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Sunday Territorian 24 Aug 2014


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46 HOROSCOPES SUNDAY AUGUST 24 2014 NTNE01Z01MA - V1 Stars 1 What won the Best Musical at this years Helpmann Awards? 2 Who wrote the new memoir The Good Fight? 3 What does the acronym ASADA stand for? 4 Who was the librettist in the Rodgers and Hammerstein partnership? 5 What does the acronym EEO stand for in the workplace? 6 Which AFL team does Dayne Beams play for? 7 How many white keys are there in a musical octave? 8 What is the worlds newest country? 9 Is a sprat a type of bird, fish or insect? 10 Who is the NSW Opposition Leader? 11 What does the acronym UNESCO stand for? 12 Which national rugby union team does Steve Hansen coach? 13 What does the abbreviation i.e. stand for? 14 At which sport does Australian Steven Jeffress excel? 15 Aardvarks are native to which continent? 16 Which Australian cricketer recently made his highest first-class score of 243 not out? 17 What colour is an amethyst? 18 Eid al-Fitr is the final day of which festival? 19 Is a bunyip real or mythical? 20 In which year did singer Megan Washington release her debut album? 21 The dachshund dog breed originated in which country? 22 Senator Jacqui Lambie belongs to which political party? 23 In which country is the Owen Stanley Range? 24 Who carried the Australian flag at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games opening ceremony? 25 What do you call the orange section of a scallop? 26 In which sport does Australias Sakio Bika excel? 27 What term is applied to a 40-all score in tennis? 28 Is diabetes type 1 or 2 related to lifestyle? 29 Are numbats real or mythical? 30 Which female tennis player is seeded No.1 in the US Open? Aries Mar21-Apr20 Cancer Jun23-Jul23 Libra Sep24-Oct23 Capricorn Dec22-Jan20 Taurus Apr21-May21 Leo Jul24-Aug23 Scorpio Oct24-Nov22 Aquarius Jan21-Feb19 Gemini May22-Jun22 Todays Solutions Virgo Aug24-Sep23 Sagittarius Nov23-Dec21 Pisces Feb20-Mar20 This week brings a work crisis. This could be with things going wrong for you but more likely it will be new work and the end of the old routines. This is not a welcome change for you, you like things to be stable. Relationships: With Venus and Jupiter in your angle of love and romance, there has to be opportunities to show how Aries is one of the active and enthusiastic lovers of the zodiac. Today and Thursday look good. Money: Small gains. Health: Feeling fit. The new moon on Tuesday brings a point of departure which somehow relates to children or babies. For some this is a new bubba, for others its the announcement of an upcoming birth. Either of these is good news. Relationships: These stars also bring splendid vibes for love and romance so if you have been lacking in this department lately, take heart because things will improve considerably. Start as you mean to continue. Money: Some gains. Health: Pretty fit. Most of your thinking will revolve around your home and things to do with your home. For some twins this means thinking of moving, for others it means making major alterations. Bathroom alterations can be a trial. Relationships: You have good stars for love and romance but you will have to work on this. There wont be the warmth here you would like but this can be corrected with a little commonsense from you. So take care. Money: More outgoings. Health: Cuts or burns. Much of your time will be taken up with relatives and neighbours but mostly relatives. Usually when I see the stars you have now I think of parties where you entertain relatives. Could this mean a birthday party? Relationships: There will be action in your love life but mostly you will be interested in relationships with relatives. With these stars there could be a get-together which will be fun and create lasting memories. Money: Going out. Health: The legs again. The new moon on Tuesday will bring a heavy emphasis on money matters. This is where you have to look to your millions and make sure they arent just whittled away with hidden expenses you neither want nor need. Relationships: There is little happening in your angle of love and romance so you neednt expect to spend your week floating in a mist of post orgasmic euphoria. Not that you would say no to such a happy state. Money: Looking good. Health: The back. The new moon on Tuesday falls in your sign. This will bring new conditions into your life. For some virgins these will be major conditions but mostly its a litany of little things. You can handle the little things. Relationships: Neptune in your angle of intimacy will be activated late this week, mostly on Saturday. This is pretty good for you so you will be pleased with life. Another chance to throw off that Ice Maiden image. Money: Take care. Health: The tummy. 