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The Northern Territory news Fri 30 Aug 2013



The Northern Territory news Fri 30 Aug 2013

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www.ntnews.com.au Friday, August 30, 2013. NT NEWS. 35 P U B : NTNE-WS-DA-TE:30-AGE:35 CO-LO-R: C-M Y-K Speak Up: SHOULD there be a statue of a jellyfish at the entrance to East Point? NO I thinkMindil Beachwould bebetter becausemost of the tourists go there. DEREKHUNT,DarwinCity YES I dont see a problemwith it. CONNERMOSTERT,Nightcliff NO Id askwhat that represents. It should be something that represents the area better. ANDREARICHARDS,Moulden NO I think themoney would bebetter spent on ahomeless shelter. SARAHHARPER,DarwinCity YESWhynot. Lets add some colour to Darwin. RUSSELLMAZID,Palmerston 0428 NTNEWS (686 397)txt the editor To the idiots sitting in a driving lanewaiting for the boomgate to open at RDH can u please stop it. Its Thursdaymorning and theremust be 10 cars lined up. Its bloody dangerous for other drivers, and pedestrians. ATTENTION Until the holding of the federal election, no texts specifically dealingwith the electionwill be published unless senders provide their full names and addresses. Full names and suburbs only will be published. We reserve the right to verify senders identities by calling senders mobile numbers. ONGILES LAUGHSAT NURSES n Adam Giles. Perhaps you had better check how many nurses are registered to vote in the NT. I can guarantee u have likely lost thousands of votes. How dare u laugh in the faces of us nurses. We work damn hard for our wage, and petitioned for the safety of all who come to RDH. n Giles laughs at nurses. I hope he gets double bunked then we can all have a good laugh.MofMillner n I challenge Mr Giles to come and work beside us in the emergency department. Or better still encourage the same laugh when it is his family member we are trying to provide safe specialist care for amongst the appalling conditions that exist. This double bunking has been occurring for over a year now - I come to work already frightened at what possible instances may occur every single shift. n If Adam Giles is so keen on double bunking then how come he doesnt double bunk his office in the wedding cake building or even his government car.... car pooling would save us heaps. n Adams Giles was not only scoffing at the nurses, he was scoffing at patient safety. In other words, YOUR wives, husbands, sons, daughters, mother, fathers etc. Dave, Fannie Bay n Sit Giles in the naughty corner of RDH for 12 hours & see if he still finds it funny. ONRATES TOSOAR n Darwin City Council and Fong Lim are a joke!! Your rate rises are not justified at all and you are ripping us off! Im fed up with you gouging our money from us! Get rid of Council and get rid of Katrina Fong Lim!Angry, Nightcliff n ON RATES: Darwin City Council is a disgrace. You are increasing rates well above CPI increases which is placing serious financial hardship on so many of us. You are taking our money and giving us nothing in return. I ask the people of Darwin to remember this when next we vote on this irrelevant Council that is ripping us off. Miss Muffet, Karama ONLAWRIEHATES TOURISTS n On Tourists: 1st thing that I agree with Delia Lawrie. Jimmy, Narrows n Tourists keep the Territory afloat Delia Lawrie. I will spread the word that we arent wanted. FM lizzie tourist, Melbourne n Delia Lawrie may hate tourists but the locals hate her, so pack your bags and move 2 queenstown tas where there is no tourists and where you belong.PJ, Hdoo ONOTHERTHINGS n Well done Snowy Klose. Hope I have that much go in mewhen Im 80.Bryan, Gray n Cuts 2 education: Chandler and CLP burying our children. Letters LETTER OF THE DAY Cheaperway to stop boats AUSTRALIANS have to be dismayed if not disgusted at the ineptitude of our Government in dealing with uninvited and unwanted waterborne invaders. All this hugely expensive and wasteful nonsense on Manus could have been avoided by simply distributing a few million dollars amongst the police chiefs and harbour masters of relevant Indonesian ports. Of course such donations would have to exceed those they are getting now from people smugglers. Bribery? No, just an understanding that people only work if there is a benefit. It might be that important persons at Jakarta would need to get what the Soprano family always referred to as a slice but we gave Indonesia $540 million in aid last year and expect to supply $640 million this year. If that is insufficient to gain co-operation, a similar contribution could energise our northern neighbours to halt the arrivals at Jakarta airport from proceeding direct to leaky boats. This would remove an irritating problem for our navy, probably save some lives, and prevent the cost to taxpayers running into the billions of dollars as is currently forecast. J B Toner, Palmerston Parks and Wildlife remove a dead dugong found washed up along the Nightcliff foreshore Picture: MICHAEL FRANCHI PICK OF THE PICS Their job is to keep the streets clean, the drains flowing, newbooks in the libraries, the trees pruned, the rubbish emptied. SEEBELOW ON JELLYFISHMAY SINKWARART n How about they put some effort in keeping rates down? Instead of dreaming up ways to spend money. Geez of Darwin n At least they can come up with (silly) ideas, unlike the halfwits at Palmerston council who spend all their time fighting like two little gangs of kids. A jellyfish monument? When will the councils realise that their job is to keep the streets clean, the drains flowing, new books in the libraries, the trees pruned, the rubbish emptied, and thats about it! Leave the visible stuff to the grown ups! Capt Cook n Couldnt they just paint the table tennis table and hang out of a tree at East Point??? Nev n This story is a bit too wobbly for me! NT WAL of Darwin n The jellyfish Draws on the qualities and attributes of Darwin? Perhaps it should be placed there as a warning & memorial to those whove lost their lives to jellyfish! $150,000!!! Another example of wasting taxpayers money. A WWII memorials appropriate 2 celebrate the lives & sacrifices of the poor souls who died in WWII. Hang the need for controversy & uniqueness. Mr Lewis has my vote. Im a published & recognisde artist & a memorial of our ANZACs would remember life lost through art. Sam Davies of NewPenrith resident n Is the Jellyfish Sculpture, as depicted in the artists impression, advisable for a Cyclone Prone City? Hamlet of Tiwi ONRATES TOHIT $2000 INNEXTDECADE n Theyre asking for a rival company to do their job for much less... Luka of Darwin n This is disgusting! Fong Lim your days are numbered I hope. Its hard enough living in Darwin but clearly you dont care about that. Soon there will be no one left living here and you will not collect any rates. Cassie of Darwin n Air fares are expected to rise, the only way we can pay for the mayors and councellors many overseas trips is to jack up the rates!! Mug ratepayer of Darwin n More pay rises for the council coming up.... what a perfect way to fund it. Them and us...Mack of Rural n Yeah, well, Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley is up to around $1500 for the year and now they have cut our tip hours down to only 3 hours per day, and we get 1 free trailer load of rubbish at the dump and then we have to pay. Looks like there will be no cyclone clean-up for me this year! Smoke That of Not in Darwin,WA n Another reason to get rid of these bloodsucking councils. What are they actually good for? Ian of Rural n If their excuse it to be believed, thanks CLP for reducing the cost of living as you promised. JP of Darwin