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46 HOROSCOPES & QUIZ SUNDAY MAY 18 2014 NTNE01Z01MA - V1 Stars 1 When is the shortest day (solstice) of 2014 in eastern Australia? 2 Is the Murray cod a native Australian fish? 3 Who is Australias Immigration Minister? 4 What is the name of Melbournes main airport? 5 The Niarchos family of Greece is mainly involved in which industry? 6 What does the acronym ICAC stand for in Australia? 7 Goodluck Jonathan is the president of which country? 8 How much is the federal governments proposed doctors visit co-payment? 9 Gerrie Nel is the state prosecutor in the murder trial of which athlete? 10 Which television channel does newsreader Janice Petersen work for? 11 Nephritis affects which part of the body? 12 Which former European prime minister is serving a 12-month community-service sentence? 13 What is the common name for sodium chloride? 14 What is the capital of Sudan? 15 Which word describes the top academic pupil in a school? 16 Who is the national leader of Australias Greens Party? 17 What is a minuet? 18 Which lifestyle TV program does Johanna Griggs host? 19 Ultraviolet rays lie outside which colour of the spectrum? 20 In which New Zealand city is Super rugby union team the Highlanders based? 21 What is the symbol of an ampere? 22 Which Australian sports team is known as the Kookaburras? 23 Who created the Sherlock Holmes character? 24 Skipper Darren Sammy has retired from which international Test cricket team? 25 What is the second last vowel in the alphabet? 26 Chad Wingard plays for which AFL team? 27 What two colours mix to make titian? 28 What is the capital of Nigeria? 29 Which Australian politician is building a replica of the Titanic? 30 On what day does Russia celebrate World War II Victory Day? Aries Mar21-Apr20 Cancer Jun23-Jul23 Libra Sep24-Oct23 Capricorn Dec22-Jan20 Taurus Apr21-May21 Leo Jul24-Aug23 Scorpio Oct24-Nov22 Aquarius Jan21-Feb19 Gemini May22-Jun22 Todays Solutions Virgo Aug24-Sep23 Sagittarius Nov23-Dec21 Pisces Feb20-Mar20 It looks like some of your past mistakes are about to catch up with you. I dont think there will be any serious repercussions but there could be considerable embarrassment. Dont try to cover up, just hang in there. Relationships: Mars, your ruler in your angle of intimate relationships has to bring some lively times. There might not be much affection expressed but there will almost certainly be the sort of action you like. Money: Good spending. Health: Feeling well. Even though its getting toward the end of the Taurus period, you still have a few days when things will go well for you, with people actually doing things for you. Its nice to not have to ask for these things. Relationships: You still have chilly Saturn in your angle of intimate relationships so things will continue pretty much as they have for the last week or so. Theres no point trying to hurry these things along. Money: Improving. Health: Take care. Most of what happens this week seems to be an echo of things past. This is where you see the value of learning from past mistakes. A time when you can move forward. Just make sure it is in the right direction. Relationships: You have Mars the activator in your angle of love and romance so you can expect delightful action in your love life. Unfortunately Mars here tends toward selfishness but who is the one being selfish? Money: Looks good. Health: The joints. You are in the mood to expand. This means you will look at the work you are doing and ask yourself if this is what you want to do all your life and ask if there are broader horizons. Time to explore those horizons. Relationships: A couple of the heavies occupy your angles of love and romance and your angle of intimate relationships. This doesnt necessarily make things happen but it does make it easier to make them happen. Money: Looking good. Health: The tummy. With the stars you have they might not make you CEO but you do seem to be calling the shots in some way. Could it be they finally recognise your special area of expertise? A week when good things start to happen. Relationships: You would like things to happen in this part of your affairs but you just dont have the stars. There will be some moments when you think the earth might move but it will stay fairly stable for now. Money: More expenses. Health: Watch weight. Once again you will tend to dwell on travel or maybe the conditions of distant places. Travel would be nice but can you get away for a few weeks? Mostly the answer is no. This is the price of being important. Relationships: Neptune in your angle of intimate relationships rather suggests you will be successful in this area if you use your imagination. Of course dinner out and a show might do something nice for you. Money: High expenses. Health: The eyes. 1 June 22. 