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The Northern Territory news Wed 9 Jul 2014



The Northern Territory news Wed 9 Jul 2014

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Community newspapers -- Northern Territory -- Darwin; Australian newspapers -- Northern Territory -- Darwin

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(R, CC) Hosted by Bradley Walsh. 4.00 News At 4. (CC) 5.00 Deal Or No Deal. (R, CC) Hosted by Andrew OKeefe. 5.30 Million Dollar Minute. (CC) 6.00 News. (CC) 9.00 ABC News. (CC) 10.00 Behind The News. (CC) 10.35 La Mappa Misteriosa. (R, CC) 11.00 Four Corners. (R, CC) 11.45 Media Watch. (PG, R, CC) 12.00 News. (CC) 1.00 Q&A. (R, CC) 2.00 Pohs Kitchen On The Road. (R, CC) 2.30 Randling. (Ml, R, CC) 3.00 Last Of The Summer Wine. (R, CC) 3.30 Agatha Christies Miss Marple. (PG, R, CC) 5.00 News: Early Edition. (CC) 5.30 The Drum. (CC) 6.00 WorldWatch. 6.30 Chinese News. 7.00 Hindi News. 7.25 Italian News. 8.05 Filipino News. 8.40 French News. 9.30 Greek News. 10.30 German News. 11.00 Spanish News. 12.00 Arabic News. 12.30 Turkish News. 1.00 MOVIE: The Recipe. (Ml, R) (2010) 2.50 Man And Cat. 3.00 France 24 International News. (CC) 3.30 Al Jazeera News. (CC) 4.00 The Journal. (CC) 4.30 PBS NewsHour. (CC) 5.30 Global Village. (CC) 6.00 Ready Steady Cook. (R, CC) 7.00 Ent. Tonight. (CC) 7.30 Bold. (R, CC) 8.00 Jamies Thirty Minute Meals. (R, CC) 8.30 Studio 10. (PG, CC) 11.00 MasterChef Aust. (PG, R, CC) 12.00 Dr Phil. (Mad, CC) 1.00 The Doctors. (PGm, CC) 2.00 Come Date With Me. (PG, R, CC) 2.30 Jamies Thirty Minute Meals. (R, CC) 3.00 Judge Judy. (PG, CC) 3.30 Ent. Tonight. (R, CC) 4.00 Everyday Gourmet. (CC) 4.30 Bold. (CC) 5.00 News. (CC) 6.00 News. (CC) 6.30 A Current Affair. (CC) 7.00 The Big Bang Theory. (PGs, R, CC) 9.00 when Love Comes To Town. (PG, CC) The remaining girls head to Cobram on the Murray River in the hope of finding the one. 12.00 20/20. (CC) News and current affairs program. 1.00 Extra. (R, CC) Entertainment news program. 1.30 Danoz Direct. Home shopping. 2.00 Nopalea. (CC) Home shopping. 2.30 TV Shop: Home Shopping. Infomercials. 3.00 Danoz Direct. Home shopping. 3.30 Good Morning America. (CC) News and talk show. 5.00 Early Morning News. (CC) 5.30 Today. (CC) 6.00 News. (CC) 7.00 Home And Away. (PG, CC) Kyle faces an impossible dilemma. 7.30 House rules. (PG, CC) Hosted by Johanna Griggs. 8.45 What Really Happens In Bali. (Mal, CC) Three mates on holiday become involved in a highrisk version of horse racing. 9.45 Hustling America: New York. (PG, CC) (Final) British actor Alex Conran tests himself against the most street-savvy city in the world, New York. 10.45 Botched Up Bodies. (MA15+an, CC) The doctors help fix a boob job. 11.45 The Goldbergs. (PG, R, CC) Follows a family in the 80s. 1.00 Home Shopping. 4.00 NBC Today. (CC) 5.00 Sunrise Extra. (CC) 5.30 Early News. (CC) 6.00 Hockey. (CC) World Cup. Highlights. From The Hague, Netherlands. 