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Budget papers 2010 - 2011

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18 Community Safety 2010-11 Budget Community Safety Fire and Emergency Services In 2010-11, additional funding of $4.37M is provided to enhance and improve fire and emergency services across the Territory, including: $1.68M to better resource firefighters to meet current and future fire and emergency risks; $1.49M to expand community fire services fire awareness and education; $1M to expand fire and emergency services in Territory Growth Towns; and $0.2M for an additional firefighter in Jabiru. Support to Victims of Crime The Victims of Crime Assistance Scheme provides victims access to free counselling, support and financial assistance. Budget 2010-11 provides increased funding of $2.56M to support victims of crime, including: $1.5M for the Crimes Victims Assistance Fund; and $1.06M to support the Crime Victims Services Unit. This boost will be supported by a $10 increase in the victims levy applied to infringement notices including speeding fines and traffic offences. Building a safer community and keeping Territory families safe is a key priority of Government in 2010-11, with significant resources provided to support police, fire and emergency services and the justice system. The 2010-11 Budget includes funding of $310 million for Police, Fire and Emergency Services and $216 million for the Department of Justice. Well Equipped Police A continued emphasis on tackling crime and delivering a highly visible police presence to support a safer community sees further investments in essential police services, facilities and other support in 2010-11, including: $6 million to complete and maintain Police Beats in Parap, Nightcliff, Karama, Casuarina, Palmerston and Alice Springs; $3.7 million to upgrade the Tennant Creek Police Station; $2 million per annum increase in police housing support; and $1.4 million to maintain and support key information and communications technology systems necessary to support frontline policing. The 2010-11 Budget continues to deliver police services in remote communities including: $27.1 million to continue support for policing in 18 remote communities, a key aspect of Working Future; and $18.8 million to construct new police stations and officer accommodation at Arlparra and Imanpa and $25.6 million to complete stations at Yarralin, Gapuwiyak and Ramingining, supporting Working Future. Targeting Alcohol Related Crime and Antisocial Behaviour The 2010-11 Budget reaffirms targeted efforts to curb the incidence of alcohol-related crime and antisocial behaviour through an integrated approach of crime prevention, early intervention and education, with: $1.57 million to continue day and night patrols around Darwin and Palmerston, including known antisocial behaviour hotspots, and operation of a public hotline for residents to report instances of antisocial behaviour; $1.44 million for closed circuit television monitoring in Darwin, Casuarina and Palmerston; $0.37 million to continue repatriation, antisocial behaviour intervention and case management services in Palmerston; continued responsible drinking education campaigns; and strengthening of the Alcohol Court to deal with problem drinkers and mandate treatment.