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The Northern Territory news Fri 10 Oct 2014

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FRIDAY OCTOBER 10 2014 OPINION 51 V1 - NTNE01Z01MA YES I think that some of the money they get is spent on good things. SABINE BAEDEKERL, DARWIN CITY YES I really like the libraries, I use them a lot. LEEANNE ZAMAGIAS, LUDMILLA NO I live in the Rural Area and out there we pay for our bin service. Id like to see that change. LOUISE TROTT, VIRGINIA YES The system suits me. People complain about the cost of living but I manage. HELDER CARAPETA, NIGHTCLIFF Speak Up: Do you get your moneys worth from councils? YES For sure. Everyones got a job to do, and its a job thats part of the honesty in our community. HEATH MACKAY, DARWIN CITY LETTER OF THE DAY Plenty of cash for war abroad WHATEVER happened to the Federal Budget for 2014? We have heard precious little on the Medicare co-payment, the rise in tertiary fees or the cuts in social services that were to raise the funds that would lead to financial responsibility. After all, we are told by the Prime Minister that our Laborinduced debt is unsustainable, driving us headlong into Third World status. However, there are Coalition priorities that receive unlimited funding. If we are so short of cash, how can we afford a reported $23 million a year on advertising overseas to deter would-be refugees? Its a windfall for the ad agencies of Jakarta and KL but pocket money when you compare it to the overall multi-billion-dollar cost of the Stop The Boats scheme. The Libs seem to think that as long as the refugee numbers are down, they will stay comfortably in power. But a war on the other side of the world against an enemy that has not attacked Australia or Australians is seen by the Prime Minister as a project worth unlimited funding. They do not even know how much it will cost. But the war against IS does serve one important purpose: it takes the collective Australian attention away from the soaring cost of living at home and the prospect of an onerous Budget. Dennis Schulz, Marrara The striking total lunar eclipse as seen through a Darwin apartment tower just after 8pm on Wednesday Picture: AARON BURTON ON PALMO COUNCIL EXPANSION As Alderman Bunker states, they are required to attend two council meetings and two workshops per month, that is the extent of their mandated council workload. How are they unable to engage with the community with such a small workload? Perhaps the council should table work diaries showing the work they do for the city, to justify why $45,000 of taxpayers money needs to be spent on two new aldermen. So soon after PCC ridiculed DCC for its extravagance in aldermen as well. Adam Most councils are TOP HEAVY. All they (upper management) seem to do is delegate the workload down the ladder, and theyre all on very healthy salaries, with more lurks n perks than you think. Then, when it all goes pear shaped, they RUN ... and they never get held accountable. William Why are they in these jobs in the first place if they cant serve our community as they were elected to do?? Sandrina How soon before they raise their rates again to cover this? Might be estimated at $45k but anything for a rise. Cam ON COUNCIL SNUBS TIP SHOP Typical of the Darwin council. So self absorbed they make a sponge look silly. Danny Council too busy drinking lattes and coming up with money-wasting sculptures to actually do their job. Can the Karama potential aldermen have some sort of meet the candidates do? The public needs to be able to pick which one of you is the least worthless. Greg Some items more expensive than op shops ... some items broken but selling at same price as same items not broken. Tiwi of Palmerston ON FUEL PRICES That blows their argument out of the water. They buy it for the same price here in Darwin then truck it 300km south then still sell it for over 10 a litre cheaper. Patrick This negates every lame excuse that was trotted out by the fuel companies ... if one company can sell ULP for 10 cents a litre cheaper, 300km out of town. Adam Suck it up! The tip shop is such a rip-off! Used to get fair prices years ago they got greedy. Lexi of Darwin ON FUEL United must think we are stupid. Lowering the price of a fuel we dont want is NOT a price war. Fuel companies ... you are only one quarter of the way there if that. Come on, dropping the price by 5 cents ... oh thats right, you think Territorians are stupid. LEAVIN This fuel debate is hilarious when its coming from people that line up to pay ten dollars a litre for a can of Coke at a local deli that came out of a fridge set on 8 degrees. You people would buy shit if u thought someone else wanted it. Get that pineapple out of my butt! ON OTHER THINGS Darwin beware ... the bloody plovers are nesting. They can put you in hospital so please be aware. What a beautiful day its shaping up to be! Born & Bred Darwin Lover Nice to see cops with new equipment that can instantly detect expired rego a little over twelve months after rego stickers were abolished! Cini-kel So, the PM is going to reduce Labors debt by involving us in another multibillion$ war. Im not against it. Just the finger pointing. Cactus On Crocky Horror: the NT News didnt bag them out too bad, so obviously, they were locals. The gene pool is shallow. The Doc Build-up is defo here. Aircon already on ... Hot, Palmo How powerful & unique they were! Saw a TV show last nite, Territory Cops! Wat went wrong?! Bring back the khaki! Proud, Wulagi E cigarettes benefit those who stop smoking and those who r about to. X smoker, Ludmilla On cattle being left in the sun or rain. Think that person needs to get out of the sun. So is it safe to assume that we will be banning nuns habits and bishops cassocks too if the burqa is banned? Cant see the difference really. Oh thats right burqa = Muslim terrorist. Dulba AFLNT what the hell r u doing? 8pm games on a Sat night, missing deadlines for Sunday paper hence no coverage. Also great, late finishing time for families, no programme available whatsoever to identify who is who disgraceful. No Friday-night games works well elsewhere in Australia. Could I suggest 5.30pm start?! Come on administrators it is supposed to be a game for the people. Iren When is the singles ball? We are 9 single girls trying to find 9 nice single guys but having no luck. Pleeeease be soon. PICK OF THE PICS