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Sunday Territorian 20 Jul 2014


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46 HOROSCOPES SUNDAY JULY 20 2014 NTNE01Z01MA - V1 Stars 1 Where was Tour de France cyclist Richie Porte born? 2 Which FIFA World Cup team did David Luiz vice-captain? 3 Ronan Keating is a judge on which TV talent show? 4 Whose autobiography, The Never Ending Story, will be published this year? 5 Who was the second man to set foot on the moon? 6 New politician Ricky Muir sits in which house in the Australian parliament? 7 What position does Peta Credlin hold on Tony Abbotts staff? 8 The Lancet is a journal associated with which profession? 9 Yoda features in which famous film series? 10 What does the acronym ASIO stand for? 11 Acrophobia is a fear of what? 12 Whose portrait won this years Archibald Packing Room prize? 13 Who wrote the Australian novel Tears of the Moon? 14 Giambattista Valli is associated with which industry? 15 Beatrice was the muse of which early renaissance poet? 16 In financial terms what does ASX stand for? 17 Which religious organisation was founded by William Booth? 18 Which of the Strauss family wrote The Blue Danube Waltz? 19 What was the name of Elvis Presleys home? 20 Sucre is the capital of which country? 21 Who won the 2014 FIFA World Cups Best Player of the Tournament? 22 In which Australian city is the wellknown Flower Drum Palace restaurant? 23 What year was the Battle of Hastings? 24 What does the acronym GST stand for? 25 What brand of vehicle is a Kombi? 26 Is Milford Sound in New Zealands North or South Island? 27 What is singer Lordes real name? 28. Who recorded the hit song Youre The Voice? 29 What colour is a Maltese cat? 30 How old is Harry Potter in J.K. Rowlings online epilogue to the book series? Aries Mar21-Apr20 Cancer Jun23-Jul23 Libra Sep24-Oct23 Capricorn Dec22-Jan20 Taurus Apr21-May21 Leo Jul24-Aug23 Scorpio Oct24-Nov22 Aquarius Jan21-Feb19 Gemini May22-Jun22 Todays Solutions Virgo Aug24-Sep23 Sagittarius Nov23-Dec21 Pisces Feb20-Mar20 There is a good deal of activity around you but most of it seems to be coming to an end. This will make space for some of the things you want to start, possibly before next month. You need to rethink some factors. Relationships: This week offers some interesting vibes. Mid-week brings an opportunity to express yourself as most Aries do. Your only barrier here is a tendency to be a little too impatient. So slow down. Money: Small gains. Health: Fair enough. There will be a good deal of talk about or to relatives. It is possible someone will have a birthday and you need to do some organising. Just as well the bull is expert at organising. Dont try to do it all solo. Relationships: There seems to be a slight chilliness in your intimate relationships. Nothing much, just a coolness which is hard to overcome if you want to do what the bull does so well, whatever that might be. Money: On home. Health: Cuts or burns. There seems to be minor blockages with money matters. Maybe you need to buy something pretty major and you cant get at your savings or other monies which are tied up. Could this be the cosmos saying think again? Relationships: The first part of the week favours love and romance but after that things go quiet and no amount of talking or romantic gestures will smooth the path. Sometimes patience really is a virtue. Money: Looking good. Health: An old problem. Things are going well with people offering their expertise and you doing what you know will get you over the line. This week sees the beginning of a new and exciting enterprise. Things will never be quite the same. Relationships: For some Cancerians the new enterprise involves love and a new life dawning. Mostly though your relationships are pretty stable with you giving and receiving love and affection to make it a happy week. Money: Improving. Health: The neck or shoulders Early in the week you will spend time kicking yourself for something you did and cant undo. Regretting the past is an exercise in futility which you realise and move on. This brings a new way of looking at things. Relationships: You will have pleasant fantasies about your relationships which is nice but it is nicer for you to turn those fantasies into reality. This is not as difficult as it seems so do what must be done. Money: Extra coming. Health: The back. You start the week sorting out financial matters. Usually the stars you have bring some disturbing information; perhaps the tide is lower than you thought so you cant buy much. Looks like a new budget coming up. Relationships: There will be some intensity in your closer relationships. Nothing to worry about but it might be wise to tread gently to avoid hurting the feelings of those you see as being a little too sensitive. Money: On travel. Health: Watch weight. 