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The Northern Territory news Thu 22 May 2014

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YES If it was proved safe, I would. PAUL WINTER, FANNIE BAY YES It depends if it would make Queensland win the State of Origin, then yeah, I would. TONY BURNS, KARAMA NO Because its a frog and its poisonous. I dont like frogs. SHARNI CARDONA, DARWIN NO I have tried frogs and I dont like them. AARON CASTILLON, DARWIN Speak Up: Would you indulge in the leg of a cane toad, in light of yesterdays front page? YES I havent tried cane toad. Have you got any? KAT ENKERA, KATHRYN LETTER OF THE DAY Majority pay for sins of few SO Dave Wane is unhappy that $12 million is being wasted every year propping up the failed and unnecessary cash for containers scheme (A Losing Game, Letters to the Editor, NT News, May 20). So are a lot of others. Typical of governments, whether it is grog, cans, or plastic bags instead of targeting the minority causing a problem, introduce rules that impose on the majority doing the right thing. The same people who left their garbage before the 10 deposit are still leaving it. Even if the deposit was increased to $1 per can they would still leave it for others to clean up. I travel frequently to other cities: Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth, Melbourne. They do not have cash for containers or a ban on plastic bags at grocery checkouts, but nowhere do you see cans laying around or bags blowing about. As for this stupid ban on plastic bags, one of the reasons Perth was against it was for hygiene. Have a look at some of those multiple-use bags, used repeatedly for meat and foodstuff in our tropical climate. At least you know the plastic bags are hygienic. If there was a scan at the supermarket door checking bags for contamination probably half would not get through. But then if they had such a scan at the door a lot of customers would not get through either. Cliff Edge, Darwin Jack Myatt served in both the Korean and Vietnam wars, and says he is upset about the cuts to entitlements for pensioners which were unveiled in the Federal Budget last week Picture: HELEN ORR ON MUNDINES CULTURE SHOCK Well communicated Mr Mundine. I do truly hope your words hit their target and the Australian Aboriginal culture can become again what it once was. Fearful Fisher from Humpty Doo Gutsy and honest. Waiting for the retaliation from the do goodies now. Tony of Darwin Where the hell did Mundine get this load of crap from? He wouldnt know culture if it crawled up and bit him on his arse. Leave the traditional culture issues to those that actually know it and stick to kissing Tony Abbotts arse like always. Oh, and another thing Mundine, you dont speak for me as an Aboriginal person living in the real world. Get out bush and get a clue. Keeping it Real ON DRUNK DOCTOR Its a worry when your surgeon is as ignorant and ration alising as this. tonyryan of local The first time I had sake, the first thing I did was look at the bottle for the alcohol content ... common sense ... You should be ashamed of yourself. A doctor indeed. Wonder if I could get away with this ex cuse? Bottoms Up of Stuart Park ON NT FOR NUCLEAR DUMP As far as I am concerned, I will not live in any nuclear country. I have watched the world make this mistake. Too many tragedies. Once we have a dumping ground for nuclear waste, it will then become a duping ground for the world. One government or another will import and dispose of the worlds waste. Never ever while I am alive. Monica Fletcher of Knoxfield Victoria The only problem is Muckaty station is not a natural uranium field. It however holds good artesian water. This would be tantamount to taking a perfectly habitable land site and making it uninhabitable for all forms of life. How can Hawke claim credibility as a past Australian leader with such poor foresight on land development? Rather they should choose a site that is not in the NT which is unlikely to be viewed as habitable at any time. Malakman of Malak I see a much better place Bob Hawkes backyard in Sydneys North Shore. And, on the way there, dump off a load of it at Paul Keatings unit in Potts Point, Sydney, as well. H. R. Pufnstuf of Adelaide Mundine, you dont speak for me as an Aboriginal person living in the real world. Get out bush and get a clue. SEE BELOW ON THE BUDGET Watched Q&A with a very professional Joe Hockey. My goodness what a bunch of welfare dependent whingers we have become! An audience of self-entitled moaners. Jonno Plenty of whinge whinge bla bla from Shorten and followers, but as usual no practical alternatives. Shane, Palmy Not so SR. Unlike others who were basking in Labors spendfest, I watched with dismay as deficit grew. I am as left-wing as we can realistically afford to be. Like flashing around a credit card, plundering the public purse has a cost. Remember next time you vote your Labor mates in. GC, Jingili How can you build a new hospital for 150 mill, an cut health funding by 21 mill in the same sentence? Predict the hospital will be put on hold until ALP get back in gov! Dazed Ill say it again dont blame me, I voted Labor. And the Feral Budget ... Dont blame me, I voted Labor. All you right-wing conservatives (especially Andrew Bolt types) only have yourselves to blame for this shameful and shocking FERAL budget. Karen, Moil ON OTHER THINGS My sincere thanks to Emma Lupin for alerting me to the culinary possibilities of cane toad legs. The accompanying pic of someone snorking down one of her bufo bites only added to my enjoyment of this article. Thank you too, to the NT News for reminding me that theres some things Ill never, never do. TopEndTed, Humpty Doo Re: Council CEO packages. Every other state in Australia requires council to report CEO packages in their annual reports. Not so NT. Rate payer If Larrakia people tried to busk on another tribes land they would be kicked off! So why is it OK for other tribes to perform, badly I might add, on Larrakia land, ie the mall? Sick of the disrespect. And no Im not a Larrakia person! Dulba Missed it, please run Keegan Neals photo again. Island girl Katherine railway bridge needs a coat of paint with the words, WELCOME TO THE TOP END. Also a painting of a saltwater croc. Major site that tourists see. Re: NTs most wanted. Why the hell were these losers bailed? Dave, FBay Just cause you kick 100 goals for the season, shouldnt give you automatic PRIME selection for the womens draft. Isnt thank what a f/forwards job is? Mel, H/Springs Advertised a rental property, shocked by the attitude of some Inpex workers arrogance. They think their big wages can buy landlords! I gave it to a local on average wage, reckon theyll be around longer and easier to deal with. Dont give up locals! PICK OF THE PICS