accident, debris or a sudden downpour, the officials may put the race under caution by waving yellow flags around the track. This brings out the safety car to gather the field and lead them around at reduced speed until the track is safe for a restart. CHICANE: A quick succession of sharp, slow turns, usually intended to reduce straight-line speeds. DRAFTING: A fast-moving car creates a lowpressure area behind it, causing the air to try to move with the car. A car following behind can take advantage of this low pressure as it actually sucks the car along faster, known as being in the slipstream. I love going to Bathurst its every V8 Supercar drivers all-time favourite. Its without doubt one of the worlds greatest racetracks. It all starts at turn one, known as Hell Corner, and you want to make sure that you nail your run out of there with Mountain Straight following immediately after it. Theres a big braking zone into Griffins Bend and its uphill, so the Commodore pulls up pretty quickly. Its also cambered, so you have to hook in if you dont, youre almost drawn to the wall like a magnet. Youre then heading up to The Cutting, where there is absolutely no room for error, as concrete walls line the track. Its an incredibly steep part of the track, with a 1:6 gradient, so even walking up it is tough. Youre then on top of the mountain, and its quite fast and flowing. McPhillamy Park is a really quick corner, with a quick dab of the brakes, so the Commodore gets pretty light on the entry. Youre then up onto two wheels over the kerb and then straight back on the gas. Youre then straight into Brocks Skyline, and it feels like you are dropping right off the edge of the world. This is one of the most challenging parts of the track, which I think is even more challenging than the fast stuff across the top because you have to balance the rear of the Commodore over a crest when you drop into Skyline. You want to have confidence that its going to hold on and you want to carry as much speed as you can down the hill. Given youre heading downhill at a rate of knots, the Commodore naturally does not want to pull up for The Dipper. So you just have to brake hard and hook the beast in. Youre then heading down to Forrests Elbow and you want to keep the momentum going through there, as youve got the kilometrelong Conrod Straight after that. The Chase is a pretty exhilarating corner, as its flat out in sixth gear on the rev-limiter close to 300km/h going in. The cars dancing around quite a lot and you need to get it straightened up as quick as you can. Turn 23, known as Murrays Corner, is always tough because you have your predicted lap time up on the dash and you can either underdrive it or overdrive it so easily. After 6.2km, you have to make sure that youre getting everything from the last corner. What theyre talking about FLAT SPOT: If a tyre stops spinning and drags along the road during braking, it can rub off an excess amount of rubber and cause a flat spot. HAIRPIN: A sharp, 180-degree turn. HANS DEvICE: Acronym for Head and Neck Support. A yoke-collar safety device designed to reduce extreme head motions and neck loads during high-speed impacts. Many drivers in V8 Supercars use these and they have become compulsory in some categories around the world. LIFT: To partially or completely release the throttle pedal, reducing engine rpm and speed. May also be referred to as breathing the throttle. LINE: The quickest way around a race circuit, taking advantage of braking, cornering and acceleration. The line for a typical right-handed corner would begin by lining up on the left side of the approaching straight, braking hard, turning in all the way across the track to the inside kerb, and then unwinding the steering wheel on the exit to release the friction of the turn, which takes the car back across the track to the outside again. LOOSE OR OvERSTEER: A cornering condition where the rear tyres lose adhesion before the front tyres, resulting in a car that feels like it wants to spin easily. If the front end hits the wall, it was understeer. If the rear end hits the wall, it was oversteer. MARBLES: Bits of rubber scrubbed off tyres while cornering. These small balls collect on the outside of the turn, and if a car goes wide (into the marbles), much adhesion is lost. In addition, this rubber debris will stick to the hot tyres and cause poor traction for the next few corners until they are rubbed off. PUSH OR UNDERSTEER: Typically describes a cornering condition where the front tyres lose adhesion before the rear tyres, resulting in a car that feels like it wants to go straight. Solutions include adjustments