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The Northern Territory news Wed 9 Jul 2014

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MONDAY JUNE 9 2014 NEWS 05 V1 - NTNE01Z01MA WHAT YOURE SAYING CUll OR NO CUll Kaz Norton Stupid stupid stupid! Go fish in a barra farm and leave the crocs alone? WTF? Cull the crocs and return the territory to the magnificent outdoor experience it used to be!!!! Syl Mavros Theres too many crocs this impacts not only on other wildlife but also the safety of people in those communities. We put down dogs and cats all the time for far lesser convienences. I would shoot as many as i needed to, to find and bury the remains of my loved one. lose someone to a croc then you can have some sence of the importance of culling especially man and livestock eaters. lets keep it a little real. Quieta Liana Bail Such an awful thing to happen... But I dont understand the justice in killing every crocodile we see... Daryl Downard Why did they shoot them.... Teesha Roberts Imagine if that was your family member out there... Wouldnt you do anything and everything to get them back, no matter what the outcome is?! So so sad for his family but at least now they can say a proper goodbye and get some closure... Kim Hall How can people feel sorry for the croc? What about this poor man and his family? Jill McKerchar Kinang Dare I mention the C word, CUll. Us old time Darwinites have very fond memories of being able to swim just about anywhere. I could see at first the reason to ban shooting crocs but now a cull is NECESSARY. Its not about killing the species or denying them their habitat its about shared spaces and controlling numbers. A sane, reasoned and NON-emotional approach is needed on this issue. We share this planet with all sorts of animals, its our space too. When an animal is as dangerous as a croc then something has to be done. Jonathan Holly Wood Koch They need to be culled in sensible numbers I bet if the croc loving people had one of there family members taken they wouldnt be saying nah it was there own fault shouldnt have been fishing in a boat in that area. Kaz Norton Croc lovers! Do you know the crocodylus park kills masses of crocs every month? MeanWhile real Territorials get the necessarily cull of crocs in the wild underway. Lynda Bennett Stone Culling is in no way the answer all this would do is create a false sense if security. This accident is unprecedented, Ive seen just how brazen they are in this river towards boats, accident, this was a tragic accident A safety sign warns of the serious danger that crocodiles pose to people in Kakadu National Park THE Territory Government has ruled out implementing a saltwater crocodile cull despite the latest fatal attack against a human. Crocodiles have been protected in the Territory since 1971, after hunting of the species, Crocodylus porosus, left what the Federal Government estimates was as few as 3000 animals. Now they believe there are about 100,000 in the Territory alone but concede that some believe there could be between 100,000 and 200,000. Territory Parks and Wildlife Minister Bess Price said in a statement yesterday the Government would not be changing its policy on culls. The Northern Territory Government has a crocodile management plan in place and identified problem crocodiles are frequently removed, Ms Price said. There are no plans to introduce widespread crocodile culling. As is always the way, after a person is killed, some people say there needs to be a cull. It is always one of the first discussion points on Facebook. On the NT News Facebook page Gemma Nicolson commented that it Sounds like they may have to cull them again. I used to swim there when I was younger, but it was a lot safer to in those days. While Philomena Chisholm said she loved fishing but this is getting out of control. Please lets just do a little culling. Under the existing crocodile management plan, the NT Government is able to harvest up to 500 crocodiles from the wild each year. They move hundreds of crocodiles each year caught in traps or specifically caught because they are becoming a problem in areas where humans live. The Federal Government in March rejected a crocodile safari plan. Safari hunting has had long-term local political support from both the current CLP Government and the former Labor Government. The safari proposal sought to harvest 50 crocodiles from within the existing quota on a one-year trial basis. It was suggested that crocodile safari packages could cost between $20,000 to $50,000, appealing to high-end hunters from around the world seeking to bag themselves a croc. Thumbs down on cull By DAVID WOOD Fishos turn tail after outboard takes a bite A FISHING guide has described the moment a crocodile attacked his outboard motor last week. Vision Sportfishing owner Ben Currell said he had two southerners on board when fishing late Tuesday afternoon at Shady Camp billabong, about 95km slightly southeast of Darwin. They were catching plenty of fish, and then the commotion from all the fish at tracted the crocodile over, he said. Its pretty normal for that to happen. He just started shadowing us for a while and every time wed catch a fish hed come over. He began coming in quite close and laying against the boat, so I had to get my clients to sit down for a while while we motored away from him. About 100 to 200m is normally enough. We were catching more fish at the next spot, which had him coming after us. He was showing a little bit of interest and coming up alongside the boat and just eyeballing us. I started the motor to get away from him again and he turned, shadowing us again, and turned his head and bit down on the motor. That prompted me to move a little further away. He said the 3.5m saltie gave up after that. It wasnt overly concerning to me but I certainly realised he was in a bit of a mood and didnt want us to be there. The clients were fairly awe-struck by it. They are from Victoria and they dont see any crocodiles, it was a pretty amazing thing having one hanging around that close to the boat. Ive never had one chew on my motor before. Ben Currell had a crocodile attack the outboard on his boat Advertisement Could This Help Your Arthritis?