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The Wagaitear, October 2013 9 I couldnt stop laughing when I read the article in the September issue of the Wagaitear on the new ferry. I could almost hear the shouting down here WHAT NO BEER. Brought back some wonderful memories of the old Darwin Dutchess and the fun we used to have on that. It was a six can trip if you were lucky and some nights when Gordon Onn owned it. It would have been quicker to drive, even on the old Cox Pen Road. I have a feeling that if it would have happened back then it wouldnt have taken too long for the fellows to organise a bus to get everyone home if it was going to be a dry trip. Good luck and Ill be thinking of all the old timers when I crack a can at 4pm. Glenda Cunningham To the editor Amused Concerned Chemicals used include lead, uranium, mercury, hydrochloric acid, formaldehyde and arsenic. Risks of this contaminated fracking fluid and escaped methane gas entering aquifer and contaminating drinking water. Where gas is found, drill sites are located every kilometre of so in lines. Land clearing fragments landscapes for roads, exploration, pipes. There is damage to bush land, agricultural land, cultural sites, fishing and National Parks. The beauty of our land and sea marred by ugly gas industrialisation. Reduced value of properties? The NT has a very weak regu latory framework. Landowners do not have to be advised that an application for exploration is being considered over their land. Landowners are not able to prevent exploration on their land. Landowners can object but there are time limits. Luckily, some Wagait locals are alert to this claim before it has even been advertised (gazetted) Once this happens, residents will have two months to lodge formal objections. As soon as the claim is gazetted, our Wagait residents group Dont Frack the Cox will hold a public meeting where we will explain the details of the claim & what we can do individually and collectively to fight it. If you would like to be added to an e-mailing list, please leave your address on the sheet at the shop. We hope to have a Facebook page and website up soon to keep people connected. There will be details there of how to object. Ally Richmond Wagait Beach Resident From Dont Frack the Cox We are alarmed that a proposal for a petroleum exploration licence (EP255) is being sought by NT Gas Aus Pty Ltd to look for oil and gas on the Cox Peninsula. Our understanding is that this area extends from the western edge of Darwin River, to the Southern edge of Litchfield, and through Dundee, Belyuen and Wagait Beach communities. We see massive risks in this exploration. The resource itself is not easily accessible; it is a dirty fossil fuel source in shale rocks 1-3 km underground. Usually needs horizontal fracking to crack deep shale rocks. Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is the process of drilling and injecting water and chemicals (fracking fluid) into the ground at a high pressure in order to fracture shale rocks to release natural gas inside. Fracking is a new and dangerous mining technique. It poses enormous risks. In memory of Angila Mahuika 28/8/1964 - 25/9/2013 BY SHOLTO BROWN Angie was born in Grey mouth New Zealand on August 28 1964 to Marge and Ben Mahuika and younger sister to Gina and Lance. Whilst growing up she lived in Greymouth, Motueka, Mapua and Nelson. Her father was a timber cutter. Angie moved to Australia in 1985 to Hawks Nest NSW and later moved to Perth, she worked various jobs in the city before getting a job in the gold mines in Leonora. Angie drove 50 and 85 tonne dump trucks and in those days they were often rough and wild places to work, windrows and safety departments were not even thought of. You did your job as fast as you could, a definite mans world, but Angie earnt the respect of her co-workers and was considered one of the best machinery operators in the area. She met me, a mechanic, in 1989 and we worked together in the mines around Leonora and Southern Cross before deciding to have a look at the Northern Territory. We ended up in Darwin and lived in Howard Springs for a while, before moving to Hayes Creek and once again working in the Gold Mines. We bought the Banyans, an old Chinese Garden Lease in 1995 and it became our Shangri-la. There was no water, power, house, toilet but we hand built the place up over ten years into a beautiful home. Sarah our first daughter was born in 1997 in Katherine and Angie was her tutor via Katherine School of the air also dealing with wet season floods, wild storms, bushfires and regular home incursions from death adders, brown snakes and huge pythons. It was nothing to see Angie hanging out the washing with the old .410 shotgun leaning against the wall nearby. She fell in love with the bush and wild brumbies that used to bring their young to feed on our lawns of clover. Nyah was born in 2003 also at Katherine hospital. It became clear that it was going to be too tough on both girls without any other kids to play and interact with so we made the difficult decision to sell the Banyans and moved to Pine Creek for a year before moving to Wagait in 2006. Angie worked for Hardy Aviation and Aeromill Pacific at the Darwin airport. Angie was a keen touch rugby player and won Best and Fairest in 2009. She loved her gardens at Wagait and really looked forward to weekends at home hardly leaving the block. Angie was one of the most compassionate, loving and practical people I knew and I am so proud and happy to have had the last 24 years with her. There will be a funeral service for Angila on Wednesday October 2 at 3 pm in Darwin. Following the service there will be gathering at the Sailing Club in Fannie Bay from 5 pm Angie Mahuika A young woman of courage, now at rest. Our thoughts and wishes are with Sholto, Sarah and Nyah Chris and Jack