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vol 7 issue 1 Apr 2013

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3 NT Simulation Lab Lucy Goodacre Flinders NTMP, in partnership with the NT Government, has been working hard over the last few months to get the new Simulation Lab at Royal Darwin Hospital ready for use. Weve been busy buying equipment, training ourselves up on the equipment, adapting office spaces into a ward space with consult rooms, and gathering insight from other simulation facilities locally (NCCTRC), nationally (Monash University) and internationally (Northern Ontario School of Medicine). So it was with great excitement that in early February we opened the doors for our first simulated learning sessions. Funded through Health Workforce Australia, the Sim Lab houses a range of low to medium fidelity mannequins and task trainers that can be used by students and clinicians alike. Simulated learning has been identified as an important part of clinical teaching and is becoming increasingly used in universities and hospitals across the country. It enables learners at all levels to practice and hone their skills in a realistic and safe environment, focussing on specific clinical skills or broader team based scenarios where communication lies at the heart of a successful medical outcome. Our first sessions were run with the year 3 Flinders and year 5 JCU students. Professor Sarah Strasser, Associate Dean of Flinders NT, is working with the NTMP medical educators to incorporate simulation into the teaching programme and each Monday afternoon students can take part in such sessions as IV canulation using task trainer arms, Advanced Life Support scenarios, or running a consultation with a standardized patient. Whilst the focus of the Simulation Lab is on student learning within the Flinders NTMP, qualified practitioners are also important users of the facility, and we have run a number of ALS and BLS courses for nurses and RMPs as well as scenarios with midwives on the birthing mannequin located in the RDH Obstetrics ward. The work of the Simulation Lab is not only in Darwin. A key part of the programme is to reach out across the Territory and we have a mannequin based permanently in Katherine and are looking to extend this usage to other locations. In February 2013, Flinders NT hosted a visit from Suzanne Lortie-Carlyle to provide critical expertise in establishing the new NT Simulation Lab based in Building 4 on the Royal Darwin Hospital Campus. Suzanne is currently working on secondment from the Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM) as the Health Sciences North (HSN) Simulation Laboratory Manager. Since her arrival at HSN in January 2012 she has been responsible for the implementation of the Simulation Laboratory, and has seen the Sim Lab grow from a one person operation to a team of 6 at present, with plans for further growth. The Simulation Laboratory at HSN is approx. 5000 square feet, which includes 3 high fidelity suites, 1 multi-skill room and 2 debriefing rooms. Suzanne will provide ongoing support for the NT Simulation Lab, including training key staff. International Simulation Expert Visit 3 NT Medical Program News