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The Northern Territory news Wed 9 Jul 2014

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WEDNESDAY JULY 9 2014 OPINION 13 V1 - NTNE01Z01MA NO I dont think it is. I think its comparable with prices down south. CRAIG HUMPHRIS, MOULDEN NO But you pay for the service you receive. Its all about supply and demand. Sure its expensive up here, but I dont think its exorbitant. RENEE ALEXANDER, HUMPTY DOO NO People say it is, but I havent had to go to a doctor since I moved here. SHREE KANDEL, DARWIN CITY NOT SURE It would be if you dont have a Medicare card. My younger sister was in a car crash and her recovery was really expensive. Insurance didnt cover it. BRAD DAVIES, KARAMA Speak Up: Is healthcare too expensive in the Territory? NOT SURE I was paying about $70 down south. Prescriptions are annoying youve really got to be careful where you go. LUCY CREED, DARWIN CITY LETTER OF THE DAY Stake claim to tourism dollars TOURISM beyond the east coast and Sydney will lag as long as Sydneys commercial power continues. All regions find the going tough and get little support from Tourism Australia. Our great land has much to offer international tourists but it is sadly mostly via Sydney. Our iconic places that are truly Australian get little investment or support. It has been all too easy to allow Sydney to take all the focus, and the best and rest of our land just gets by. We are about much more than a bridge and opera house when it comes to marketing our great land. There is life after Sydney. Places in many regional centres need investment for remarkable sites and locations. It is time regions demanded far more for tourism. It is time councils were challenged to change restrictive ways. Many places like the remarkable Mungo go by with little or no knowledge of their very existence. NSW ignores the west of its state when it comes to tourism that is worthy of far more attention. If our Outback and Top End and other fine sites were supported and invested in, perhaps indigenous people would be trained and proud to be part of tourism around culture and tradition and the remarkable places and locations of many communities that sit in stunning places. Stuart Davie, Mildura Evie Sprite sports a golden glow as she gets up close and personal with some handmade golden jellyfish, for sale at the Dragonfly Craft Fair at Tactile Arts Picture: AARON BURTON ON RACIST SPRAY FROM BOUNCER So this story is about 1 man being racist, but how many comments on this story are racist towards white? Time for everyone to grow up, and be a bit more sensible as you have just labelled all whites as racists, whilst screaming how dare you be labelled. I have never called anyone else names, and yet you are here calling me names!! All stories have 2 sides, no matter who you are! Time for us all to be come one, not who was here first or last or newest or oldest? We are defending a newcomer who has only been Aussie for a few months, whilst attacking whites who have been here for many more, no different to Aboriginal who have been here for more as well??? Come on Aussies, Fair Go For All, no matter what colour!!!! Because until multicolours stop attacking whites, and whites stop attacking multicolour, where is Australia, the lucky country heading???? One Group of Darwin To shout that non whites arent Aussies is a clear sign of ignorance, lack of education and racism. This racist bouncer should know that his forefathers would have come from somewhere to this country which was once a non-white country and belonged to Aboriginals. Now all of us call Australia home. Recently these racist acts which have been in our society caught wider public attention due to social media. Government should act promptly and wisely not only to teach this culprit bouncer a les son but also make sure to stop these types of incidents in future. What would a so called white Aussie think when the Aboriginals shout at him, Leave our lands and go back to the country you came from... Food for thought. Peace out. Seamus of Australia Dont worry mate. You are one of us. Smith11 of Darwin The Chief Minister of the NT is indigenous and Lord Mayor of Darwin Chinese. Wonder Come on Aussies, Fair Go For All, no matter what colour!!!! SEE BELOW ON EVERYTHING On the fellow that copped that racist rant from da bouncer. Sorry mate. U are more welcome here than the bloke dishin out those awful comments. Thats unAustralian. Time for referendum on personal fireworks. Community is divided. On RDH parking. Ace it up, RDH. Improve the lighting you have the budget and upgrade your security contract to cover all areas of your campus. Shy Scribe Paul from Darwin is ABSOLUTELY sure that Pakistan has a caste system. India does. It is a Hindu system, not Islamic. I am absolutely sure Paul is wrong. Wayne, Winnellie So disappointed to have my suspicions confirmed about the deliberate push back against the renewable energy sector by this extremist Liberal gov. Just like Menzies & How ard, Abbott will have no vision but that of short term for a few at the expense of our countrys future. Hey Abbott! If u cant Budget, just Fudge-it. Chris, Anula Cactus you may pay private health and smoke but when you are acutely unwell and need medical attention straight away, bet you go to a public hospital. Butt out. Solar energy vs NT gov laws that limit and stop any household from being fully sufficient to operate totally off the grid. There is one fundamentally simple answer to slow or stop renewable energy advancing. That is lower the cost of grid pwr to a realistic affordable price and sell more of the product grid pwr. To stop a household from being totally solar dependent is a corrupt government agenda. Saltie grabs feeders hand! Maybe hes cranky cos hes COLD! I thought salties lived in tropics, not in Nowra. Scooper hrdsp Who is responsible for cleaning toilets at Coolalinga shop ping centre? Had to use Monday morning disgusting! Needs monitoring. Would hate to have to take a child in there. Julie Freerange Bus privatisation; I stopped using buses and car pool after being injured twice by drunks who were allowed on Darwin buses. Does this mean drivers will actually refuse anti-social patrons entry? Doubt it. Fall down, staggering, abusive drunks seem 2B considered normal here. Jenny, Durack Saltie grabs feeders hand! Maybe hes cranky cos hes COLD! SEE BELOW PICK OF THE PICS what that bouncers intellectual view of that would be? NT Dave of Tennant Creek Mr Haider, you are brave and courageous. I really admire you. Jane of Alice Springs I totally support you Mr Haider. Racism has no place in this country. Wanda of Katherine I am appalled at the stupidity of this bouncer. Jasmine of Darwin