6.30 QI. (PG, R, CC) 7.00 News. (CC) 7.30 7.30. (CC) 8.00 Foreign Correspondent. (CC) 8.30 when The beatles drove Us wild. (Mls, CC) 9.30 At The Movies. (PG, CC) 10.00 Birdman: The Art Of William T. Cooper. (CC) 10.30 Lateline. (CC) 11.05 The Business. (R, CC) 11.30 Four Corners. (R, CC) 12.15 Media Watch. (PG, R, CC) 12.30 MOVIE: On Dangerous Ground. (Mv, R, CC) (1952) 1.55 MOVIE: Joan Of Paris. (R, CC) (1942) 3.30 Rugby Union. (CC) Shute Shield. Round 11. Replay. 5.30 QI. (PG, R, CC) 6.00 Food Safari. (R, CC) Maeve meets chef Guillaume Brahimi. 6.30 World News. (CC) 7.30 Secrets Of The Manor House: Chatsworth. (PG, CC) (US) A look at Chatsworth House. 8.30 Insight. (CC) Australian current affairs forum program, presented by Jenny Brockie. 9.30 Dateline. (CC) International current affairs, presented by Anjali Rao. 10.30 World News Late. 11.00 MOVIE: Once Youre Born You Can No Longer Hide. (Mal, R) (2005) (Italy) 1.05 Ko Ho Nas. (Ml, R, CC) 2.05 MOVIE: Jaffa. (Mal, R) (2009) (Israel) Dana Ivgy, Moni Moshonov, Ronit Elkabetz. 3.55 Play. (PG, R, CC) (France) 5.00 Korean News. 5.35 Japanese News. 6.00 Modern Family. (R, CC) 6.30 The Project. (CC) A look at the days news. 7.30 MasterChef Australia. (PG, CC) A chef competes for immunity. 8.30 nCiS. (Mad, CC) A photographer disappears prior to providing testimony at an army court-martial. 9.30 NCIS: Los Angeles. (CC) (Final) The team uncovers a cartels plan. 10.30 NCIS: Los Angeles. (Mv, R, CC) 11.30 Under The Dome. (Mv, R, CC) 12.30 The Project. (R, CC) 1.30 The Late Show With David Letterman. (PG) 2.30 Shopping. 4.00 James Robison. (PG) 4.30 CBS Morning. (CC) 6.00 Winx Club. 6.30 PAW Patrol. 7.00 Magical Tales. 7.30 Kitchen Whiz. 8.00 Digimon Fusion. 8.30 Tenkai Knights. 9.00 Yu-Gi-Oh! 9.30 Max Steel. 10.00 Power Rangers. 10.30 Batman. 11.00 Yu-Gi-Oh! 12.00 Extra. 12.30 TMZ. 1.00 TMZ Live. 2.00 Top Gear: Burma. 3.00 Extra. 3.30 Tenkai Knights. 4.00 Kids WB. 4.05 Ben 10. 4.30 Scooby-Doo! 5.00 Looney Tunes. 5.30 The Regular Show. 6.00 Adv Time. 6.30 Two And A Half Men. 7.00 Extra. 7.30 Auction Hunters. 8.00 Top Gear Top 41. 9.00 The Big Bang Theory. (PGs, R, CC) 9.30 MoVie: black Knight. (PGv, R, CC) (2001) 11.40 Two And A Half Men. 12.00 Top Gear Top 41. 1.00 Sullivan & Son. 2.00 TMZ Live. 3.00 TMZ. 3.30 Extra. 4.00 Power Rangers. 4.30 Robocar Poli. 4.50 Winx Club. 5.10 Yu-Gi-Oh! 5.30 Thunderbirds. 6.00 Shopping. 7.00 Ghosts Of Time. 7.30 Its Academic. 8.00 Pipsqueaks. 8.30 Harrys Practice. 9.00 Home And Away. 9.30 Shortland St. 10.00 Coronation St. 10.30 Downsize My Pet. 11.00 Dr Oz. 12.00 Homicide. 1.00 City Homicide. 2.00 All Saints. 3.00 Heartbeat. 4.00 Kingswood Country. 4.30 Coronation St. 5.00 Shortland St. 5.30 Homes Under The Hammer. 6.30 Bargain Hunt. 7.30 Cities Of The Underworld. (PG) 8.30 air Crash investigations: Cockpit Failure. (PG, R, CC) Investigates the crash of Crossair Flight 3597. 10.40 Seconds From Disaster. 11.40 When Weather Changed History. 12.40 Downsize My Pet. 1.05 Kingswood Country. 1.30 Harrys Practice. 2.00 Dr Oz. 3.00 Homicide. 4.00 Bargain Hunt. 5.00 Homes Under The Hammer. 6.00 Childrens Programs. 2.20 Guess With Jess. 2.35 Joe & Jack. 2.40 Angelina Ballerina: The Next Steps. 3.00 Igam Ogam. 3.10 Maya The Bee. 3.20 Fireman Sam. 3.35 Shaun The Sheep. 3.45 Arthur. 4.00 Bookaboo. 4.15 Peg + Cat. 4.30 Play School. 