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The Centralian advocate Fri 20 Jun 2014


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36 NEWS FRIDAY JUNE 20 2014 CAVE01Z01MA - V1 Civil debate needed next time around THE longwinded debate over the proposed nuclear waste dump at Muckaty Station is finally over. The traditional owners have spoken and their voices have been heard with the Northern Land Council yesterday revoking its controversial offer to the Federal Government. Some onlookers may suggest the closing decision was a result of a carefully constructed argument pitched by the defendants legal team, but it was the voice of the people that inevitably prevailed. Fighting for what you believe in may not always be the easiest task. It can, however, be extremely rewarding if time, effort and dedication is maintained. The Muckaty case has proven that even in the roughest times and in the toughest circumstances, individuals will unite and stand up for their rights. The traditional owners, and the greater community, have pushed their way through a prolonged and often painful battle. It has also proved that no amount of money no matter how great or small can buy a communal treasure. The Federal Government put their offer on the table, but refusal was inexorable they werent going to budge. Small town community groups in all their shapes, sizes and forms will always have a voice. They will rise above the hardest circumstances, influence decisionmaking to the best of their ability, and continue to lobby against those who pose a potential threat. In this case, they have challenged the Big Guys and come out on top. But it doesnt mean the debate is over just yet. Although the nationally recognised court case appears to have vanished from the immediate area, there is an undying possibility that another site in the Northern Territory may be targeted as an alternate. Central Australia is one of, if not the most, vast and isolated ands in the nation it makes sense for such a facility to be housed within this region. And when and if the time comes to have the discussion about developing the site on neighbouring land, it needs to be had with maturity. We cant afford to have another prolonged and costly debate about situations we dont have the power to prevent, once and for all. So, when the Federal Government comes knocking on the doors of another Northern Territory community, we need to be open to the possibilities and explore the potential for flow-on effects to further develop this great nation. Blaming the media no solution I was disturbed to read Police Commisioner John McRoberts media release on the baby in the van incident. I believe the commissioners shooting the messenger on this is way out of line. Photographer Justin Brierty, who I have always known to be a good and decent man, says he wasnt even there when the arrest was under way and I believe him. So how could his presence make matters worse? Im not commenting at all on what the officers did or didnt do, they make their own very difficult decisions every day on a myriad of situations, and I have enormous respect for them. What I do have a problem with is a police commissioner trying to blame an event on somebody who is simply there to record that event. Driving a wedge between the police and media is crazy. When many of these situations occur both professions would rather not be there, and both are there simply doing their job. Chris Tangey Alice Springs Finke-y feeling Im getting ready to watch my first Finke. What do I need? Hey, the Advocate will know. So I read their must haves down the track. So Ive got my Shewee, though to be honest Ive never really had problems standing up and slashing at the same time. Ive got my jaffle iron, my camp oven, my tripod, my BBQ plate and my wood but no lighter, no matches. And I thought those clever Advocate people knew the must haves. Oh, dear! To bed hungry. Come the morning Ive got this anxious feeling, and it gets worse, no toilet paper ... Oh, dear, oh, dear! I knew the Advocate was good for something. Janos Zuzmara Alice Springs It is all part of the big picture, Janos. If you dont eat the night before you have no need for the toilet paper the next day - Editor Help came at just the right moment On Friday I had spent a pleasant lunch with my friend at Sporties. I walked to my car parked in the disabled parking space at the front of The Residency where I intended to speak to Tara Leckey with regard to having an exhibition in JuneJuly 2015. I deposited my handbag into my car and as I closed/ locked the passenger side door I began to step up to the kerb but my heel caught on uneven brick of tar work at the base of the tree there and I began to twist and fall. While this was happening, I saw two people begin to sprint toward me. My walking stick had slipped from my hand and I was on my back when they reached me. These wonderful people from Ballarat lifted me up, retrieved my stick and helped me into The Residency. My grateful thanks to this kind couple whose names have slipped from my memory. Thank you! Jeanette Cook Alice Springs Sergeant gets a free breath pass Seems there is a role for some and not for others. On Monday July 9 I was driving to Alice Springs on the South Side and Stuart Highway. I was asked to pull my car over into a bay for a breath test with many other cars. The driver before me was not tested. I asked the policeman doing the breath test for me, Was that your mate? He answers, The Sergeant! M. Leybak Alice Springs 7 113 160 Quote of the day We welcome your letters to the Centralian Advocate. Letters to the Editor should be 200 words or less and sent to PO Box 2254, 2 Gap Road, Alice Springs 0871, or via email to ceneditorial@aliceadvocate.com.au and include your name and address. Electoral editorial comment published in the Centralian Advocate is authorised by Bryan Littlely of 2 Gap Road, Alice Springs It always was a good family club and supported sport in the town. T E D H E N N I N G H A M - F I R S T C U S T O M E R T H R O U G H T H E D O O R S W H E N T H E M E M O C L U B R E O P E N E D O N W E D N E S D AY Do you think there is now less public drunkeness in Alice Rachael James No, there is more than before because of the changed hours. It was much better when you could buy takeaways earlier. Bill Adams The numbers are controlled a lot better with the police presence at the bottle shops. I think the police are doing a great job with limited resources. Anita Dahlenburg I have not noticed a considerable change. Potentially, more needs to be done. Sometimes I do not feel safe to go out in town after 6pm. Les Smith From what I see, the drunks are not around as much or they hide it very well. The Police need as much support as they can get in the matter. THE number of years since the Northern land Council nominated Muckaty Station as a site for Australias first dedicated nuclear waste repository. THE number of days until the opening ceremony, featuring Beatles cover band Beatnix, of the 2014 Alice Springs Masters Games. THE number of feral cats captured in traps set by the Alice Springs Town Council and impounded in the past five months.