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Sun newspapers Wed 31 Jul 2013


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WEDNESDAY, July 31, 2013. Sun Newspapers 9 SUNNewspapers >> General News Ichthys Project Update Contact us Construction job enquiries 08 8980 9999 Dredging and GEP community feedback 1800 705 010 Onshore construction community feedback 1300 724 795 enquiries@inpex.com.au www.ichthysproject.com This fortnight, work continues on the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arine construction Safety zone - Lets work together to keep safe 3OHDVHVWD\PDZD\IURPGUHGJLQJYHVVHOV HTXLSPHQWDQGWKHFRQVWUXFWLRQDFWLYLWLHVQHDUWKH PRGXOHRIRDGLQJIDFLOLW\DQGMHWW\DW%OD\GLQ3RLQW It is for your and our teams safety $OZD\VFKHFNIRUKD]DUGVDQGVDIHW\]RQHVLQ1RWLFH WR0DULQHUVDWZZZGDUZLQSRUWQWJRYDX .HHSDJRRGORRNRXWSDUWLFXODUO\IRUQHZEXR\V in the harbour Thanks for continuing to share the roads with us and keeping VDIHW\IURQWRIPLQG:LWKDORWRISHRSOHRQWKHURDGWKLVGD\ IRUHFDVWJLYHV\RXDQLQGLFDWLRQRIWKHRYHUDOO3URMHFWWUDQVSRUW PRYHPHQWVDFURVVVSHFLFURDGVUHWXUQWULSVSHUGD\IRUWKH QH[WIHZPRQWKV)RUPRUHGHWDLOHGVSHFLFDQGIUHTXHQW WUDQVSRUWLQIRUPDWLRQKHDGWRWKHZHEVLWHRUGURSXVDOLQH 90-day transport look-ahead Next month, the Project will be talking to the community about a number of topics, including its management of social impacts. .HHSUHDGLQJWKHSun Newspaper LQ$XJXVWIRUPRUHLQIRUPDWLRQ 0 50 100 150 200 250 July August September 300 350 400 450 Tiger Brennan Dr Stuart Hwy Channel Island/ Wickham Point Rd Arnhem Hwy Jenkins Rd Howards Springs Intersection MAIN ROUTES NUMBER OF RETURN TRIPS PER DAY %HDZDUHRIQLJKWOLJKWLQJRQFKDQQHOPDUNHUVYHVVHOV obstructions and buoys 'RQWQDYLJDWHEHWZHHQWKHRUDQJHDVKLQJOLJKWVRQ RDWLQJHTXLSPHQW 1HYHUDQFKRULQWKHVKLSSLQJFKDQQHO 7RQGRXWPRUHDERXWVDIHW\LQIRUPDWLRQSOHDVHYLVLWRXU website at www.ichthysproject.com ,I\RXZRXOGOLNHPRUHLQIRUPDWLRQRQPDULQH FRQVWUXFWLRQWUDQVSRUWPRYHPHQWVRURXU DFFRPPRGDWLRQYLOODJHSOHDVHJHWLQWRXFK RUYLVLWZZZLFKWK\VSURMHFWFRPDX The Mirage is towed along the tarmac at RAAF Base Darwin by the Static Display Aircraft Support team. Picture: ADF Changing of the gate guards SOME of RAAF Base Darwins longest-term residents are having a makeover. Two Bloodhound missiles standing guard outside RAAF Darwin and a Mirage fighter jet at the base memorial garden are being repaired and repainted. Commanding Officer of No.13 Squadron Robert Graham said the restoration project had been a long time coming. Preservation of military history is very important to Defence and Air Force particularly, Wing Commander Graham said. The Bloodhounds have been gate guards now for more than three decades. Theyre very tired and they need a bit of care. Bloodhound missiles were tested at the Woomera range in the 1950s and served with the RAAF at Williamtown in NSW from 1961-68, with a detachment at Darwin from 1965. When the missiles were removed from service, Darwin was one of the sites selected to place them as gate guards. Mirage fighters were in service from 1963-88 and frequently staged through Darwin for exercises. They were based in the Top End from 1983-88. Officer in charge of the Static Display Aircraft Support Section, Squadron Leader Stephen Currie, said his team was looking forward to restoring the historical assets. We are acting to ensure they are here for generations to come, he said. The missiles and Mirage will return to public display around the end of September. Petition opposes rezoning There is plenty of landwithin the existingHumptyDoo district centre that has not yet been developed By NICOLE MILLS MORE than 300 people have signed a petition opposing the proposed rezoning of a rural block outside the Humpty Doo district centre. Nelson MLA Gerry Wood said Planning Minister Peter Chandler had advertised the proposed development before the Planning Commissioner finished a review of the Litchfield Shire district centres. The proposal includes rezoning a section of rural land at 110 Freds Pass Road to create a residential development with more than 70 homes. Mr Wood said the proposed development should not have been advertised until the review was finalised. Because someone owns a large block of land (they) reckon they can turn that block into suburbia; something that is presently not permitted under Litchfield Land Use Objectives outside of district centres, he said. Mr Wood expects the number of residents opposing the development to grow and said it highlighted the ad hoc nature of planning where the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. There is plenty of land within the existing Humpty Doo District Centre that has not yet been developed and that should go ahead before any proposals to develop smaller blocks are considered or the Humpty Doo District Centre is expanded, he said. Planning, as the word implies, needs to be consistent, logical and sustainable, not simply profitable. Mr Chandler was contacted for comment but did not respond. A copy of the proposal can be viewed at www.lands.nt.gov.au/ planning until August 9.