5.00 Peppa Pig. 5.05 Bananas In Pyjamas. 5.15 Peppa Pig. 5.20 Big Teds Big Adventure. 5.25 Lets Go Pocoyo. 5.35 Ben And Hollys Little Kingdom. 5.45 Humf. 5.50 Penelope. 6.00 Driver Dans Story Train. 6.15 The Adventures Of Abney & Teal. 6.30 In The Night Garden. 7.00 Spicks And Specks. 7.30 The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. 8.10 The Roast. 8.30 Good Game. 9.00 The Checkout. 9.30 Hard Time. 10.20 Archer. 10.45 Shaun Micallefs MAD AS HELL. 11.05 The Roast. 11.25 Webcam Girls. 12.15 The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. 1.00 Undercover Princesses. 1.55 News Update. 2.00 Close. 6.00 Urdu News. 6.20 Indonesian News. 7.00 Russian News. 7.30 Polish News. 8.00 Dutch News. 8.30 Macedonian News. 9.05 Croatian News. 9.40 Serbian News. 10.20 Portuguese News. 11.05 Japanese News. 11.40 Hong Kong News. 12.00 Chinese News. 12.30 Korean News. 12.55 Italian News. 1.35 German News. 2.05 Spanish News. 3.05 Greek News. 4.05 Globe Trekker. 4.35 Departures. 5.30 Bang Goes The Theory. 6.05 The Office. 6.30 MythBusters. 7.30 The Feed. 8.00 30 Rock. 8.30 Orphan Black. 9.20 The walking dead. (MA15+hv) (Final) 10.10 The Feed. 10.40 Russell Howards Good News. 11.15 MOVIE: The Princess Blade. (2001) 1.00 Tim And Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! 1.15 Ugly Americans. 1.45 MOVIE: Darling. (2007) 3.25 France 24 News From Paris. 5.00 French News. 5.50 Urdu News. 6.00 Shopping. 8.00 Fit N Flexed. 8.30 Omnisport. 9.00 The Road To Rio. 10.00 The Biggest Loser USA. 12.00 Terra Nova. 1.00 Rush. 2.00 Monster Jam. 3.00 Whose Line. 4.00 Get Smart. 4.30 Reel Action. 5.00 iFish. 6.00 M*A*S*H. (PG, R) 7.00 Cops. (PGd, R, CC) 7.30 The Indestructibles. (PGa) 8.30 Cops: Adults Only. (Md, R) Officers patrol the streets of the US. 9.30 ross Kemp on gangs: bulgaria. (MA15+a, R) Ross Kemp pays a visit to Bulgaria to meet some of the local gangs, which include neo-Nazi skinheads. 10.30 48 Hours. (Ma, R) 11.30 Motor Racing. Formula 1. Canadian Grand Prix. Race 7. Replay. 2.00 Terriers. 3.00 Cops: Adults Only. 4.00 Trick My Truck. 4.30 Omnisport. 5.00 Sport Science. 6.00 Friends. 6.30 Skippy. 7.00 Danoz. 8.00 The Baron. 9.00 TV Shop. 10.30 Duncans Thai Kitchen. 11.00 Friends. 12.00 MOVIE: The Night My Number Came Up. (1955) 2.00 Hot In Cleveland. 2.30 A Dream Home Abroad. 3.30 RBT. 4.00 Rapid Response. 4.30 Ellen. 5.30 Peoples Court. 6.30 Friends. (PG, R, CC) 7.30 Customs. (PG, R, CC) Follows Customs officers as they investigate suspected drug traffickers and people smugglers. 8.30 MoVie: Heat. (Mvl, R, CC) (1995) A decorated yet troubled detective pursues an equally devious master criminal across Los Angeles. Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Val Kilmer. 12.00 The Closer. (M, R, CC) 1.00 Dangerman. 2.00 Danoz Direct. 4.30 Enjoying Everyday Life With Joyce Meyer. 5.00 Dangerman. 6.00 Shopping. 7.00 Jake And The Never Land Pirates. 7.30 Austin & Ally. 8.00 Dog With A Blog. 8.30 Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. 9.00 NBC Today. 11.00 Motor Mate. 1.00 T.J. Hooker. 2.00 Starsky & Hutch. 3.00 Charlies Angels. 4.00 Superships. 5.00 Pimp My Ride. 5.30 MythBusters. 