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SECOND CWS FAMILY CAMP The second Family Camp on the 18th and 19th July was another great success where a great time was had by all who attended after missing out on the first camp. Camping is a great way to enjoy the Dry Season and Bonding of family, friends and Nature. It is a part of living in the Territory, however it was a little bit scary as there was a report of a "Bull Shark" spotted in the river a few days earlier ....Yoiks! NEWSLETTERS BY POST There are ever increasing costs associated with the posting out of the CWS Newsletter. We are aware that some CWS Members do not have access to the Internet or email, but to try and reduce some of the costs associated with the posting out of the Newsletter, CWS will be trialling the following for the next Newsletter- We will print off copies of the Newsletter and place them at the following locations CWS Hall, Temple and Museum and Alfreds Gift Store. CWS Members that usually receive the Newsletter by post can now stop by at one of these locations to pick up a copy of the Newsletter; For those Members that cannot make it to one of the above listed locations, the CWS Committee members will hand deliver the Newsletter to you. As this is just a trial, we look forward to any feedback from the Members that usually receive a Newsletter by post. Also, if any Member receiving Newsletter by post, does have an email address and would like to receive the Newsletter electronically, please advise us by sending an email to newsletter@chungwahnt.asn.au or provide your email address to one of our Committee Members. OH WHAT LUCK! Guess what, I survived the 4000km trip on the Canning Stock Route (CSR) but I didnt survive my first day parking in the Chung Wah car park! Now we all know how scarce these car parks are and how long the waiting list is. So you can imagine my excitement when I finally received a call to say I had one. Oh what luck! On my first day of using the car park I eagerly drove 3kms from home to the car park searching for my allocated number 33. There it was, right on the corner, big enough to park a mini moke right amongst the long grass and a mat of dead leaves. I got out of my car to hear a very loud hissing sound. I thought I had run over a watering hose, but alas to my surprise I spotted a U-shaped piece of metal stuck in my front tyre. I began to think I was in the desert on the CSR again! I was pleased to be a member of the AANT, they came to my rescue. Being a member of CWS I thought I would share my story with the Committee unofficially at the sartee threading day. My relative (the same one who says tell someone who cares) confessed that he and someone by the name of Daryl did some work cutting pieces of metal at the tennis court. So I must have been one of the lucky ones to score a piece of the cut off! Thanks Des. I will remember this! At least the Committee got a laugh out of it. By Pauline Ah Toy mailto:newsletter@chungwahnt.asn.au http://www.google.com.au/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&docid=Dcnw-MLpIXofoM&tbnid=mKsqJngkt858ZM:&ved=0CAUQjRw&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.dreamstime.com%2Froyalty-free-stock-photo-bird-envelope-mail-image29114175&ei=SH_lU6CQC9Pi8AXN http://www.123rf.com/photo_6437412_car-with-flat-tire.html