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Sun newspapers Wed 31 Jul 2013


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WEDNESDAY, July 31, 2013. Sun Newspapers 3 SUNNewspapers >> General News For information at any time visit www.ichthysproject.com Keep up-to-date with the Ichthys Project Every second Wednesday in the Sun Ichthys Project Update Contact us Construction job enquiries 08 8980 9999 Dredging and GEP community feedback 1800 705 010 Onshore construction community feedback 1300 724 795 enquiries@inpex.com.au www.ichthysproject.com This fortnight, work continues on the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arine construction Safety zone - Lets work together to keep safe 3OHDVHVWD\PDZD\IURPGUHGJLQJYHVVHOV HTXLSPHQWDQGWKHFRQVWUXFWLRQDFWLYLWLHVQHDUWKH PRGXOHRIRDGLQJIDFLOLW\DQGMHWW\DW%OD\GLQ3RLQW It is for your and our teams safety $OZD\VFKHFNIRUKD]DUGVDQGVDIHW\]RQHVLQ1RWLFH WR0DULQHUVDWZZZGDUZLQSRUWQWJRYDX .HHSDJRRGORRNRXWSDUWLFXODUO\IRUQHZEXR\V in the harbour Thanks for continuing to share the roads with us and keeping VDIHW\IURQWRIPLQG:LWKDORWRISHRSOHRQWKHURDGWKLVGD\ IRUHFDVWJLYHV\RXDQLQGLFDWLRQRIWKHRYHUDOO3URMHFWWUDQVSRUW PRYHPHQWVDFURVVVSHFLFURDGVUHWXUQWULSVSHUGD\IRUWKH QH[WIHZPRQWKV)RUPRUHGHWDLOHGVSHFLFDQGIUHTXHQW WUDQVSRUWLQIRUPDWLRQKHDGWRWKHZHEVLWHRUGURSXVDOLQH 90-day transport look-ahead Next month, the Project will be talking to the community about a number of topics, including its management of social impacts. .HHSUHDGLQJWKHSun Newspaper LQ$XJXVWIRUPRUHLQIRUPDWLRQ 0 50 100 150 200 250July August September 300 350 400 450 Tiger Brennan Dr Stuart Hwy Channel Island/Wickham Point Rd Arnhem Hwy Jenkins Rd Howards SpringsIntersection MAIN ROUTES NUMBER OF RETURN TRIPS PER DAY %HDZDUHRIQLJKWOLJKWLQJRQFKDQQHOPDUNHUVYHVVHOV obstructions and buoys 'RQWQDYLJDWHEHWZHHQWKHRUDQJHDVKLQJOLJKWVRQ RDWLQJHTXLSPHQW 1HYHUDQFKRULQWKHVKLSSLQJFKDQQHO 7RQGRXWPRUHDERXWVDIHW\LQIRUPDWLRQSOHDVHYLVLWRXU website at www.ichthysproject.com ,I\RXZRXOGOLNHPRUHLQIRUPDWLRQRQPDULQH FRQVWUXFWLRQWUDQVSRUWPRYHPHQWVRURXU DFFRPPRGDWLRQYLOODJHSOHDVHJHWLQWRXFK RUYLVLWZZZLFKWK\VSURMHFWFRPDX Take advantage of our low management fees 7% + GST CALL TODAY FOR A FREE RENTAL OR SALES APPRAISAL 8941 3222 Dont leave your property vacant ANY LONGER 3/44 Cavenagh Street Darwin www.stockdaleleggo.com.au/darwin Have say on masterplan Successful planning can identify opportunities TERRITORIANS are being invited to have their say on how the Darwin area should develop. The NT Planning Commission wants comment and feedback about the development of a Greater Darwin Regional Land Use Plan. A Briefing Note was released last week detailing the process, scope and key issues to be discussed and addressed in the creation of a regional land use plan. NTPC chairman Gary Nairn said the publication of the Note was the start of an ongoing conversation about the needs and aspirations of the community, and the most sustainable way to achieve them. Successful planning can identify opportunities, create sustainable growth, protect assets and connect people and place, he said. The Planning Commissions role is to facilitate discussion around these concepts and to provide guidance to assist the community. The Greater Darwin area encompasses the sub-regions of Darwin, Palmerston, East Arm, Litchfield, Cox Peninsula, Finniss and Coomalie. Mr Nairn said the NTPC is reviewing existing planning documents to further inform the Greater Darwin Land Use Plan, including the Greater Darwin Plan 2012 and Planning for Greater Darwin: A Dynamic Harbour City. We understand that good work has been undertaken previously, and we want to build on this work, he said. The NTPC will be seeking input from government agencies, stakeholders and the community to ensure a thorough analysis. He said the final plan will have two parts a long-range Land Use Structure Plan outlining the where and why, and a shorterterm companion plan called a Development Strategy, outlining the sequence and timing of specific projects. While the Planning Commission would appreciate early feedback on the issues raised in the Briefing Note, the development of this plan will occur over the coming months and further discussion papers on specific areas and issues will also be progressively released for public comment, said Mr Nairn. Visit the website www.planningcommission .nt.gov.au Lily Zhong and the miracle berries. Picture: PATRINA MALONE Berry good way to sweeten LILY Zhong has a wild treat for diabetes sufferers and parents looking to encourage their kids to eat more fruit and vegetables. The miracle berry bush she has propagated for years in her garden turns ordinary foods into sweet treats. The tomato is especially good, said the 51-year-old student co-ordinator. The West African fruit synsepalum dulcificum is a boon to dieters as it tricks the tastebuds with a glycoprotein called miraculin. For 20 minutes to up to two hours, the tongue is tricked as the miraculin blocks acid receptors, and partially blocks bitter tastes. Lemons taste like lemonade and granny smith apples taste like sugar. The Nakara resident and her partner Ping Lu, 51, have set up a sign outside their home to encourage people to come inside and try their berries. Mr Lu said the berries were perishable and lost their potency when frozen, freeze dried or refrigerated. They must be eaten fresh. Luckily they can fruit from late May to late August. To try the miracle fruit email topendmiraclefruits@yahoo .com.au or call Lily on 0405 027 697.

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