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Budget papers 2010 - 2011

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5Fiscal Outlook Intergovernmental Arrangements Intergovernmental financial relations have changed substantially in the last two years. The reasons are the ongoing implementation of the Council of Australian Governments reform agenda, the effect of the global financial crisis on the finances of all Australian governments including the consequential flow on to both revenues and expenses through economic stimulus payments, the outcome of the Commonwealth Grants Commissions 2010 Review of Relativities and, more recently, the Commonwealths health reform proposals. Further changes are expected as a result of the Henry Tax Review which was released on 2 May 2010. Total Revenue 2010-11 $M Total Commonwealth Revenue 3 944 - Goods and Services Tax (GST) 2 480 - Specific Purpose Payments (SPP) 274 - National Partnerships (NP) 961 - Other Commonwealth Revenue 229 Own Source Revenue 840 Total Revenue 4 784 Budget Highlights Infrastructure Total infrastructure payments in 2010-11 will be $1.8 billion, including $256 million for repairs and maintenance, an increase in total infrastructure payments of 21 per cent on the revised 2009-10 Budget. The Budget sector capital works program is $1.78 billion, $185 million higher than 2009-10. Revenue Territory revenue is expected to be $4.8 billion in 2010-11. This comprises 82 per cent from the Commonwealth and 18 per cent from Territory own-source revenue. The projected revenue for 2010-11 from main own-source revenue totals $555.2 million as shown below. Expenses Territory expenses are estimated to be $4.3 billion in 2010-11 with total payments of $5.1 billion when capital is added. The key functions of health, education, and public order and safety comprise 54 per cent of total expenses, with housing services now contributing 12 per cent of expenses in line with the commitment to new and upgraded housing in remote areas. Taxes on property $113.1M Taxes on gambling $57.0M Taxes on insurance $29.8M Mining royalties $156.6M Motor vehicle taxes $47.1M Taxes on employers $151.6M General public services $114M Public order and safety $488M Education $903M Health $946M Social security and welfare $238M Housing and community amenities $518M Recreation and culture $162M Other industry services $750M Transport and communications $224M