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Budget papers 2008 - 2009



Budget papers 2008 - 2009

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2008/09 Budget paper


Northern Territory. Department of Treasury


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2 Economy Overview 2008-09 Budget Structure of the Economy The Northern Territory economy is markedly different from other Australian jurisdictions. It has an abundance of natural resources, a large public sector and a significant defence presence. The Territory economy is highly influenced by global economic conditions due to its relatively small size and commodity-focused base. The importance of mining and mining-related production will grow as production reaches full capacity following the completion of major infrastructure projects. The manufacturing base has significantly increased with the Alcan G3 refinery expansion, completed in 2007. A relatively large mining and energy industry means that the Territory economy is capable of high growth as resources are developed. The government administration and defence industry is the largest employer in the Territory, comprising of 24.5 per cent of total Territory employment. Source: ABS Cat. No. 5220.0, Census 2006 Territory Employment and GSP Proportions, 2006-07 0 5 10 15 20 25 A g ri cu ltu re , F o re st ry a n d F is hi n g M in in g M a nu fa ct ur in g U til iti e s C o n st ru ct io n R et ai l a n d W h o le sa le T ra d e A cc o m m o d at io n, C a fe s a n d R e st au ra nt s Tr a n sp o rt a n d C o m m un ic at io n F in a n ce a n d In su ra n ce P ro p e rt y a n d B u si n e ss S e rv ic e s G ov e rn m e nt A dm in is tr at io n a n d D ef e n ce H e a lth a n d E du ca tio n C ul tu ra l a n d R e cr e at io n a l S e rv ic e s P e rs o n a l a n d ot h e r se rv ic e s GSP Employment %