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Progenitor : the official quarterly journal of the Genealogical Society of the Northern Territory Inc.



Progenitor : the official quarterly journal of the Genealogical Society of the Northern Territory Inc.


Genealogical Society of the Northern Territory Inc.


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Genealogical Society of the Northern Territory Inc.

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DECEMBER 2014, VOL 33 NO 4

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Genealogical Society of the Northern Territory Inc.



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DECEMBER 2014 VOL 33 NO 4 75 Dianne in this little group. Our grateful thanks to these members without whose efforts we would find it difficult to provide additional resources and equipment. Vern OBrien, our principal researcher (and fountain of knowledge of things Territorian) and Beattie Mayo, continue with responding to enquiries which come in from interstate and overseas seeking assistance in finding footprints of long lost ancestors whom the enquirers think may have resided in the Northern Territory in the past.. It is very interesting and rewarding work, which often provides the enquirer with a very comprehensive result from a blank starting point. Nadine Parkinson, our Web Administrator, is currently adding enhancements to our website and members will soon have the ability to access copies of the PDF Journals which we receive from other Societies. Journals are a rich source of information and members should make full use of this new facility to expand their knowledge base and try out the research tips and links in those journals. The Members Interests area is also being enhanced and will provide another way of connecting with other researchers having a kindred interest in particular names or places. Nadine, many thanks for maintaining and continually improving what we believe to be an excellent website. Heaps of members are deserving of our thanks and recognition. Amongst those are our Burniece Cross a person who is always willing to help with any task, plus she is very busy doing Katherine Deaths and helping out with the Pioneers. Amongst other activities mentioned above, our long time Treasurer, Elaine Barry, has also produced ex cellent newspaper archive folders, Beattie Mayo, who has produced many indexes for the Society and burnt many candles doing valuable research, Judy Boland, another person who donates books to the Society, and is one of those who is always willing and ready to help (including at sausage sizzles), Dianne Tessmanm, for her outstanding work on Progenitor- a high quality Journal and her readiness to help with everything. Bev Davis (another one of those regular sausage sizzle helpers, and always there to help with other things and Mim Regan, always ready to help out with book reviews and sort items for the library shelves,-and special helper to June, Nerilie Heikknen, on going work with the Pioneer files, sorting out the databases and general problem-solving, Loretta Grimster on in dexing-projects (currently indexing NT Newsletters), Brian Nichols, currently sorting out the Armed Forces section (including Edna Prattss collection) and the Northern Territory Collection, Janet Leather and Eddie Webber, current ly working on listing photos for the Borroloola Cemetery, David Boys for his help in auditing the cemetery folders and Jeanice Levez for her help in auditing these folders. Beattie Mayo and June for the time they have spent at BDMs transcribing death records for the 1920s, a much needed resource in the ongoing work on the Palmerston Cemetery. Vern O'Brien was on the sick list for part of the year and it is good to report that he is back to his old self. Flora Love has been on the sick list for some time and we hope that she is now recovering and will be back at the "genies" soon.. Our honorary Secretary, June Tomlinson did not escape to England this year and unless she feigns some disability before November, she will be on duty for her first sausage sizzle for years. However, I suspect that she will run off to Ilkley next year and leave us wallowing around until she returns. However, when she is here, she does a really great job, - and she just loves it. The only good part about her months-long visits to Ilkley is that we can be sure there will be no musical chairs episodes where she has us moving the deck-chairs around to where everything was before we moved it the previous year. Lastly, to all of those persons and organisations who donated books, cds, equipment, etc to the Society this year, a huge thank-you. We have recorded those donations in the minutes during the year and where possible (and where permitted) we have placed the donors name on the donated item. We would find it difficult to survive without your generosity. Thank you. Keven Young President, GSNT Inc 13 September 2014