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Inquiry into Stella Maris : 2014



Inquiry into Stella Maris : 2014


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The online version is unique in that it uses references to a 'time point' extensively in the footnotes in the report. When reading the report online, the reader can click on the footnote and link to the relevant audio recording. This takes the reader to a specific 'time point' within the recording. To listen to the complete audio recording, the reader can click on the relevant link in the bibliography. Cover title.

Biographical notes

Includes bibliographical references (pages 88-95).


The inquiry was established to look into the gifting of the $3 million Stella Maris site in Darwin to Unions NT by the former Labor government has recommended the organisation's claim on the site be immediately relinquished. The Inquiry into Stella Maris report was handed to the Administrator on 26 May 2014 and tabled in the Legislative Assembly of the Northern Territory on 19 June 2014.; Made available via the Publications (Legal Deposit) Act 2004 (NT).

Table of contents

Instrument of appointment -- Schedule -- Acknowledgements -- Executive summary -- Recommendations and findings -- Terms of reference 1-7 -- Bibliography -- Appendixes A-H.; inquiry-into-stella-maris-report.pdf -- stella maris inquiry - commissioner's biography.pdf -- (3) ms leah clifford.mp3 -- (3) ms clare martin.mp3 -- (1) ms delia lawrie.mp3 -- (4) father malcolm fyfe.mp3 -- (2) mr maurice o'riordan.mp3 -- stella maris inquiry-jamey_robertson.pdf -- stella maris inquiry.pdf -- (5) mr richard hancock.mp3 -- (4) mr michael cook.mp3 -- (2) mr david ritchie.mp3 -- (2) mr trevor horman.mp3 -- stella maris inquiry-leslie fern.pdf -- (1) mr alan paton.mp3 -- (2) mr matthew gardiner.mp3 -- stella maris inquiry - diana rickard.pdf -- (6) mr mark smith.mp3 -- (3) rod applegate.mp3 -- planning_action_network_submission.pdf -- (7) reverend keith joseph.mp3 -- (1) mr gerry mccarthy.mp3 -- stella maris inquiry - matthew gardiner.pdf -- appointment_of_comissioner.pdf -- (1) mr mark harris.mp3 -- (3) mr michael wells.mp3 -- stella maris inquiry - garry lourensz.pdf -- stella maris inquiry - rob wesley-smith.pdf -- submission by ms lawrie and mr mccarthy 10.03.2014.pdf -- halfpennys submissio.pdf -- (2) ms malarndirri mccarthy.mp3 -- (1) mr peter shepherd.mp3 -- (3) mr adam lampe.mp3 -- (1) ms elizabeth close.mp3 -- (1) mr gerry mccarthy.mp3 -- stella maris inquiry - terms of reference.pdf -- (5) ms margaret clinch.mp3 -- (3) mr michael wells.mp3 -- (1) opening statement from commissioner john lawler.mp3 -- (1) ms anne tan.mp3 -- (4) mr ted richardson.mp3 -- (1) mr terry lawler.mp3 -- (2) mr don zoellner.mp3 -- (1) mr rob knight.mp3 -- (5) ms jodie ryan.mp3 -- (1) mr wolf loenneker.mp3 -- (3) mr peter shepherd.mp3 -- (2) mr john banks.mp3 -- (6) mr chris hosking.mp3 -- (5) mr david money.mp3 -- stella maris inquiry - dean summers.pdf -- (3) mr ian fraser.mp3 -- (6) mr mark harris.mp3 -- (1) ms leah clifford.mp3 -- (2) ms delia lawrie.mp3 -- (5) ms jackie stanger.mp3 -- (2) mr konstantine vatskalis.mp3 -- (1) mr paul henderson.mp3 -- (1) mr christopher burns.mp3 -- (1) mr john coleman.mp3 -- (4) mr wolf loenneker.mp3 -- supplementary_statement_matthew_gardiner.pdf -- (2) ms angela collard.mp3 -- (1) mr brad mciver.mp3 -- (4) ms julie nicholson.mp3




Public buildings -- Northern Territory -- Darwin; Historic buildings -- Northern Territory -- Darwin; Darwin -- Buildings, Structures, Etc; Stella Maris Hostel (Darwin, N.T.)

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Northern Territory Government

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Reports, documents and recording; 166 pages ; 30 cm

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9780646922065; 0646922068


Attribution International 4.0 (CC BY 4.0)

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Northern Territory Government



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