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The Northern Territory news Wed 9 Jul 2014

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MONDAY JUNE 9 2014 NEWS 03 V1 - NTNE01Z01MA TIMELINE TO TRAGEDY APPROXIMATELY 3PM SATURDAY: A 62-year-old male was attacked and dragged into the water in front of his family at the Flying Fox Waterhole on the South Alligator River 5:10PM: The call to emergency services was made from Gagudju Lodge in Cooinda, a 40km drive through rough terrain SATURDAY NIGHT: Police and Kakadu National Park Rangers conducted spotlight searches through the night SUNDAY NIGHT: The search continues for the body of the second crocodile, believed to be about 4.5 metres APPROXIMATELY NOON, SUNDAY: Two Crocodiles were shot. Human remains were found in a 4.63m crocodile What youre saying ConDoLenCes Kylie Taylor sad beyond words Mike Randall riP old mate Wendy Jayne so, so sad for the family. it must have been terrifying. thinking of you all. Joan Costello Feel so sorry for all the family ... rangers police etc. r.i.P. Vicki Goudie Very sad day for all involved, riP old mate love to your family , and yes we will all still fish those waters as these are the best fishing and picturesque places in the country Michelle Press Condolences to his family and friends and my thoughts go out to the rangers and police who searched for him Dion Alcock rip matey condolences to all friends and family involved Andrea Tonkin our love and thoughts go out to the family Nicole Lovegrove Poor bloke poor family! terrible tragedy Kobe Barrett thoughts are with family Shayna Anderson thoughts and prayers for the family Rosanne Rowlings so sad for all concerned Raighne Ross Hearn-Renshaw Condolences to the family involved! top fella and will be miss by all! riP mate my heart goes out to family and friends in this tough time Farah Dilla so tragic.. Condolences to the family Mary Birkett Condolences to the family involved Carly Charters thinking of his family. especially those that witnessed it. horrible. Leonie Mcdonald Very sad. In shock but it wont stop them wetting a line TERRITORIAN fishos are shocked after Friday nights crocodile attack. Corroboree Park Tavern manager Mitch Bathis said the grave topic has been on the tip of most fishos tongues. They cant believe its happened. Theyre very shocked, Mr Bathis said. While the tragic event hasnt put anyone off the sport, Mr Bathis said its made people more aware of the risks of fishing in crocodile infested waters. People go out and dont think about it. It hasnt scared anyone off fishing. They know what the water is like. People that come out here, theyve come here for years. Theyve learnt to fish with the crocodile. They have got to become one with the crocodile. In 2011 Kevin Eccles was ad mitted to hospital after being savaged by a crocodile. A 2.5m croc jumped out of the water and latched on to his shoulder while he was sitting in his 4.5m boat. Mr Eccles had to poke the creature in the eye to force it to let go. Police search the remote stretch of the South Alligator River where human remains were found Picture: MICHAEL FRANCHI Family seeks help FOR a fleeting moment the serene campground beside a secluded waterhole outside Cooinda in Kakadu National Park was chaos. A group of campers had been set up since morning, enjoying the picturesque yet untouchable stream that in the wet season weaves towards the South Alligator River. At about 4pm, two women suddenly arrived. They were just frantic, thats all I can say, one of the campers said. They came asking for a satellite phone but we couldnt help. We asked if they needed first aid and they just said No, its too late, hes gone. The women are believed to be the wife and daughter-inlaw of a 62-year-old man taken by a monster South Alligator saltie another hour along the rough track out of Cooinda. The drive to the campers, and ultimately to Gagudju Lodge, would have been two hours of hell. The road, if it can be called that, from Flying Fox to the stream is punctuated by gaping 4WD-only holes and water. From there to Cooinda, it is dusty red gravel. The secluded patch of South Alligator where the man was taken is not the sort of spot found by tourists or inexperienced day-trippers. Sergeant Andrew Hocking explained the family, which included the mans son, had been too emotional to provide police statements. The man was in a boat, and police confirmed he had not been swimming. It is believed he was emptying or washing a bucket over the side. News of the attack spread quickly to Gagudju Lodge, where guests were assured the tragedy was nowhere near the popular Yellow Waters boat ramp. Police and the highly skilled Kakadu Rangers worked fast, shooting dead within 24 hours two salties about 1.5km from where the man was taken. Only one had been recovered yesterday; inside were human remains. The family, believed to be from Darwin, have been afforded the chance to bury their loved one. ZACH HOPE We asked if they needed first aid and they just said No, its too late, hes gone.