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Annual report 2010 - 2011, Northern Territory Grants Commission



Annual report 2010 - 2011, Northern Territory Grants Commission


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16 Annual Report ExECuTIVE OFFICERS MEETING Two Executive Officers meetings were convened during 2010-11. The first was held after the conclusion of the national conference in Melbourne, with the primary topic being the cancellation of the meeting that should have been convened in Canberra in February 2010. A key outcome of this meeting was a firm commitment to ensure future meetings are held annually in Canberra and are convened by the Department of Regional Australia, Regional Development and Local Government. In April 2011, the Department of Regional Australia, Regional Development and Local Government, National Office of Local Government convened a meeting in Canberra of Executive Officers from each state and territory. The Northern Territory Executive Officer, Mr Peter Thornton, attended this meeting. key issues discussed included Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Assistance, the 2011 Census and growth issues, together with presentations from each of the jurisdictions. VISITS TO LOCAL GOVERNING BODIES The rolling visitation program on a shire and municipal basis continued in 2010-11 The program of Commission visits takes three years to complete, although special circumstances may warrant departures from the pre-planned program. The five shire councils and their associated 14 service delivery centres visited this year are listed in Schedule 11. PuBLIC HEARINGS In accordance with section 11 of the Commonwealths Local Government (Financial Assistance) Act 1995, the Commission held one public hearing during the year (in Litchfield on 9 March 2011). FINANCIAL DATA The total revenue and expenditure of councils in the 2009-10 financial year amounted to $465 million and $436 million respectively. Included in these amounts were revenues and expenditures not considered to relate strictly to local governments. Thus, for the 2011-12 allocations, the Commission determined local government income to be $112.452 million and local government expenditure to be $260.745 million. As mentioned in the foreword, it is hoped the numerous delays experienced by the eight new local government shires in presenting financial information have been resolved for future years. The data collected on the returns is used by the Commission to enable an assessment of the income and expenditures of individual councils and to determine total income and expenditure of all local governments in the Northern Territory. It is also used by the ABS in its government financial statistics and national accounts, as well as by the department in its local government performance measurement publications. ANNuAL AuDITED FINANCIAL STATEMENTS Regulation 17 of the Local Government (Accounting) Regulations stipulates that a copy of councils audited annual financial statements are to be forwarded to the Chairman of the Northern Territory Grants Commission no later than 15 November. For the financial year 2009-10, six councils failed to lodge their annual financial statements by the date specified. These councils are listed in Schedule 12. SuBMISSIONS No submissions were presented to the Commission at public hearings or visits during the year. PAYMENTS 2010-11 During 2010-11, grants continued to be paid in quarterly instalments. The total payments to local governing bodies during the year are summarised below. In addition, the Commonwealth advanced the payment of the first quarter of the 2011-12 funding into the 2010-11 financial year as a stimulus measure, to improve councils financial capacity and assist in planning their works program for 2011-12. 8 October 2010 $5 621 361 16 November 2010 $5 621 361 17 February 2011 $5 621 361 17 May 2011 $5 621 418 Total distribution of 2010-2011 payments $22 485 501 23 June 2011 $7 680 741 Total 2011-12 advance payment $7 680 741 Total payment 2011-12 $30 166 242