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The Northern Territory news Tue 30 Jul 2013

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www.ntnews.com.au Tuesday, July 30, 2013. NT NEWS. 13 P U B : NTNE-WS-DA-TE:30-JGE:13 CO-LO-R: C-M Y-K Onlyway to fix this is to increase the population base in the NT. . . SEEBELOW ONCOSTOF LIVING IN DARWIN n Cant wait until the next big gas deal is signed. Then there will be even more benefits to share around! Capt Cook n Bottled water isnt an everyday expense its a silly expenditure. Darwin is very expensive and that has always been the case. The Power Water rises are making it exceptionally difficult and you can bet your bottom dollar Mr Giles the town will be dead as a door nail post Inpex. Darwin chick of D Town n Terry Mills and the CLPs totally believable election promise bearing fruit. CLP FAIL again.Mack of Rural n Yeah, I recall the military build-up and the gas boom was supposed to save the Territory. Then lookwhat happened.Hairy of Palmerston n Try drinking the tap water. It may have gone up in price, but its still a lot cheaper than bottled. Unlike many of our southern city cousins the tap water in Darwin is great. Steve of Stuart Park n So what this is telling me is that Darwin is cheaper than 11 other overseas countries and dearer than cities that dont have to freight everything in. Hmmm. Good stuff. Good reason for all you southerners here to stuff the place up to go back down south. Instead of complaining, start driving. Fred of NT n Only way to fix this is to increase the population base in the NT. The bigger the buying power, the more competition & more demand will bring prices for groceries down. How to do that is another matter. Wouldnt hurt to look at those freight charges which were meant to decrease with rail 7. How come gas power costs so much? It is cheaper to get to the power plant than coal, which has to be processed, freighted and stockpiled. Figures for power generation dont add up.Ouch ONRAPE CRISIS CENTRES FUNDS CUT n Organisations need to improve their volunteer recruitment and fundraising ability through events. The days of relying on taxpayer-funded cheques are long gone. Its about time the NT had more events, imagination and enthusiasm for fundraising. Jenna of Darwin n And the Treasurer says he didnt know about it. What is going on? Cut funding to domestic violence services, freak out when theres backlash, so backflip and add $20,000. Didnt even think about the implications of not re-funding this important service . . . what else is going to happen? There are already a ton of youth and family support services reducing capacity because of reduced funding and yet do huge amounts of work in areas that are apparently priority. Seriously?Wtf n Read the article on 11yr olds: re birth control. Its pretty obvious that no one with the power to do something worthwhile in either case is prepared to give total support to all victims of sexual assault. Cutting funding for those trying to assist the victims is tantamount to condoning the assaults. Is there so little left of societys morals that we dont see anything wrong with this outrage against our women and children? A sad indictment to say the least.Oldfart of Darwin SpeakUp: SHOULDtheGovernmentbail outPacificAluminiumwith taxpayersmoneytosavetheNhulunbuyrefinery? YESBecause Iwork at the refinery it should stay open. GABRIELLEGIMA,Nhulunbuy YESBecausemy son isworking there. SUSANSCHEBECK,Nhulunbuy DONTKNOWWell, they bail every other companyout. But this placewill never shut down, its a central hub. Thegas stuff is just politics. KENGENTLE,Nhulunbuy YESSowe can continue to live here and carry on with our lives. JOHNKENNEDY,Nhulunbuy NEUTRALMaybe its not such good value for the taxpayers just nowbut I dontwant to leave. STEVENRYDING,Nhulunbuy 0428 NTNEWS (686 397)txt the editor Australias Got Talent. If thats the casewhy is it so hard to find someone thats got a bit to host the show?Or to vote for in themajority of elections Chap, Achills ONPOLITICS n Everything old is new again. Menzies & the Liberals took the children away in the past & now Giles & the CLP are taking the gas away. Bryan, Gray n The Fed. Gov is going 2 increase its funding & the NT Gov reduce its funding 2 schools. Whats wrong with that? Oh, bush schools might have better classes. Ron, Berrimah n LP Progress 2 Date Gas 2 Gove deal scrapped; gas reserve policy scrapped; Gonski education millions refused; power & water prices skyrocket; plenty of jobs for mates; Arafura Games cancelled; Medi Hotel 2 costly 2 run they say, so turn it over 2 drunks 2 escape from! Whats that cost? What else can they come up with? Hmmmmm! Greg, Leanyer n The only thing Terry Mills did that he said he was gunna do in his time in office is cancel the banned drinkers register! All the rest was just porkies! He must be proud! From PizzaBoy n Three years in waiting. Carefully plotting his revenge. Then changing the rules to preserve his own long-term interests. Whats next on the agenda Kev? Kissing babies? Here we go again. roll out Rudd The Dudd! Wayne Arbon ONOTHERTHINGS n Man escaped alcohol rehab, barbed wire and a better fence.Amused n Alcohol Rehab Centre what a JOKE this is same person has escaped twice. How much money has been spent to extend fences, add extra fences etc? And the clients are still able to escape. The Medihotel should be used for the purpose it was built. n Overheard at private hospital. Woman said been in private insurance for 35 years. Doctor says serious health issue but cant get a bed. Why?Annie, Town n 2 traumatised H/Doo. I bet the drop-off zone wasnt busy either. Stupid rule airport. Rosco, Bakewell n Bye bye Rio Tinto, but be fore you leave please fix the RED PONDS to stop from leaching into the ocean. Karl, Goveite n One reason I dont want their boat people here is because when their children go 2 school things like Christmas they dont celebrate so we have 2 miss out. Why is this so? Its our country. n Re: birth control for 11 & 12 yr olds. If they have ever got their period they could get pregnant if they had sex just once, whether consensual or not. From prevention all theway n Cost of living. Seriously, Jarrod n Ash. Why dont u get $1 loaf bread? And Darwin has the best tap water in the world . . . perhaps no1s told u that? Also cheeses bad 4u! Suzi, Nightcliff n So u think NT highways are bad. Go try some NSW highways like Olympic Hwy then u will know a bad road. Long distances & fatigue are big problems in NT. Tourist fromNSW n Re: smacking. No its not OK. Hurting their body is not discipline. How would u like it if workmates slapped or hit u every time u do the wrong thing? From physically/emotionally abused child Letters LETTER OF THE DAY Refugee policy race to bottom WHAT a tangled web we weave. Cast your mind back to late August 2001 when the good ship Tampa sailed over the horizon and unknowingly saved Howards moribund government from political oblivion. Howard sent in his governments armed wing, the SAS, to subdue the pregnant women and children amongst the desperate 433 refugees. Was this the genesis of the diabolical mess we find ourselves in today? The issue of refugees and the displacement and movement of people is complex, dynamic, worldwide and ongoing always was, always will be. There is no solution; it was a question of management, meeting our international, humanitarian and moral obligations and exercising some vision and leadership. A mature, politically bipartisan regional strategy could have managed the problem. Unfortunately our politicians chose to use the issue as a political football to further their own ends. We are now suffering the consequences of their disgusting behaviour and multibillion-dollar bills. This problem is of our own making. We have manufactured our own brand of political prisoner and one-star concentration camps. It is now just a race to the bottom. GrahamKirby, Nightcliff Top End baseballer Greg Mosel leaves for the US state of Missouri next month to take up a sport scholarship Picture: DANIEL HARTLEY-ALLEN PICK OF THE PICS

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