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The Northern Territory news Wed 9 Jul 2014

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MONDAY JUNE 9 2014 OPINION 33 V1 - NTNE01Z01MA YES Just to try the Greek food. We dont get much of this sort of food unless youre at Glenti. TONY MARKS, RAPID CREEK YES Its a day out and the food smells great. NADA MARKS, RAPID CREEK YES Its our third meal this morning. Its different to what you get out in the precinct and its a reasonable price. RHONA STEPHENS, DARWIN CITY YES Nice food, great atmosphere, and the girls thats why I come. DEMOS YAYAKOS, BAYVIEW Speak Up: Do you come to Glenti for the food? YES Right now Im liking the yiros. Its delicious, and the barbecue is fantastic MATT PHILPOTT, MORNINGSIDE LETTER OF THE DAY Rate rises may breach the law A RECENT letter asked what ratepayers could do about unjustified rate increases. It appears the Darwin City Council may be in breach of S127 of the Local Government Act in that they have not assessed the social and economic impacts of their policy. The information contained on P22 of the 2014/2015 municipal plan is largely a copy of P18 of the 2013/14 plan and the year before that (see P21 2012/2013 municipal plan) based upon the same graph produced in 2011 by DAE with the dates changed to artificially justify the increase in rates. In the past year alone, the CPI for rental housing in Darwin has risen by 7.9 per cent, compared with the national rise of 3.2 per cent, according to a NTCOSS report. The re port shows that the Northern Territory is the only place where renters pay a significantly greater proportion of their income on housing costs than do homeowners. The City Centre development may or may not be justified, it will certainly not improve services and facilities in the suburbs, but all ratepayers are expected to pay for this masterplan out of revenue. Ratepayers must contact the Minister for Local Government (Minister.Tollner@nt. gov.au) and demand he make a rectification order under S138 (1) requiring the council to take action to correct the irregularity (prepare a proper assessment according to S127) or recast the whole budget without any increase in rates. Wayne Wood, Wanguri Traditional owners Penny Phillips and Doris Kelly, on Muckaty land near Tennant Creek, have voiced their concerns over the threat of a nuclear waste dump that they fear will destroy their land Picture: ELISE DERWIN ON SNAPCHAT DRUGS HIT DARWIN STREETS Its all a manifestation of weak leadership from both partys, the city of Darwin (and the rest of the nation) is under attack from many fronts but our elected leaders have eyes only for the economy, what happens at ground level is off the radar. Tsunami of destruction is on its way Probably best not to use drugs at all, we all know drugs are made illegally and is totally unregulated. If you take it you accept the risks it comes with. Mad dog of hell Anyone busted and convicted of hard drug offences should be run out of the NT permanently. Old Territorian of Tennant Creek Disgusted that it has spread all the way to Darwin if this is what happens! Find the cooks and distributors lock them up and throw away the key. Isnt this just like murder? Not4me No, it isnt just like murder, or even manslaughter, because cooks and dealers dont force people to take it. There is a huge difference between selling drugs and shooting someone in the head. Legalise the sale of drugs to adults in pharmacies, thus undercutting the gangs main source of in come and lessening the deaths caused by the practice of cutting poisonous substances. Certainly discourage people from buying or consuming drugs. But dont treat adults as children we need to accept responsibility for our own health, not blame everyone and anyone but ourselves when we do something that was obviously harmful. Izzy of Kiama Strange that it seems to only be 100kg+ blokes on half a tablet. Youd think a few tablets have been taken and surely some by smaller women resulting in very serious consequences. Im not a pill taker or expert, but this seems a bit odd. Matt of Alice Springs I feel sorry for those people who have a genuine need for hospitalisation which is NOT INDUCED from (self inflicted) drug taking. If they have the cash to purchase these drugs then they should be made to pay for their time in hospital and kept under restraint to prevent doctors / staff and anyone else being hurt from violent outbursts which seem to be associated with these type of drugs. This tide of drugs gets worse and worse year by year and no end in sight. Frank n St31n ex Darwinite of Trinity Beach Cairns Disgusted that it has spread all the way to Darwin if this is what happens! Find the cooks and distributors lock them up and throw away the key. SEE BELOW ON OUTSOURCING So what happened to the Buy Australian campaign. The Federal Gov has just sent billions $ to Spain to build our war ships cos they think were not good enough. Car industry tossed aside for cheaper imports. Cant wait for the moment Abbott drives out in his new BMW limo and the masses realise no one is making anything in this country any more. Now ship building is being snubbed by the Libs. Telling us were not up to it to build our war ships. So can we out source this rubbish gov? The whole concept of gov investing our highly taxed dollars into infrastructure is 1st of all to create jobs and fabricate/ manufacture & develop Australias future and our wealth. So why is our navy supply ships even being contested to overseas manufactures. If we build it here our labour is our cost but every taxed dollar is recycled and come on 95% of equipment and materials are imported anyway If wages and conditions are not competitive work goes offshore, except for the union of ficials of course. Ron, Howard Springs ON OTHER THINGS It was great hearing that Martin Bunney rode the Finke in memory of Peter Medens. He always wanted to ride in the Finke. Hopefully Peters young family will get answers from NOPSEMA into the tragic accident. Turk Howard Springs @ David Penberthy-is it a real wonda tht we hav a genr8tn of Bootsmas when we hav Jonah frm Tonga etc beamd @ our kids prime time. Proud Polynesn Tiwikiwi Dear Dumb Dumb, no sore loser feeling as thoroughly en joyed the game. One win does not make a series! Dont forget weve won in Sydney before so will be interested in your views come June 19th. Kiwi Dave NT. Termites produce more co2 than us TRUE KEV NOONY Who is responsible for pedestrian and push bike access into Darwin airport? Its a accident waiting to happen. Dan Malak 6.30am forget Mitchell street music at Bagot playing all night dont worry about the rest of the community. Nunlena Ludmilla PICK OF THE PICS