6.30 Seinfeld. (PG, R, CC) 7.30 Worlds Craziest Fools. (PGl, R) 8.30 Tattoo nightmares. (Ms, R) Gus scrambles to help a man cover a tragic memory which is haunting him. 9.30 Bogan Hunters. (MA15+sa, CC) Meet a thongthrowing champion. 10.00 Family Guy. (Mv, CC) 11.00 American Dad! 12.00 Lizard Lick Towing. 12.30 SportsFan Clubhouse. 1.30 Superships. 2.30 Is It Real? 3.30 Pimp My Ride. 4.00 Motor Mate. 6.00 Childrens Programs.. 8.05 Stoked. 8.25 Erky Perky. 8.40 Sally Bollywood. 8.50 CJ The DJ. 9.05 Best Ed. 9.15 I Got A Rocket. 9.40 Chuck Finn. 10.05 The Gift. 10.30 Move It Mob Style. 10.55 What Do You Know? 11.20 Escape From Scorpion Island. 11.50 Stay Tuned. 12.05 Steam Punks! 12.30 I Got A Rocket. 12.45 SheZow. 1.00 The Twisted Whiskers Show. 1.15 Slugterra. 1.40 Camp Lakebottom. 1.50 Monk. 1.55 Annoying Orange. 2.10 The Flamin Thongs. 2.25 Stoked. 3.00 Mortified. 3.25 News On 3 Update. 3.30 Prank Patrol. 4.00 Bugged. 4.05 Bolts And Blip. 4.30 Oggy And The Cockroaches. 4.40 Almost Naked Animals. 4.55 Numb Chucks. 5.05 League Of Super Evil. 5.30 Danis House. 6.00 Young Dracula. 6.30 Total Drama World Tour. 7.15 Camp Lakebottom. 7.30 Operation Ouch! 7.55 News On 3. 8.00 Bushwhacked! 8.30 Dance Academy. 8.55 3 On 3. 9.00 Close. 6.00 News. 8.30 ABC News. 11.25 ABC Open. 11.30 News. 12.30 Capital Hill. 1.00 News. 5.00 Grandstand. 5.25 ABC Open. 5.30 News. 8.00 The Business. (CC) 8.25 ABC Open. (R) Stories created by regional Australians through local workshops and online projects. 8.30 News. (CC) 9.00 The Drum. (R, CC) Featuring a panel of journalists and commentators with a diverse range of opinions. 9.30 The world. (CC) National and international news. 10.30 News. 11.00 7.30. 11.30 News. 11.55 Lateline. 12.30 Al Jazeera Newshour. 1.30 BBC Global With Jon Sopel. 2.00 Grandstand. 2.30 Outside Source. 3.00 BBC Focus On Africa. 3.30 Al Jazeera. 4.30 BBC World. 5.00 ABC Open. 5.05 The Business. 5.30 News. 6.00 Toasted TV. 8.00 Totally Wild. 8.30 Toasted Junior. 9.30 Wurrawhy. 10.00 7th Heaven. 11.00 Raymond. 11.30 Frasier. 12.00 Charmed. 1.00 JAG. 2.00 Judging Amy. 3.00 Infomercials. 3.30 Cheers. 4.00 King Of Queens. 4.30 Laverne & Shirley. 5.00 Happy Days. 5.30 Beverly Hills 90210. 6.30 Neighbours. 7.00 Everybody Loves Raymond. 7.30 Rules Of Engagement. (PGs, R) 8.30 new girl. (Ms) Schmidt causes trouble for Nick and Jess. 9.00 The Goodwin Games. (PGs) Chloe is presented with an opportunity. 9.30 To Be Advised. (R) 10.30 Emily Owens M.D. 11.30 The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson. 12.30 Raymond. 1.00 King Of Queens. 1.30 Happy Days. 2.00 7th Heaven. 3.00 Charmed. 4.00 JAG. 5.00 Shopping. CenTraL go! 7Two abC2 SbS 2 one geM 7MaTe abC3 abC newS eLeVen 6.00 Today. 8.30 Danoz Direct. 9.30 Brand Developers. 10.30 News. 11.30 The Ellen DeGeneres Show. 12.30 MOVIE: Love Affair. (1994) Warren Beatty, Annette Bening, Katharine Hepburn. 2.30 News Now. 3.45 News. 5.00 Hot Seat. 5.30 News. 6.30 A Current Affair. 7.00 The Big Bang Theory. 8.30 When Love Comes To Town. 11.30 20/20. 12.30 Extra. 1.00 Brand Developers. 3.00 Good Morning America. 4.30 Early Morning News. 5.00 Today. iMParJa 6.00 Morning Programs. 