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Labor's clear alternative - a fairer, more prosperous Territory



Labor's clear alternative - a fairer, more prosperous Territory


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bush, including renal dialysis and treatment of Sexually Transmitted Diseases in young indigenous girls. This budget widens the Gap on Indigenous disadvantage. This budget is about missed opportunities for our children in Education. It commits to cutting 130 teachers. There could have been an extra $300 million for education in this budget but the CLP have decided to put politics before our children and reject the Gonski school funding offer. This budget is about increases to the cost of living, job cuts, new taxes and charges and less health and education services. This budget has the wrong priorities. Right now this town should be enjoying the Arafura Games and the $10 million in economic benefits it would bring. But the CLP scrapped it and spent more money on giving their former candidates and members high paying jobs more than the entire cost of the Arafura Games. Teachers and support staff pay is cut by $34 million. But the Chief Minister increases his own department staff by $8 million. Less teachers in our class rooms, more of his mates getting jobs. These are the priorities of this Giles Government. Is our future still bright? This budget is a turning point for the Territory. To understand where we are going we need to look at where we have come from. The last decade has seen the economic and human capital of the Northern Territory increase.