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The Northern Territory news Sat 9 Nov 2013

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www.ntnews.com.au Saturday, November 9, 2013. NT NEWS. 27 P U B : NTNE-WS-DA-TE:9-NGE:27 CO-LO-R: C-M Y-K Speak Up: Should paid parking be introduced at Royal Darwin Hospital? YESHospitals in Melbournedo that. It also dependswhere themoney is going. If its going back to the hospital, then yep, Im happy to pay. BRUCEHENRY,DarwinCity NOYou should not have to pay to use the carpark at the public hospital. Itmakes it very hard for people visiting family and friends all the time. KELLYHARDY,DarwinCity NOThehospital shouldnt be charging peoplewhomight have to frequently attend thehospital. Staff should not be able to park there either. RODWOOLF,Yarrawonga NOPeople dont know how long they are going to be there for. I definitely dont agree with it, especially not for people attending theemergencyward. JOSHVANDELAAR,DarwinCity NOPublic hospital parking should be free. If youhave relatives in there and you are back and forth then you have to pay a lot for the day. LUKECHANDLER,StuartPark 0428 NTNEWS (686 397)txt the editor Dont knowhowwork the pre natal drug& alcohol problem?Most people I knowwho take drugs and drink go Drmaybe twice thewhole pregnancy! ONRDHPARKING n Re Hospital Parking Outrage! How the hell can this bunch of mindless (CLP) morons justify forcing hospital administration to issue parking fines or fees to sick people when it takes so bloody long to see a doctor? I was laid up on a bed in the emergency dept for 7 f....n hours before I was attended to? Chris, Anula n Paying for parking at the Hospital is a great idea, it will make the likes of the backpackers I saw having afternoon tea from the back of their van move on else where sowe can have a park tomake our appointment on time. MC Darwin n I hope that some of the cash from NT govs latest back pocket sting at RDH will go on enforcing the ignored no smoking ban outside the hospital ONTEACHERSTRIKE n 5 is a prime #. Education Minister is prime fool. He thinks new formula reducing teachers by 5 will improve student outcomes. n I support teachers strike. Come on Giles and Chandler stop the disruption leave NTOEC, NT Music school and special ed services alone. n Go teachers. Strike is the only way to make ppl listen. We need you and you deserve better. Good luck. ONNAMEANDSHAME DRINK-DRIVERS n Well done NT News Ed. Naming & shaming drunk drivers aka potential killers its about time someone had the b*lls to do it. Im sure families of victims of drunk drivers will agree. Well done. JH of HDoo n Why dont u add into your article once bitten but some still twice as foolish the marvellous job Amy Hirst does working as a registered nurse. People make mistakes, she didnt deserve it to be published for the entire town to see. So she will be getting the bus to work...probably standing for the elderly to sit whilst on her way to save lives. n BRILLIANT job for naming & shaming all those who were slammed in court for DUI! Public humiliation can go along way! LOVE IT! Bam, City ONOTHERTHINGS n APOs wont work. The cops know it the drunks surely know it and the rest of us in the NT know it. Wakey wakey CLP. Cmon election time n about time these young scum that want to bash people are dealt with as adults. might deter some of these little bastards. ShanePalmy n Tahan sorry I for one didnt vote for you, nasty remarks about chubby people and your boyfriend insulting others looks makes you both vain and rude. From not as pretty as you but hotter than your bogan boyfriend. n Good on ya George Bunting. I would have made em dance. John Furner, Humpty Doo n Re is depression underdiagnosed? Ashley sabamba, depression is under diagnosed. I lost my brother coming on four years ago. If we knew and he was treated, chances are he would still be with us. Many other families would be thinking the same. Abrotherless sister. n Can parks n wildlife rite 2 this paper n tell us wot moonsoonal water flows n water level rises have led 2 th closure of berry springs do u lot think we r stupid maybe ive slept through thmonsoon n Re J.Swan jetstar seating.all discount airlines charge for the extra leg room in emergency exits.the flight attendants dont get the job unless they can open the exit on their own..I suggest you pay more and get the seat of yr choice..DC.OceanGrove n Why are adverts louder than programs on t.v. Very annoying , not happy . Scotty n The Clown Liberal Party got in Gov. on Indigenous vote. Fact. CLP pay back by cutting every program that helped Aboriginal people. Fact. Pay back is a bitch CLP. RonTiwi. n so once again the favourite wins the cup BORING Letters LETTER OF THE DAY Daughters life saved byRDH COMPLAINING about RDH is a common pastime in Darwin. Many times I have heard that old adage if in pain get on a plane. I just wanted to share my experience. Last Thursday night my nine-month-old baby girl Kirsty suddenly started having an uncontrollable seizure. This was the most terrifying thing I have ever had to deal with, but the silver lining was the incredible care that we received. From the prompt response from the ambulance, to the gentle manner of the ambulance officers (thanks Karl and Carlo!). We were rushed into RDH and the team there immediately sprung into action and brought her seizures under control. We were soon moved to the ward and the nurses of ward 5B were just awesome. Special thanks to Jessica, Garry and Marg. So if anyone was at RDH last Thursday with a cut finger or a sprained knee and felt that their wait was unduly long, perhaps they can take some comfort in the knowledge that the doctors were not twiddling their thumbs but rather working hard to save my daughters life! Kirsty has made a full recovery and is back to her cheeky self. SarahRenshaw, Jingili Riveting stuff with punters pumped as the Noonamah Frog Races begin on Melbourne Cup Day Picture: HELEN ORR PICK OF THE PICS Goodwork George, get rid of the hoons, they are, look atme, look atme. They have a permanent brain fade. SEEBELOW ONBEHAVIOURNO EXCUSE FORSHOTS n Good on you George, would definitely buy the man a beer if I ever going to meet him! Kevin of Brisbane n Shame the police didnt crush the hoons car, with him in it. He will end up killing an innocent person and then what, sorry doesnt bring back innocent lives.AF ofHD n on ya bloke, the nt is full of this anti social acceptable crap,they are running society,ta ke a bow. adrian soultard of Palmerston n Good on ya mate, I wish you had been given a medal instead of a fine. The police do nothing about it so why shouldnt we. need more men like himof Australia n The $80 fine seems a bit harsh. There will be plenty of mates who will give him more than that in favours & free drinks so he is not out of pocket. Bambang of Coconut Gve n Good work George, get rid of the hoons, they are, look at me, look at me. They have a permanent brain fade. BOBHICA of Stuart Park ONMANS AFRICAN HOSTAGEDRAMA n I feel sorry for the man but he should consider a change in music perhaps try a bit of Yothu Yindi and when you are traveling to West Africa wear a disguise and blend in like a chameleon.Amanda ofMoil n A trip to africa will be going onmy f***thatlist. peter n I still cringe when I think of some of the $hitholes I ventured into in other countries when I was younger. Old Territorian. of Tennant Creek ONDARWINS CHLOE FASHIONWINNER n Ah Chloe youve done good. Just absolutely perfect. Congratulations. Tracey of Darwin n The simplicity of te desigwas a masterstroke whichallowed the fabric design to be the focus. So pleased Merrepen Arts was acknowledged. Chloe looked elegant and did an exceptional job - so proud of her and the Territory. Karen Buckley of Melbourne n Chloe Moo is gorgeous. However, to win around $80k plus in prizes just for wearing clothing is a bit ridiculous... Hopefully Chloe has brains to make the NT proud, not just genetics...Mick of Darwin n You look amazing. Congratulations Anne-Maree of Darwin

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