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The Northern Territory news Thu 10 Apr 2014

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THURSDAY APRIL 10 2014 OPINION 13 V1 - NTNE01Z01MA NO Ive learnt to pee on a jellyfish sting. My dad does put vinegar on a bee sting though. NIKKI TAYLOR, STUART PARK NO I havent lived in Australia before now, so Ive never needed to be taught. PATRICK QUINN, DARWIN CITY NO I read about how vinegar could now be a problem, but I never knew of it before. HENDRIK PANDA, DARWIN CITY NO I know they tell you to pee on it, but I dont know any other ideas. MARC SIMMONDS, DARWIN CITY Speak Up: Have you been taught to use vinegar on box jellyfish stings? YES I read a sign when I was at Airlie Beach that it is good to put vinegar on a jellyfish sting. NIKOLAJ VON ROSSBITZKY LETTER OF THE DAY Referendum best bet for big decisions INSTEAD of having a parliamentary vote on controversial matters, why not hold a referendum for each and every one of them? The decision is then made by the nation, not by the biased. The cost would be minimal to the argy bargy that leads to months of bickering, like the carbon tax, the boat people. anything the government wants to do. It could be held on weekends electronically. I am sure the programmers would soon come up with an answer to any problems. Lots of people Twitter and are on Facebook so a similar method could be designed. This would cut the labour cost out of voting. The country is grinding to a halt. The Prime Minister is advising the world how to run their countries. The Yanks are playing with the exchange rates, the avoidance of years of experience of internal control of trade. They frequently manipulate the capital markets by rumour (note the dividend rates do not change much). These are things that could be addressed by the Parliament and press instead of slinging excrement. John Hinton, Larrakeyah Liam Saunders, 3, enjoys the first day of the new childcare centre at the Avenue complex in Stuart Park Picture: ELISE DERWIN ON NUDE MAN SPOOKS DOG WALKER Oh the horror! Get a life and a sense of humour. Of course there are deviants lurking around Casuarina beach nude. Never once feared for the safety of myself, my partner, my children or my dogs whilst out riding bikes or walking in the area. Just have a laugh at the sad cases and move along ;-) Luke of Darwin I have no idea what is going on in this story. Ms Thom was walking near the nudists not permitted section of Casuarina beach area about 10am yesterday when she spotted the naked man. If she was walking near the nudists not permitted section, does that in fact mean she was in the nudist section? If this is the case I am not surprised she saw a naked man. Adman of NT I was walking my dog along Casuarina Beach (not in the nude beach area) about four weeks ago. There was a man walking along in a pair of shorts that were pulled down below his bum cheeks! His front side was covered, but his entire backside was out for the world to see. Im not just talkin a bit of a coin-slot, but his whole butt! He walked the length of the beach right up to Casuarina Drive. Very strange! Cas beach is pretty special eh? Mary Jane of Darwin It may be a free beach but it attracts too many deviants. John of Darwin I have been writing to the Parks & Wildlife Commission for years & I know others have as well about making this free beach free of perverts because that is all it is used for by the nudists. The department has always replied but their advice was to write to the Minister for Parks, which I have done more than once but have never had a reply. My dog & I use that area to complete a large circuit run which is shaded & beautiful with lots of flora & fauna but I have (& others I know as well) come across some gross & intimidating scenes far too often & mostly in the non-designated beach area. The used condoms everywhere are disgusting. A male friend could not use the toilets as there were 3 men in one cubicle. Likewise I have been confronted with a scene of 5 men along the bush track together. With all the new subdivisions in the area now it should be time to get rid of this abomination of our beautiful city. Yvonne Pratt of Darwin Why isnt the dog on a leash? Lani of Darwin I have (& others I know as well) come across some gross & intimidating scenes far too often & mostly in the non-designated beach area. The used condoms everywhere are disgusting. SEE BELOW ON CURVY GIRLS Micheal, Virginia ... Thank you! You rock buddy!! Some of us not born teeny tiny and love meat and an arvy beer (or 3!!) hahaha. X Strong curvy lady Michael, Virginia on curvy girls! Those of us that are are frowned at, laughed at n abused. Easier to stay home n read a book than try find a partner! ON OTHER THINGS Here is a free trade agreement worth pursuing ... We trade Abbott to another country for FREE! Pete, Leanyer Oh Adam Giles, you and Tollner started this sideshow by stabbing Millsy in the back, now you must take the consequences. Shane, Palmy Why do the Japanese latemodel cars all look like angry Pokemon? Dumb dumb To the couple who hurled abuse at me for doing 40kmh in a school zone on a nonschool day, in the rain on Tues 8th ... I feel sad the lil kids in your car had to endure your aggression. No wonder the world is so hateful. Sad Mum, U/Springs Dinah beach boat ramp is a joke for parking. Householders taking up the spaces with their personal cars, probably Inpex workers or backpackers. Mark, Darwin Are any other GWS Giants supporters growing sick of that winning feeling? Go you mighty Giants. CN Smith, Nightcliff Hey Jeffro! Ur not too bad at knowing everything urself! Figjam Drove Tennant Creek to Darwin last week at 120km/h. Overtook 9 vehicles, overtaken by 2 T/C to Noonamah. Dont think speed limit is a major concern to most Territorians. Ron, Howard Springs You know Ive seen worse things done to fish. Ive actually seen people eat em!! Tru story! Re: Imports Sadden. Nev, how many farmers have Australian-made cars and utes that they use on their properties? The battling farmers you reckon, how many other countries have TV stations finding their farmers a wife? Love the police and all they do. :-) So Richmond learn a lot from losing! If thats the case, they should be working at NASA! Why not just build a school in every suburb? Problem solved. Huge thank you to the footy umpires training at Mindil Beach to Ski Club path last night for helping a damsel in distress find her dog that had been spooked and ran into an impassable section on the beach. You are all my heroes for clambering over the rocks to rescue him. Damsel Deb PICK OF THE PICS