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The Northern Territory news Tue 6 May 2014

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TUESDAY MAY 6 2014 NEWS 11 V1 - NTNE01Z01MA Shorten selling us all out by refusing to accept obvious BILL Shorten is trashing our tomorrow for cheap votes today. And the shame is that much of the public seems to be cheering him on. Wake up! Thousands of Australians may pay for the Opposition Leaders reckless politicking with their jobs, and millions could get poorer. We are not buying this argument that theres some Budget emergency, Shorten soothed voters last week. There is no Budget crisis, echoed his shadow treasurer Chris Bowen. No, theres no need to accept the cuts of the wicked Abbott Government. Its all a Liberal hoax. The truth is they wanted to confect or manufacture a Budget crisis because these are the sorts of cuts they actually want to bring in, sneers Labors finance spokesman Tony Burke. What makes this worse is that Shorten is kicking Abbott for trying to fix the disaster created by Labor. Left with a surplus, and gifted our greatest mining boom, the Rudd and Gillard governments still piled up $190 billion of deficits in just five years. They plunged into an orgy of spending so carelessly that its criminal. The $44 billion national broadband white elephant was mapped out on the back of a beer coaster by prime minister Kevin Rudd and his communications minister. The $3 billion free insulation disaster was scribbled out by Rudds inner circle on a serviette, one of the schemes advisers claimed last week at the royal commission. And Labors big spending is still locked in, so we face another decade of deficits unless something is done. Already were paying $12 billion a year in interest on Labors debt. Should China suddenly slow over the next 10 years or another global financial crisis come, well be ruined. Well have not a dollar in the kitty to defend ourselves. It is astonishing one of Australias two main political parties is so dead to its duty to protect this nation from such harm. Sure, Labor can quibble about the term emergency. We wont be a Greece by Christmas. But it shouldnt dare pretend change isnt critical and must start now. Hear it from Martin Parkinson, the Treasury secretary Labor appointed, who two months ago warned we had to make hard decisions to cut government spending. The nations debt was mounting so high that if we do not start making these changes and simply keep drifting along, we will be increasingly vulnerable to the next global crisis. Then our children may really end up doing it tough. Reserve Bank Governor Glenn Stevens praised Parkin sons important warning and added: Put simply, there are things we want to do as a society, and have voted for, that are not fully funded by taxes over the medium term. But what do we hear from Shorten? No to cuts. No to tax rises. Last year, Labor did at least promise $5 billion in cuts to health and education. But now, with Abbott in charge, it blocks those same cuts in the Senate. When Abbott last week decided to lift the pension age to 70 by 2035, Shorten falsely screamed broken promise and refused to support it. When Abbott floated adding a $6 fee to what are free visits to the doctor, Shorten cried poorer people will be unfairly hit. Now that Abbott wants to keep down the projected $12 billion a year cost of Labors national disability scheme, Shorten comes out and shouts its a complete betrayal. Now Abbott plans a deficit levy on richer Australians, Shorten says hell fight this deceit tax. And when the Governments Commission of Audit last week recommended $70 billion in cuts, Shorten refused to support a single one other than a cut to Abbotts pet parental leave scheme. Instead, he engaged in the crudest class war talk to rouse the rabble, falsely claiming the commissions report was written by big business, for big business to ensure families get less while millionaires get more. If Shorten were powerless this wouldnt much matter, but he has this country by the throat. Labor and the Greens can together block any law in the Senate, and when the new Senate takes over in July, theyll still need only the support of Clive Palmers senators or three of the four other crossbenchers to keep stopping Abbott. What a nightmare. Theres Labor and the Greens insisting theres no problem, and Palmer all over the shop. The Government has meanwhile got poll figures that are soft, a backbench thats skittish, and every interest group on its back. Were sinking, and on present evidence cant find the will to save ourselves. And theres Captain Shorten telling us to just order another round of drinks on the house. Federal Opposition Leader Bill Shorten is more interested in winning votes than in making the tough decisions Australia needs Picture: Eugene Hyland Axe the tax Tony and tell them youre sorry TONY Abbott should drop his planned new deficit tax and say sorry for even thinking of breaking a promise. The Prime Ministers sorry could then force attention on to the real problem which isnt actually his plan for an extra 1 per cent tax on incomes over $80,000 and 2 per cent over $140,000. True, my colleague Terry McCrann has elsewhere argued Im wrong Abbott never promised not to give us such a tax. None of the various quotes which have been promoted to claim that Abbott had broken a specific election promise do any such thing, says McCrann. This is not a new tax, its an increase in the existing personal tax. Moreover, Abbotts real pledge was for no overall increase in the tax burden, and if Labor senators finally do scrap the carbon tax there wont be. In a court of law McCrann and Abbott could win. But the carbon tax isnt scrapped, and this argument will actually be decided by voters. Id bet big that voters will think Abbott a liar when Labor shows ads of him saying what youll get under us are tax cuts without new taxes. True, many might forgive him because Labor was the bigger liar, and Abbott is only trying to clean up after it. But I doubt it, so heres how Abbott should apologise. Dont pretend the tax wasnt considered and wouldnt have broken a prom ise. That would look sneaky and Abbott must seem what he is a man of integrity. Say instead the budget crisis is so extreme he felt he had to do anything even break a promise to save the country. Say hes heard the public insist we also have a trust deficit. Promises must be kept. Say he will find other savings, consistent with his prom ises, and wants Labor to suggest some. Say hes being open about his planned tax because the country cant afford the usual spin and excuses. Abbott may have considered breaking a promise in order to save the country. Thats not a crime. Far worse are the politicians Greens and Labor who betray their duty to help save it, too.

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