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Annual report 2010 - 2011, Northern Territory Grants Commission



Annual report 2010 - 2011, Northern Territory Grants Commission


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N O R TH ER N TER R ITO R Y G R A N TS CO M M ISSIO N 17 Annual Report ESTIMATED ENTITLEMENT 2011-12 The estimated entitlements for 2011-12 are based on Commonwealth estimates of the annual CPI and the Territorys share of the national population. ENTITLEMENT 2010-11 The Commonwealth estimates of the annual CPI and the Territorys share of the national population were lower than the actual CPI and population. This resulted in the entitlement for 2010-11 being under-estimated for both the general purpose and roads components, and an underpayment of $69 981 for general purpose and $47 837 for roads a total underpayment of $117 818. Adjustments have been made across all councils based on the data used for the distribution of the estimated entitlement for 2010-11. CASH ENTITLEMENT 2011-12 The cash entitlement for 2011-12 is the estimated entitlement for the year plus the underpayment for general purpose and roads in 2010-11. COMMuNICATION WITH COuNCILS In accordance with its policy to keep all Northern Territory councils informed about its operations and latest developments, the Commission corresponds on a regular basis with individual councils on many issues. The following list summarises the main items sent to all councils during the year. Subject Date Letter advising the estimated entitlements for the 2010-11 General Purpose Grant 5 October 2010 Letter electronically advising the requirement to lodge an annual return 22 October 2010 Distribution of the Commissions Annual Report 4 January 2011 Letter electronically advising the requirement to lodge an annual road return 4 February 2011 Letter advising early release of 2011-12 grants in 2010-11 20 June 2011 The Commission Secretariat undertook a series of shire grant workshops (including the Alice Springs and katherine town councils) First quarter 2010-11 COuNCIL LETTERS OF ADVICE Letters of advice provided in 2010-11 provided the following comprehensive information to councils: i. A sheet detailing the councils grant allocations and payment schedule for 2010-11; ii. A sheet showing the calculation of standardised expenditure and standardised revenue for the council; iii. A matrix showing the application of the three cost adjusters against the various expenditure categories; iv. A bar chart and table showing the cost adjusters calculated for the council which underpin the calculation of standardised expenditures; v. A sheet showing the calculation of the councils identified local road entitlement for 2010-11; and vi. A sheet showing the 2010-11 grant allocations for all Northern Territory councils. A similar package will be provided to each council for the coming year, and this process will continue into the future. REVENuE AND ExPENDITuRE ASSESSMENTS OF LOCAL GOVERNMENTS Revenue and expenditure assessments are included at Schedules 8 and 9. key drivers and a matrix of how the cost adjustors are applied are also included at Appendix B.