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The Northern Territory news Mon 10 Jun 2013

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www.ntnews.com.au Monday, June 10, 2013. NT NEWS. 33 P U B : NTNE-WS-DA-TE:10-JGE:33 CO-LO-R: C-M Y-K The guyswere all wearing hazmat suits and masks, but pedestrianswerewalking only a few metres away around the fence SEEBELOW ONBODYFOUND IN VIRGINIA n A very sad ending, condolences to Patricias family may she rest in peace. Patricia Hills n Very sad. At least there is closure. Thoughts to the family. Dpof Bayview n This is so so sad...my condolences to the family and friends. MyName Is Earl n Would have liked to have seen the army called in and should be done so in future quick deployment of 200-300 troops for a quick training exercise that could have started from where Patricia was last seen and slowly expand the search area outwards with the aid of the chopper flying overhead may have prevented this tragedy.RIP Condolences to Patricias family. TP ofHoward Springs n I recently lost my mother and can understand a little of what the family are going through right now. Condolences to her family and friends. Greenfrog of Darwin n Very sad. Condolences to Ms Hasties family and friends, well done all the emergency services and volunteers for your tireless efforts. Mandy of Brisbane ONBUCKPASSEDON ASBESTOS n They were removing asbestos on a windy day in the city this week. they had a piddley little sign saying Danger Asbestos and a small fenced off area. The guys were all wearing hazmat suits and masks, but pedestrians were walking only a few metres away around the fence. Why wouldnt they do removals after hours and not during the busy lunch time period?? I know they are really really far behind withe the NBN rollout, but they shouldnt be risking the publics health. Very very wrong indeed! Albert of Darwin n Is this the easy way out to renege on the NBN completion? Dave of Cossack n Good that workers will be required to know what theyre working with and get proper protection but what about passers by- pedestrians? They can be just as exposed if work is going on in pits with asbestos material and they happen to pass by? Especially if its a busy street. Tara n Any mechanic over 50 would have been exposed to asbestos on a daily basis so I am not sure what all the fuss is about. Podge NT of Berrimah n Has this current Federal Government ever got anyihing right ? Computers for school kids, Insulation in houses even the laying of cables is beyond them!!! A Sorry Lot of Nightcliff n Where are the extraction fans with filters? I was taught how to handle asbestos in the mid 1950s by a Polish tradesman & further when I was in the ADF. Australia was very late with civilian education on this. & podge this complaint is very very very nasty indeed & yes a lot of mechanics have died slowly from it. R Henry of NT ONGOINGGREEK FOR SMASHINGPARTY n i wanna spit some olives and smash plates while im blotto on ouzo,sounds like a good time. bushpig n Dont menttion the Italian Festival!! Dont menttion the Italian Festival!! Or the war.... Luigi SpeakUp: DID you enjoy the Glenti Festival? YES I liked the food. KYLEDUNCAN,Katherine YES Its the reason you turn up. MILANKAJTEL, Casuarina YESWe could not believe how many people were there, its unbelievably huge JANBLANDY,Palmerston YESTheres a lot of smoke from the cooking but the whole lot was very good. MARTINBLANDY,Palmerston YES Just got some food quickly and left. MARGARETMOON,RapidCreek 0428 NTNEWS (686 397)txt the editor Nit treatment needs to be subsidised or free from council. spend a fortune fighting a loosing battle because others are too lazy or tight to treat theyre children.when is national nit day? ONSPORT n Loved Crackas dancing at the Thunder game on Saturday. Grace, Anula n What is it with abc sports bulletins? No rugby league news! Aussie rules is not the only code and remember the taxpayers fund it. Fair go! Rob, HumptyDoo n The NT Gov shells out $8 million for 10 AFL games in the NT at the rate of 2 a year for five years. The same gov that as its first act of expenditure attrition on election was to can the Arafura Games costing much less and appealing so much more to Territorians. Where is the logic in that comparasion? Confused Old Man n News flash : NO AFL players want 2 play matches up here you morons! Its the booby prize! ONOTHERTHINGS n Cutler - BULLSH*T it was cheaper to hire a private Jet. How dumb do you think the general public are?! n Wondering if the good folk of Perth have yet begun to be puzzled and confronted by a myriad of roadside 'rubbish sculptures' mysteriously appearing every 100m or so along their highways and byways? Pete, 11Mile n thankyou darwin fish market for the yummy red emporer and scallops. best quality seafood, prices and service in darwin. n TO THE AUSTRALIAN where were you when an Aboriginal Burial Site was getting a Casino built on it at Mindil? There was no fines or penalties given just alot of stalling and delays by Govt. n Land Council and its Council of Directors still not listening to some of us Custodians we are saying NO to some explorations yet you still giving approval. There are alot of Balanda saying we get Sit Down $$. We fought hard to get land back, now you giving it away for blood money. n Went to H Doo woolworths twice and served by same person who likes to scan items then throw them back at you, crackers broken! I just paid for yr rudeness! Change jobs if your that unhappy! n Lots of people driving their cars the wrong way in the Mitchell Centre on Saturday. n To Disrespectful senior citizens who queue jumped at woollies palmy 8/6 11:30. The courteous thing to do would have been to allow people already waiting to go first instead of pushing past. You would be first to comment if youth of today had done that. I bet youre a southerner. Courteous Redneck n I hope the two fully kitted fart-bike (motocross) riders riding at high speed through Bayview on Sunday morning got caught by the cops following. Anon n WTF is wrong with u southern drivers. U indicate left when u leave th roundabout on any exit. Google it. Dave, Nakarsville n Sorry to disappoint. Aboriginal people recieving royalties do get tax. They have to provide a tax file number. Some of the money they earn isnt a weekly income. Its a1 off payment. With Centre Link their payment is adjusted to what they can earn. So their next payment could be less. n Nice to see two traffic controllers sitting around chatting in the sun outside the tourist office. no need for them at all. Wasted cash. Letters LETTER OF THE DAY Truckies, time to get on track RECENTLY at about 6.15am I was just leaving CrossFit and was driving down Verrinder Rd, Berrimah. A truck driver pulled out of one of the yards without even looking and kept coming. I was about 20m away and had to swerve on to the other side of the road to miss him. Im not sure what this truck driver was thinking, if at all. But this could have easily been a fatal accident if I wasnt on the ball and alert watching the road. Im so sick of truck drivers thinking they have the right of way because theyre in a bigger vehicle and there is gonna be no harm done to them. My vehicle, whatever, it can be replaced. But me never. Im a mum to two beautiful children four months and four-years-old. Im everything to them. I just cant believe that people arent as cautious on the roads as I am. I always think of the other, not just that person or their car but that persons mother, or partner or kids. How would critically injuring or killing that person affect their loved ones? Eyes wide open people! My heart stopped for a second and I never want to feel like I wont be there for my kids again. Jade Nick Koulourotaus had his hands well and truly full with octopus at the popular Glenti Festival held along the Esplanade in Darwin at the weekend Picture: KATRINA BRIDGEFORD PICK OF THE PICS