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The Northern Territory news Fri 12 Jul 2013



The Northern Territory news Fri 12 Jul 2013

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www.ntnews.com.au Friday, July 12, 2013. NT NEWS. 39 P U B : NTNE-WS-DA-TE:12-JGE:39 CO-LO-R: C-M Y-K SpeakUp: SHOULD Senator Trish Crossin be touring Europe when she is not coming back to Parliament? NO Its pretty typical ofwhat politicians get. RODHOARE,HumptyDoo DONTKNOW Cant do anything about it. LUKENEABE,Virginia NOPollies get paid so muchwhen they retire. MELISSADUGGAN,DinahBeach NONot if it doesnt benefit us. EZRAWOODWARD,Moulden YES Give her a last hurrah. JAMESCRANE,FannieBay 0428 NTNEWS (686 397)txt the editor To Had Enough I agree.Whenmy sonwas learning to drive I told him just cause light turns green dont just take off, always check for the clown that is going to run a red light. ONKEVINRUDD n The dog in the photo of KRudd speaking in Arnhem Land on page 4 has got the right idea, its all a load of hot piss! CDOTM n The dog & people behind clearly show what they think of kevins speech. sjf n Hey who cares if Rudd the Dud cut his face while shaving. fromMel k Darwin City ONTRISH CROSSIN EUROSTUDYTOUR n Good one Trish, you come to us looking for sympathy then shaft us by this massive waste of our tax paidmoney!!! n Bad enough we had no choice in paying for the Crossins holidays but im shattered to think we probably paid for that stupid hat? Lets hope she learns a bit about fashion on our trip? Chap achills n I am a liberal supporter and felt sorry for Crossin when she was dumped but she has just shown her true colours. Another greedy pollie with her snout in the trough. Mike, Berrimah. n If Trish read NT News shed know that 100s have visited Inpex & that NLC went to a nuclear waste dump in Spain. Your snout is in the trough n Good in ya Trish Im a tax payer and more the. Happy to shout yas over to Europe!! Considering what our useless last prime minister done to ya mate! Sandy,Wulagi ONOTHERTHINGS n Well Vista Gold (Mt Todd), if u aint got the $ 2 fill a hole, simple, dont dig. Ron Berrimah n As a litchfield shire rate payer I am pretty angry about the new fee to dump green waste at the h/springs dump. Sure charge the comercial operators, but for the general person doing a weekend clean up you have to be joking n How do atheists express the term omg? n BEER CAN REGATTA, NOT BOAT CAN REGATTA Take that to the judge. You guys must be from interstate! n To regular bus rider 10/7. While I agree that the smelly drunk itinerants on the bus can be offensive to many people. What exactly is offensive about having a tat too? Would find my mothers tattoo commemorating her family offensive? I understand that not everyone wants tattoos, but most are not offensive. n On Territory food. You always see the Chefs of the restaurant and the meat they are holding up. What about taking a photo of the poor Butcher at 4 oclock in morn cutting the meat to the Chefs and restaurants expections. VICTHEBUTCHER. n We had a single mother of one renting in Brinken we had to take her to court to get her out after she was nearly ten thousand $ in arrears she seemed nice at the time and now she is renting again. I dont blame people for being fussy.Rob n Territory police go hi tec Nine News 10/7. How can someone smash their car into a wall, spend up to 4mins there & not get cort in the act? Oh, i know! Concered Dada.Wulagi. n Ha, ha! Territorians could be forgiven for wondering if the dry season is over already! (...and another thing, Ed, 9/7). Very funny. Have we actually had any true dry season this year, and did we actually get any kind of wet season preceding? Sorry, if we did I think I missed it. Pete 11Mile. Letters LETTER OF THE DAY Toss plan off the cliff I SHOULDNT laugh but the Leaning Tower of Pisa will have nothing on the Collapsing Restaurant of Nightcliff Foreshore. People are attracted to the Leaning Tower but what value is there in a cantilevered dog box on a narrow strip between the Nightcliff pool and an eroding cliff face? What will be the selling point? Come and enjoy our crumble? You dont need a PhD in geomorphology (although I have one) to see what happened to the last dodgy structure built on the cliff edge and from this estimate the rate of cliff face retreat. The cliff face has retreated about 30m in the past 60 years, or half a metre a year. A restaurant cantilevered to the cliff edge would begin to collapse in its first year and within 10 years would require massive rock revetments like those at Nightcliff Beach. The amenity of the cliff top and rock platform should not be sacrificed to become a playground for consultants and council engineers. How could a restaurant destined to fail in so many ways possibly justify such expense? Dr TimStone,NSW Alice Springs Desert Park has a new eagle named Aurora, who is being kept at the park due to a broken wing Picture: JUSTIN BRIERTY PICK OF THE PICS I support Novas place in the Senate and Trish has had a great run and should be proud of her efforts SEEBELOW ONRAM-RAIDERS CAUGHTONCAMERA n I like the idea of naming and shaming! Wipe the smiles off their faces in court.Pop ofNT n Arent parents accountable for their kids actions anymore? If not lock the kids away until the damages are paid for from the pocket money they receive while in Jail. Stretch of Palmerston n Stealing and damage to property someone else has worked hard for . . . LOCK THESE IDIOTS UP!!! Theyve probably done it before and they will probably do it again, they are a threat to society and deserve to be in jail. Life will be better without these scumbags! Fed up n So the shop owner spent thousands of dollars on CCTV, had 20k of damage done to their shop, will have their insurance premiums go up, only to see the scumbags that caused all the damage get off with a stern warning. The scumbags will be at it again before the end of the month. SDof Darwin n A slap over the hand and they will walk free. Make the idiots pay for all the damage, lets see them laugh about it then. P***ed Off Voter & Taxpayer of Northlakes n doesnt matter if cops catch em UNDER 18 AND UNTOUCHABLE BY LAW!!!! Thanks again for that you do gooders who have made this happen.wilbur of darwin ONRUDD LEAVES CROSSINOUT n Welcome to Darwin and the Northern Territory, Mr Rudd! I am so pleased to see you here. Labor has my complete support now and at the forthcoming election.MarkM n Just number all the boxes below the line. Ensure you number Nova Peris last. I support Kevin Rudd and Labor, but I dont support a dictatorship on who our elective members are. So in the interest of keeping Australia out of the hands of Tony Abbott, I will vote Labor. All bets are off if Malcolm Turnbull is nominated as leader of the oposition.Hello of Darwin n I support Novas place in the Senate and Trish has had a great run and should be proud of her efforts. But noone has a right to a place in the Parliament it is a privilege. Rather than the farce and squabbles that the ex-PM created with her Captains pick I urge the National ALP Executive to develop an Emilys List style Committee to encourage an orderly, structured and transparent pathway for outstand ing indigenous Candidates to become Parliamentarians. Dudley of Darwin ONTHE IPLOD GENERATION n So I guess the coppers will get real good at Angry Birds. Blubloodedbeast of Alawa n This may be okay on one hand but on the other it is more and more a case of Big Brother tactics. In this day and age, George Orwells 1984 is well and truly part of our lives. The intrusion of technology has well and truly strippped away our privacy. Upright Christian