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Annual report 2008, Menzies School of Health Research



Annual report 2008, Menzies School of Health Research

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Menzies School of Health Research annual report 2008; 2008 Menzies School of Health annual report


Menzies School of Health Research


E-Publications; E-Books; PublicationNT; Menzies School of Health Research annual report; Annual Report






Through scientifi c excellence, education and research the team at Menzies is discovering ways to reduce the impact of disease and improve the health and well-being of people living in Australia and beyond. -- page 4


Made available via the Publications (Legal Deposit) Act 2004 (NT).; Charles Darwin University; Discovery for a healthy tomorrow

Table of contents

Who we are and what we do page 4 -- Where and how we work page 5 -- Menzies Strategic Plan page 6 -- Vision page 7 -- Values page 7 -- Goals page 7 -- The Year at a Glance page 8 -- Financial and Corporate Overview page 12 -- A Message from the Chair page 14 -- A Message from the Director page 16 -- A Message from the Indigenous Development Unit page 18 -- Child Health Division page 21 -- Healing and Resilience Division page 27 -- International Health Division page 33 -- Preventable Chronic Diseases Division page 39 -- Services, Systems and Society Division Page 45 -- Tropical and Emerging Infectious Diseases Division page 51 -- Education and Training Division page 57 -- Corporate Services Division page 63 -- Menzies and the Community page 71 -- Governance page 72 -- Honorary Appointees page 75 -- Research Funding page 76 -- Publications page 84 -- Professional Activities page 92 -- Collaborators page 96 -- page 3




Menzies School of Health Research; Medicine; Research; Annual report

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Menzies School of Health Research

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Menzies School of Health Research annual report; Annual Report




99 pages : colour illustration ; 30 cm.

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Menzies School of Health Research



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https://www.menzies.edu.au/ [Menzie School of Health Research website]

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