to tyre pressure, softening the front anti-roll bar setting or spring rates in order to provide more grip, or by making changes to reduce grip at the rear. REv LIMITER: Modern engines are controlled by electronic mapping software that controls things such as fuel consumption and ignition timing. Rev limiting is used for two purposes: to keep the engine from exceeding its maximum rotational speed and exploding into bits of very expensive shrapnel, and to adhere to speedlimit rules in the pit lane. V8 Supercars have a maximum rev limit of 7500rpm. SCRUBBED TYRES: Tyres which have already been used for a few laps to remove the outer sheen and provide more consistent traction. SLICKS: A racing tyre with no tread. There is a misconception that the tread pattern of a tyre provides traction. This is true in dirt, snow or on wet pavement, but on dry pavement the maximum amount of contact patch is desirable. Hive of activity: Cars line pit lane ahead of a practice session at last years Bathurst 1000. Picture: Edge Photographics Racing the clock: An Erebus Motorsport crew member puts a slick tyre on the #4 car driven by Lee Holdsworth and Craig Baird at last years Bathurst 1000. Picture: Edge Photographics Red-hot Whincup says not cool to write off Frosty DRiveRs & Teams 1 Jamie Whincup, Paul Dumbrell Red Bull Racing Holden Commodore VF 2 Garth Tander, Warren Luff Holden Racing Team Holden Commodore VF 4 Lee Holdsworth, Craig Baird Erebus Motorsport Mercedes E63 AMG 5 Mark Winterbottom, Steve Owen Fords Pepsi Max Crew Ford Falcon FG 6 Chaz Mostert, Paul Morris Fords Pepsi Max Crew Ford Falcon FG 7 Todd Kelly, Alex Buncombe Jack Daniels Racing Nissan Altima L33 8 Jason Bright, Andrew Jones Team BOC Holden Commodore VF 9 Will Davison, Alex Davison Erebus Motorsport Mercedes E63 AMG 10 Tim Slade, Tony DAlberto Supercheap Auto Racing Holden Commodore VF 12 Tim Blanchard, Ash Walsh Wilson Security Racing Ford Falcon FG 14 Fabian Coulthard, Luke Youlden Lockwood Racing Holden Commodore VF 15 Rick Kelly, David Russell Jack Daniels Racing Nissan Altima L33 16 Scott Pye, Ash Walsh Wilson Security Racing Ford Falcon FG 17 David Wall, Steven Johnson Wilson Security Racing Ford Falcon FG 18 Jack Perkins, Cameron Waters Team JELD-WEN Ford Falcon FG 21 Dale Wood, Chris Pither Team Advam/GB Holden Commodore VF 22 James Courtney, Greg Murphy Holden Racing Team Holden Commodore VF 23 Russell Ingall, Tim Blanchard Repair Management Australia Holden Commodore VF 33 Scott McLaughlin, Alex Premat Valvoline Racing GRM Volvo S60 34 Robert Dahlgren, Greg Ritter Valvoline Racing GRM Volvo S60 36 Michael Caruso, Dean Fiore Norton Hornets Nissan Altima L33 55 David Reynolds, Dean Canto The Bottle-O Racing Team Ford Falcon FG 97 Shane van Gisbergen, Jonathon Webb Team Tekno V.I.P Petfoods Holden Commodore VF 222 Nick Percat, Oliver Gavin HHA Racing Holden Commodore VF 360 James Moffat, Taz Douglas Norton Hornets Nissan Altima L33 888 Craig Lowndes, Steve Richards Red Bull Racing Holden Commodore VF 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 15 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 CONROD STRAIGHT THE DIPPER REID PARK MOUNTAIN STRAIGHT THE CHASE PIT STRAIGHT MURRAYS CORNER GRIFFINS BEND THE CUTTING HELL CORNER THE ESSES SKYLINE MCPHILLAMY PARK FORRESTS ELBOW SULMAN PARK 256 KPH 7364 RPM 210 KPH 7416 RPM 105 KPH 6711 RPM 190 KPH 6768 RPM 95 KPH 4909 RPM 207 KPH 6716 RPM 211 KPH 6817 RPM 219 KPH 7440 RPM 139 KPH 7269 RPM 83 KPH 5782 RPM 290 KPH 7452 RPM 219 KPH 7279 RPM 6th Gear 5th Gear 4th Gear 3rd Gear 2nd Gear Braking Key a FasT lap oF mounT panoRama WiTh Tim slaDe together, Rogers said. I think youd have to say theyre by far and away the favourites. Theyre a very, very clever engineering group, theyre wellfunded and theyre very, very well driven both from a business and driver perspective. Theyll be the ones to beat. Eleven different drivers have won across 29 races so far this season, with Nissan the only manufacturer not to have tasted victory. But with a freshly laid surface at the Bathurst circuit, anything could happen. The new generation V8 Supercars are set to smash all current lap records for the category including Greg Murphys memorable Lap of the Gods set in 2003. AAP After losing last years Bathurst 1000 by less than a second to Mark Winterbottom, reigning V8 Supercar champion Jamie Whincup says his Ford rival can not be underestimated, writes Roje Adaimy Fierce rivals: Red Bull Racings Jamie Whincup leads Ford star Mark Winterbottom, while below, Scott McLaughlin will be hoping to snare a first V8 Bathurst win for Volvo. Pictures: Edge Photographics BaThuRsT 1000 BaThuRsT 1000