2 Yes. 3 Scott Morrison. 4 Tullamarine. 5 Shipping. 6 Independent Commission Against Corruption. 7 Nigeria. 8 $7. 9 Oscar Pistorius. 10 SBS. 11 Kidneys. 12 Silvio Berlusconi. 13 Salt. 14 Khartoum. 15 Dux. 16 Christine Milne. 17 A dance. 18 Better Homes and Gardens. 19 Violet. 20 Dunedin. 21 A. 22 Mens hockey. 23 Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. 24 West Indies. 25 O. 26 Port Adelaide. 27 Red and brown. 28 Abuja. 29 Clive Palmer. 30 May 9. Across: 1 Jaded, 4 Butcher, 8 Nabob, 11 Paperwork, 12 Superhero, 13 Testify, 14 Teems, 16 Armed, 17 Dote, 18 Regroup, 21 Hank, 22 Circle, 25 Oddly, 26 Spanner, 28 Notes, 29 Third, 31 Antenna, 32 Hazel, 33 Theism, 34 Cite, 37 Advance, 40 Minx, 41 Imbue, 43 Wipes, 44 Nirvana, 46 Pay packet, 47 Combatant, 48 Dirge, 49 Nestled, 50 Kitty. Down: 1 Jupiter, 2 Dupes, 3 Dormitory, 4 Booty, 5 Take to heart, 6 Has-been, 7 Repose, 8 Narration, 9 Bream, 10 Blood vessel, 15 Eta, 19 God-like, 20 Pascal, 23 Citizen, 24 Armada, 25 Outstripped, 27 Nonsensical, 30 Desperate, 32 Haversack, 35 Impetus, 36 Tie, 38 Exactly, 39 Awaken, 42 Buyer, 44 Nomad, 45 Apart. This promises to be a busy week but this comes as no surprise, you have had a series of busy weeks lately. This time the busyness is because of some rule or regulation getting in the way of your day to day life. Relationships: You still have Venus, goddess of love and romance in your angle of intimate relationships so you can expect some lively moments in your intimacy. This is where things happen suddenly and beautifully. Money: More expenses. Health: Tummy troubles. This is one of those weeks when you know what you want and you know how to get it but each time you try, something gets in the way and its back to square one and try again. Fortunately you are the determined one. Relationships: With the Sun in your angle of intimacy for the first part of the week you can expect happy times. The thing to do now then is to make sure you cram as much as you can into the first half of the week. Money: A bit short. Health: The joints. Your stars for this week usually indicate mediocre health. Not bad enough for a sickie but bad enough to make you dream of a holiday or at least a few days of pure relaxation. This will happen one day but not yet. Relationships: The latter part of the week is good for intimacy but you have to work at it if you want it to happen your way. Your best plan would be to think up ways and means of creating really romantic moments. Money: Take care. Health: The back. The week starts with one or two lucky breaks. Nothing big enough to make you rich but little things happening to make your life easier and either bring in money or save you money. A dollar saved is a dollar earned. Relationships: There are fair stars for love and romance for the first half of the week but then things quieten down and although you try hard, the only one who seems to want to get close is the cat wanting a nurse. Money: Through work. Health: Just so-so. For much of the week you will be concerned about things to do with your home. For most Aquarians this is because you are thinking about making substantial changes. For some its a matter of a complete removal. Relationships: You start the week poorly. You might even start the week with a heated discussion which reflects no credit on anyone. By about mid-week things settle down and you are close to your someone again. Money: Buy carefully. Health: Improving. During the coming week strange and unusual things will happen. Mostly these are coincidences but you being a Pisces, you will probably attach a more esoteric label to them. Time to be careful with your money too. Relationships: Jupiter in your angle of love and romance brings some interesting vibes to your love life. You will give out love and affection and get plenty in return which is pretty much all you want out of life. Money: Some coming. Health: The feet. Answers, this page Solution No. 2807 SSDAACROBAT PERUSEDOEE AAIUMBRAGE NOMINALIRM IAITENDERS ENSR LINNETCRISIS UBEL COMBINESME ABDHOTHEAD PRECISEIAG EROADVANCE RESUMEDESS Todays Sudoku SolutionCryptic Crossword Solution Quiz Solution Regular Crossword Solution check date of horoscopes file wrong week can easily go in! =P it happened! have run May 18 again. PK Weve got your full weekend of footy action covered with the latest results, ladders, highlights and Supercoach scores. Every Monday in the NT News 2 3 4 78 .V Dont miss the monDay wrap up!