1 The King and I. 2 Wayne Swan. 3 Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority. 4 Oscar Hammerstein II. 5 Equal Employment Opportunity. 6 Collingwood. 7 Seven. 8 South Sudan. 9 Fish. 10 John Robertson. 11 United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation. 12 New Zealand All Blacks. 13 That is. 14 Golf. 15 Africa. 16 Phil Hughes. 17 Purple. 18 Ramadan. 19 Mythical. 20 2010. 21 Germany. 22 Palmer United Party. 23 Papua New Guinea. 24 Anna Meares. 25 Roe. 26 Boxing. 27 Deuce. 28 Diabetes type 2. 29 Real. 30 Serena Williams. Across: 1 Piper, 4 Bellhop, 8 Goner, 11 Abandon, 12 Shortcoming, 14 Tweak, 16 Entice, 17 Ark, 18 Haughty, 19 Wise guy, 21 Unbelief, 23 Larvae, 27 Picador, 28 Icebox, 29 Flag, 30 Dull, 31 Rodent, 32 Haulage, 35 Argued, 36 Trade-off, 38 Stays on, 41 Rebirth, 43 Own, 44 Grocer, 46 Creed, 48 Storyteller, 49 Oregano, 50 Sated, 51 Dryness, 52 Rarer. Down: 1 Plateau, 2 Plant, 3 Ridiculed, 4 Bunt, 5 Losers, 6 Hook, 7 Patchy, 8 Globular, 9 Neigh, 10 Rugby league, 13 Hake, 15 Waif, 19 Weirdos, 20 Gazette, 22 Backlog, 24 Volcano, 25 Siberia, 26 Foghorn, 27 Podiatrists, 33 Underwear, 34 Betrayed, 36 Tone, 37 Fervour, 38 Shield, 39 Yore, 40 Swerve, 42 Bloat, 45 Chair, 46 Clay, 47 Dogs. The stars this week throw a lot of light on things from the past. You will see how some of the things you have been blaming yourself for are not really your fault but the fault of people who show little good taste. Relationships: There will be some minor ups and downs in this part of your life. This is where something which has always been there but has never been a problem will suddenly become a problem and you must act. Money: Hefty expenses. Health: The feet. The new moon this week falls in your angle of hopes and wishes. This means you get something you want. This is no big deal but its nice for the little things to work out for you. Now you can rethink your routine. Relationships: Neptune in your angle of love and romance brings pretty good vibes, especially late in the week. This is where you have a chance to spread your wings and show how Scorpionic you can be when you try. Money: Small gains. Health: The eyes. The new moon on your Midheaven brings a nice boost to your ego and general prestige. They might not carry you shoulder high through the streets but people will admire you and you will feel you deserve their praise. Relationships: Uranus in your angle of romance will bring spontaneous action in this part of your life. This will be nice because the archer doesnt like things to be organised in this area. Spontaneity is the go. Money: Incoming. Health: The feet. This week emphasises a couple of things. One is religion or religious ceremonies and the other is travel interstate or overseas. There will also be talk of training schemes. Which is it to be: travel or training? Relationships: You will be keen for something special to happen in this part of your life but alas you will dream more than you will do so dont be too dismayed if your dreams dont become a reality just now. Money: Sudden expenses. Health: The arms. Your main concern will be finances, especially joint funds. With these stars it is likely you will dip into the joint funds to finance some sort of enterprise or special cost. Dont let the costs run away on you. Relationships: When you have Venus and Jupiter in your angle of intimacy as you have had for a while you can expect sudden and pleasant events in your love life. Try to remember this and stay close to your beloved. Money: Looking good. Health: The knees. The new moon on Tuesday falls in your angle of partnerships. This means now is the time to work with people. We know you prefer to be the Lone Ranger but sometimes this doesnt work. Now is the time for team work. Relationships: There are good stars for intimacy. This is where you show the fish is not cold-blooded after all. Your problem is you might tend to overreact to certain situations Pisceans do tend to overreact. Money: A bit short. Health: Feeling fit. Answers, this page Solution No. 2821 FTOPOTENT REPORTERIA TRIOUTFIT RETRACTSLV EIREVERES CONDONESE IAV PODISPOSE ETERNALAR OINEGATIVE FRIGIDARI SIEPISODES POUNDSTND Todays Sudoku SolutionCryptic Crossword Solution Quiz Solution Regular Crossword Solution To enter, simply visit ntnews.com.au/competitions and enter your details along with the codeword: Bookworm The Sunday Territorian has 5 mixed book packs to give away to our lucky readers. Each pack will have 3 books and cover an array of authors and diferent genres. Theres something for everyone to make the most of a lazy weekend! NEED SOME TIME OUT? Entries close 11:59pm Tuesday 26th August. *For full terms and conditions, visit ntnews.com.au/competitions. 32191.v

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