1 Launceston, Tasmania. 2 Brazil. 3 The X Factor. 4 Molly Meldrum. 5 Buzz Aldrin. 6 Senate. 7 Chiefof-staff. 8 Medicine. 9 Star Wars. 10 Australian Security Intelligence Organisation. 11 High places. 12 Sir Les Patterson. 13 Di Morrissey. 14 Fashion. 15 Dante. 16 Australian Securities Exchange. 17 Salvation Army. 18 Johann Strauss II. 19 Graceland. 20 Bolivia. 21 Lionel Messi. 22 Melbourne. 23 1066. 24 Goods and services tax 25 Volkswagen. 26 South. 27 Ella Yelich-OConnor. 28 John Farnham. 29 Bluish-grey. 30 34. Across: 1 Mucus, 4 Upwards, 8 Pop up, 11 Sommelier, 12 Sprinkler, 13 Plod, 14 Nice, 15 Mooched, 17 Runt, 20 Truancy, 21 Appendix, 22 Rasher, 25 Maestro, 26 Benchmark, 30 Lob, 31 All thumbs, 34 Colombo, 36 Laddie, 38 Commando, 40 Sputnik, 41 Comb, 44 Unscrew, 46 Loin, 47 Biro, 49 Prompting, 50 Seaplanes, 51 Teeny, 52 Finesse, 53 Pyrex. Down: 1 Mesopotamia, 2 Composure, 3 Seek, 4 Utility room, 5 Worker, 6 Rush in, 7 Strum, 8 Pinhole, 9 Polyhedra, 10 Paradox, 16 Snitch, 18 Ugh, 19 Tare, 23 Salsa, 24 Ebbed, 27 Necessitate, 28 Hold up, 29 Knock for six, 32 Limestone, 33 Bloc, 35 Monsignor, 37 Dam, 38 Crumpet, 39 Atrophy, 42 Oregon, 43 Blasts, 45 Whiff, 48 Flop. You start the week with lots to do and little time in which to do it but about mid-week things quieten down. This will be unexpected because there are still many things to do. Perhaps its time to call the cavalry. Relationships: Things will be slightly bumpy here but not bad enough for you to comment. Smooth things over by using the charms which go with your sign and showing how no matter what happens you still care. Money: A bit short. Health: Feeling well. Pressure is building and things are piling up on you. Theres no way around this except get stuck into whatever must be done and do it as quickly as possible. Then you can relax. Well, in theory you can relax. Relationships: Neptune in your angle of love and romance will introduce magic into your life. To help this along you should set the scene romantically with soft lights and sweet music which is very much a Scorpio thing. Money: Small gains. Health: The tummy. This week the stars will direct your attention to the subtler aspects of your general health. You wonder about doing more exercise and having a better diet. Moderation in all things has always been a good theme. Relationships: Things seem to be running smoothly but suddenly little things will crop up and if you are not careful they will be blown out of all proportion. This then threatens the start of world war three. Money: Stop and think. Health: Sore throats. This is not the time to go it alone in any type of activity. You should try to work with someone who can help you because they have been there, done that and know how to avoid the many pitfalls they encountered. Relationships: You might have to look at your relationships and ask yourself if certain people are fulfilling your needs or if they should be given their marching orders. Dont close all doors too permanently. Money: Help coming. Health: The knees. There is a multitude of things to be done and you are the one selected to do them. Your only problem with doing this stuff is you dont like taking orders but orders will be given and you will have to follow them. Relationships: There are good stars for marriage and intimate relationships, especially late in the week. This is where you can show just how loving you can be but mostly you can be loving without being clinical. Money: Some coming. Health: The eyes. Your primary drive this week is to do what you find pleasurable. Heres where you want to set your own standards and satisfy your needs, especially in some sort of hobby. A good time for going to the theatre. Relationships: The good news is there are splendid stars for love and romance. Now might be a good time to show just how loving the fish can be and how adept at showing your loving side making this a happy week. Money: Improving. Health: The feet. Answers, this page Solution No. 2816 ATIRADEYCR RRNEONATES EDICTSGRA SAUNIVERSE TENDERSO LEIMPOSING ENER SAUSAGESTA DKTOUCAN LACERATERD GWDREBATE LITERATEAU ORMDANGER Todays Sudoku SolutionCryptic Crossword Solution Quiz Solution Regular Crossword Solution Weve got your full weekend of footy action covered with the latest results, ladders, highlights and Supercoach scores. Every Monday in the NT News 23478.V Dont miss the monDay wrap up!

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