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v. 12 no. 10

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10 The Wagaitear, October 2013 Across 1 Relatively long-bodied reptile (6) 4 Salted and smoked herring (6) 9 Innumerable but many (informal) (7) 10 A male member of a religious order (5) 11 Aquatic South American rodent (5) 12 Range within which a voice can be heard (7) 13 A member of parliament not holding senior office (11) 18 Have ownership or control of (7) 20 Articulatio talocruralis (5) 22 Young of any of various canines (5) 23 Criticism or censure (7) 24 According with custom or propriety (6) 25 Extreme mental retardation (6) Down 1 Get going; give impetus to (6) 2 Quick and energetic (5) 3 Male roe deer (7) 5 Establish by deduction (5) 6 Please (archaic) (7) 7 Unusual, and perhaps worthy of collecting (6) 8 Not essential (11) 14 Grim and minimally functional (7) 15 Indicated approval (as after a performance) (7) 16 Engenders (6) 17 A room where bells are hung (6) 19 Force to leave (5) 21 Former capital of Japan (5) Answers to last puzzle T I F F W O R D S 84 In an emergency Life-threatening medical Duty Remote Medical Practitioner 000 or 8922 8888 Wagait Beach Clinic Tues/Thurs 5 pm to 8 pm NT HealthDirect (medical advice) 1800 022 222 Police 000, 131 444 Fire 89 785 176 Power and Water 1800 245 090 NT Emergency Services Cox Peninsula 000 Gday all, hope your lines are tight and your fishing has been successful. With the late neap tides which have shown small difference between tidal movements, we have seen some of the bluest water nature can bring us. The expected drizzle in September really stirred up the creeks up bringing on great fishing. Earlier in the month the jetty displayed some awesome mac action using live bait. The queenies have been all over the poppers, and the GTs cant get enough of a free swimming bait around the pylons. Out past the harbour we have seen macs in their thousands and tuna smashing the surface. There was a tourist that some how fluked one of our spectacular GTs on a little K-Mart special, needless to say it was rather disappointing to us locals. Because Im such a genius, I though I would get down to the jetty an hour early for the school ferry and not bring a rod. The stupidity of my actions lost me the first Tuna school spotted within 20 meters of the jetty. Overall September has been quite an unexpected month with not a great deal of action seen around the Peninsula. Hopefully October will bring me the magic metre barra with the weather really starting to heat up. Until next time, rods in hands. James Arratta On the hook with JAMES ARRATTA The Wagaitear is interested to hear about your fishing wins. If you have a good story or a good photo you want to brag about, please forward it to Anna at wagaitear@gmail.com or have a chat with James, our resident fishing reporter. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 R E P S V E R B A T I M E O E Y E E I S C I E N C E L I L A C T L Z L L L A L O U S Y I N S T E P E M D R F S U B S E T F R E S C O S E L A R S E N A T E T O T E M B F B T H O E U L T R A S P E A K E R L E C G R E L B L A C K R O D E N V Y