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12 The Wagaitear, October 2013 from the quarterdeck with the Admiral Darwin Harbour tide times October sponsored by How is this for a winning streak? Cliff Taylor of Wagait Beach was the lucky punter who won the boat at the boat show this year. Its an impressive boat worth some $20,000. But wait, there is more. Only days later, Cliff won a quad bike. What luck! Hands up who likes mowing the lawn? It is safe to say its one of the jobs we all hate. One Uhr Road resident has a solution. Instead of mowing, burn the grass the whole lot. It cleans up the yard, and no more mowing. Genius. Lorraine Gardener our resident historian is asking for your help. She is looking for any photos, memorabilia or stories from Wagait Beach or Mandorah. Being a historian, no doubt the older the better, but Lorraine is interested in any information that people have. If you have something, contact Lorraine on 8978 5484. A community not unlike our own in its reliance on a ferry service can finally breathe a sigh of relief. A big hurray for SeaLink in taking on the Tiwi ferry run. The Seacat did its first run to the Tiwi Islands on September 25. SeaLink have their entire fleet complete now with cute MV James arriving mid September. Talking of the SeaLink run to Tiwi, one absent minded Wagait local got on it thinking she was heading to Mandorah. She didnt realise it was going to Tiwi until the deckie asked her where she thought she was going! The shire council has been asked to become a GPS monitoring point. It appears that for reasons at this stage unknown, the wet season causes problems with GPS accuracy, and supplier Trimble want to measure this affect so the company can fix it. Perhaps our biggest but most reluctant celebrity (sorry Nick) is author Nick Bland. Nick had his 40th birthday recently and while the party was a cracker as we all expected it would be, one of the highlights was Nicks Mums speech. She was unguarded in sharing inside stories of Nick as a youngster and forthcoming about her pride in him as an established and adored author. Copyright. The National Tidal Facility Australia Flinders University of South Australia. DISCLAIMER: These tidal predictions are supplied in good faith and believed to be correct. No warranty is given in respect of errors, omission or suitability for any purpose. Monday Friday Operations Weekend and Public Holiday Operations Departs Cullen Bay Departs Mandorah Departs Cullen Bay Departs Mandorah 5:45 6:00 6:30 6:45 6.:30 6:45 7:00 7:20 7:00 7:20 9:00 9:20 7:45 8:00 11:00 11:20 9:00 9:20 12:00 12:20 11:00 11:20 13:00 13:20 13:00 13:20 15:00 15:20 15:00 15:20 17:00 17:20 17:00 17:20 18:00 18:20 18:00 18:20 20:00 20:20 19:00 19:20 22:00 22:20 21:00 21:20 00:00* 00:20* 23:00 23:20 - - 00:00* 00:20* - - *Friday nights only *Saturday nights only not Public Holidays www.sealinknt.com.au Ph. 1300 130 679