12.00 Ailan Kores. 1.00 Ailan Kores Concert. 2.30 Bizou. 3.00 Welcome To Wapos Bay. 3.30 Bushwhacked! 4.00 Waabiny Time. 4.30 Tales Of Tatonka. 5.00 Go Lingo. 5.30 NITV News. 6.00 Kai Ora. 6.30 Desperate Measures. 7.00 NITV News. 7.30 Down 2 Earth. 8.00 Living Black. 8.30 Knowledge, Painting And Country. 9.00 MOVIE: Beneath Clouds. (2002) 10.30 The Boondocks. 11.00 Netball. ANZ Championship. First semi-final. NSW Swifts v KIA Magic. 1.00 Late Programs. niTV MOVIES 5.55pm Infamous (2006) Drama. Toby Jones, Sandra Bullock. (M) Drama/ Romance 8.00pm Deep Impact (1998) Action. Ta Leoni, Robert Duvall. After a huge asteroid is spotted on a collision course with Earth, astronauts are sent to destroy it. (M) Action/Adventure 9.50pm L.A. Story (1991) Comedy. Steve Martin, Sarah Jessica Parker. (M) Masterpiece GENERAL 7.00pm The Fosters. Callie considers applying for an apartment, while Lena wonders if she can still have a baby. (PG) FOX8 7.35pm 2 Broke Girls. Sophie puts Max and Caroline through a series of tests to see if theyre good enough to work for her cleaning company. (M) Arena 9.00pm Never Mind The Buzzcocks. (M) UKTV DOcOS 8.30pm One Night Stand. Broadway and TV writers, actors and directors produce four original short musicals in 24 hours. (M) STUDIO 9.00pm The Great British Sewing Bee. (PG) Lifestyle 10.00pm Dukes Of Haggle. (PG) Discovery SPORT 1.00pm Rugby Union. World Championship. Australia v Italy. Fox Sports 2 3.00pm Rugby Union. World Championship. England v Argentina. Fox Sports 2 7.00pm The Back Page. Fox Sports 1 AUSTAR CLASSIFICATIONS: C Childrens programs G General PG Parental guidance M Mature audiences recommended MA15+ Mature audiences only AV15+ Mature audiences: adult violence CONSUMER ADVICE: a adult themes d drug references h horror l language m medical n nudity s sex references v violence w war scenes R Repeat CC Closed Captions PLEASE NOTE: Listings are correct at the time of print and are subject to change by the networks. Some regional areas receive transmission 30 to 60 minutes different to these listings. 2 tuesdayjune10 House Rules SCTV DARWIN, 7.30pm/ SCTV CENTRAL, 7pm With one team down and sent packing back to their new home, the competition soldiers on and heats up as it really sinks in that one couple will walk away with their mortgage paid off. But it wont be easy. Tonight, the five remaining teams must transform an entire house in four days. Host Johanna Griggs (above). When The Beatles Drove Us Wild ABC1, 8.30pm Those who can remember when The Beatles came to Australia in 1964 will vividly recall the bedlam and hysteria. Writer and satirist Bryan Dawe narrates this behind-the-scenes look at the pop stars three-week tour, with well-known Australian faces reminiscing about their experiences of that heady time 50 years ago. Heat GEM, 8.30pm, M (1995) Michael Manns 170-minute cops-androbbers epic places two of cinemas most revered heavyweights on screen, together at last. Al Pacino (right) is the obsessive LA detective who matches wits with Robert De Niro as the criminal mastermind responsible for a series of military-style heists. 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