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Volume 4 September 2013

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SANDERSON MIDDLE SCHOOL Building the Future News and Views Page 4 The Parent Contribution has been determined by our School Council at $120 per family. We are confident that your childrens education at Sanderson Middle School is worth a lot more than $3 per week. Where else could you invest such a small amount that would provide the same benefits? Parent contributions have remained at $120 for a number of years and the School Council at their last meeting changed the contribution to $120 per family, rather than for each student, due to the increased cost of living pressures that families are currently facing. Why ask for Parent Contributions? Schools are provided with funds by the government to pay for the costs of basic educational needs eg running costs such as electricity, water and maintenance of buildings and grounds (cleaning, mowing, repairs). The money provided is not sufficient to pay for the costly materials needed in specialist courses eg photographic equipment, film, clay, musical instruments, technical studies materials and tools, cooking ingredients, sewing materials and sports equipment. Nor is it sufficient to maintain the school bus which is used extensively for school excursions. In order for students to access enhanced educational opportunities, parent contributions are voluntary but would be a valuable asset to the school. Payment of Contributions Payment can be made at the school office by cash, cheque or EFTPOS. Payments can be made each term if full payment in Term 1 presents a difficulty. Liz Veel, Principal Parent Contributions URGENT MESSAGE Have you changed any of your contact details? Your correct contact details are vital in an emergency. No child would like to be sent to hospital and not know if and when his/her parent may arrive. Please keep the school informed. We need your correct phone number, address and workplace details to contact you in case of an emergency. Please call the school on 8927 8899 to update your child's records. Does your child know their contact details? It is very important that your child knows contact details in the case of an emergency. Please make sure your child knows his/her address details and Phone/Mobile contact numbers. Dear Ms Fields The Wellbeing Team would like to express our appreciation of the Knitting Lunches. In todays meeting we were discussing how valuable these lunches are and how well appreciated they are by the students. We agreed that youve done a great job in organising the activity off your own bat. We just really wanted to say that weve noticed what a great activity it is for the school and students. Kind regards, from all the Wellbeing Team and the students of SMS.